Decision, Decision, Decision

UPDATE: I received a total of 117 votes on roof color. THANKS Y’ALL!

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I’m actually usually a pretty good decision maker. With personal decisions, I mean. I’m usually pretty good; not great, but good. (Now professionally, I’m a very strong decision maker. Split second, never look back. For some reason, that’s easier for me.)

It’s true. It sometimes takes me a while to mull things over. To think about it. Consider all the angles. But usually not this long. I don’t usually be-labor it the way I have be-labored this one. Why am I so stuck on this? I have no idea. You’d think it was a huge decision. It’s really not such a big deal.

Yes, this decision has gotten the best of me. I have spent months obsessing about it. And just now my hubby announced:

(Great coffee flavor, by the way)

Yes, he said to me: Jamaican me crazy!! Make up your mind already! Just get it done!

I have tried to do that. I just can’t. I am stuck.

I have, therefore, decided to decide not to decide. I have decided for you to decide. Yes, you. What do ya say? Okay? Will you do it for me?

Great. Thanks! Here’s where I’m stuck….

My sweet, wonderful, well-loved, vintage 1939 farmhouse needs a new roof. I think I mentioned that to you before; I’ve needed to get one for awhile now.

But, I cannot decide on a color. I have tried. But I can’t make a choice. I’m going mad with it. I mean, what if I chose one and it doesn’t do the house justice? What if it looks blah instead of wow? And then I have to look at it and regret it forever and ever and ever? (Well, for quite a few years anyway…)

So, please, just decide for me. For real.

What color roof should I get?

It’s a small, white farmhouse in the Smoky Mountains.

I know I’ll be getting a 30 year Certainteed Roof. (I picked out my roofer months ago. He’s been wonderful as I’ve bounced around from color to color to color.)

And yes, I would indeed love a metal roof, but that’s not going to happen right now.

Here’s the link to my color choices.

So what do you think? Which would you chose?

Depending on the day, I love the moire black, the evergreen, the pewter, the mint frost, the slate gray…What about you? What do you think would look best with a little white farmhouse in the mountains?

Leave a comment and vote for what color I should pick. Majority rules on this. Whichever color receives the most votes is the color that my new roof will be.  

(You can also email me or leave a comment at to vote. But, please, hurry. I need to let the roofer know in about a week!)

Let me add something that is relevant to this. There is no air-conditioning. And it gets mighty hot in the summertime. Which, by the way, started today—HAPPY SUMMER!!

Oh, I feel the burden lifted already. WooHoo! So you’ll do this for me, right? Taken care of—-checked off my worry list! Yippee!

Thanks y’all!!

Hey, how about a prize drawing from all the votes? Yes, I think so. Drawing will be next Tuesday (6/29) at noon. The prize will be….hmmm…I don’t know….something very summery…what should it be? Oh no, here I go, another decision….

Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life!

Lots of love, The City Farmgirl, Rebekah

I can’t find a picture of the front, but here’s the side view….


I heart my farmhouse.

big time.

Ah, found another photo—on a frosty morn


  1. O'Dell says:

    Hi Rebekah,

    Well, I’m used to deciding for my OH…very indecisive guy…the most! I choose Mint Frost….hopefully it will keep you all cooler….Sure wish we were in our new place in Maine already…..way too much getting in the way here!
    Happy Summer…..nonnameme

  2. Black roof 🙂 Hard to tell from pictures but probably Moire Black (I love white farm houses)….. and barns and silos and, and, and 🙂

  3. Ardis Eckel says:

    Definitely the PEWTER. But they’re all beautiful colors. I’ll be interested to see what shade wins. Ardis

  4. Cathy says:

    slate blend or tile red blend
    Oh WOW awesome setting for a white farmhouse. I like green
    roofs but with all the natural green surrounding the house,
    I vote for the tile red blend or for something sutle the slate blend

  5. Debbie says:

    RED…. I vote RED……….I think the tile red is the brighter of the two… a red and slate mix could be interesting too… but I’m a red girl and I love a red roof on a white farmhouse tucked away in the hills or mountains.. A red roof is always welcomed surprise in my book because most people aren’t brave enough to do it!
    What does a red roof tell you about the inhabitants of the home? I think it says plain and simple… we love life and like to have fun! What’s more farmgirl than a red roof on a white farmhouse?

    Good luck and don’t keep us in the dark too long about which color you choose!!!


    ps. I think a paint called farmgirl red would be perfect idea! If I created it, it would be bright enough to be cheery, but deep enough to give you that old fashioned step back in time feeling, and GREEN because farmgirls are busy, efficiant types, and expect quality vs. a quick fix in all their home projects!

  6. Rhonda says:

    I’m so feeling the Pewter!

  7. Staci says:

    The green!!!
    (We’re not really helping, are we?!?)

  8. Becky says:

    I would chose either of the reds. I love white farmhouses with red roofs or green roofs but I agree there is so much green already with the trees that the red would be perfect. Good luck!

  9. Jamie says:

    I believe you should pick mint frost. It would look so good in any season.
    Season 1. Spring time, it would remind me of the leaves coming to bloom
    2. Summertime, it would remind me of some cool mint chip ice cream to
    keep me cool on those hot days.
    3. Fall, It would remind me of the beautiful season to come with the
    frosty mornings.
    4. Winter, the decorating of the greens.
    That is how I would picture it anyway! But ultimately it is up to you and your man! Have a blessed day.

  10. I like the pewter as it has various color shades in it for some variety, then I see where the girls are saying RED and I said with a big wow,,,,yes!!!!!

  11. cindy says:

    Evergreen Blend with a white house is classic country. I love that with green or black shutters and green doors with white screen doors. Speaking of screen doors, they are great for air circulation too. Good luck with your new project, your little country farm is just to beautiful for words! I am so glad that it belongs to you because you appreciate it, care for it, and love it so much. It’s so sad to see the amount of county places in Georgia that are covered over by weeds with the porch and roof all falling in. Good luck with your project – whatever you choose is going to look great! Cindy

  12. Sylvia Sawyer says:

    I vote for the timber blend. I think blending the house in with the surroundings makes it even more a part of the landscape. As an aside. We put on a metal roof in a lovely shade of green and I love it. It improved our home 100%. I don’t know why you aren’t getting one now if you really want one as ours was no more expensive than a regular roof when you figure in the lifetime costs. Of course each family has to do what is best for itself. You could match the trim on your home to your roof as well. I suppose you have already thought of that lol. Seeing all the different "decisions" your blog friends have made for you–are you sure you were right in asking???lol Can’t wait to hear about your final choice.

  13. julia hayes says:

    Instantly it was pewter for me. No hesitation whatsoever. What an AMAZING spread!! I’ll also add that pewter was the color of roof we just put on our new house. Totally biased!!! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve decided. ~julia

  14. Mary says:

    I have enjoyed the evergreen blend on our house for many years now. Many people questioned my decision initially. I have changed the roof color from black to green and the house color from white to a soft butter yellow. I think it looks like a Happy House. I enjoy the change and have had no regrets. Good Luck.

  15. Marlene says:

    Green. I like the idea of our buildings blending into the surroundings. Like hobbit houses.

    It doesn’t look like we’re being overwhelmingly helpful. Six comments counting mine, and you have five colors. At least that means that one color got two votes! And for the record, red would be my second choice, if I decided NOT to blend in!

  16. Amy says:

    I totally understand about the difficulty in making such a decision. So much so, I think I might start my own blog just so I can do this, ask for others to vote and make my decisions for me! Okay, now for my thoughts — before viewing the colors I thought I’d go for some shade of red, as I too love a red roof on a white farmhouse. However, I didn’t really like the reds shown. My gut instinct, absolute first hit, was for the evergreen — most dramatic of all the options. And when I get stuck in making decisions, I often try and remember back to what my first instinct was. Now I shall ask you: what was your absolute first gut hit?

  17. Sandy Michalik says:

    I vote for a light color; mint. Things to consider: do you have mildew on the shingles that you have now? If so, you would like a color that will hide the mildew.

  18. Cindy says:

    Definitely the pewter. The color is a little blotchy looking to give it an aged look. Black would make your house alot hotter in the summer and even though red would be nice I don’t think the setting is right for it. Not too many old farmhouses with red roofs.


  19. Becki says:

    I have to say,I love the green, it would blend in well with the trees ,and look so homey… good luck on the choice!

  20. Genevieve says:

    I think the evergreen might be too much green, what with the expanse of grass and trees. And I think the mint would look a bit out of place. I really like the slate blend because you want the roof color to bring out the beauty of the mountains behind it. The slate blend is such a nice palette of blues and grays that the new roof would look right at home.

  21. Nancy says:

    If "Slate Gray" is the one that looks like real slate, with variations of black and gray, that’s my vote. (the little samples on the website are a little hard to be sure) When my husband and I change our roof and siding in the near future, that’s our choice. I love the slate look, If the tin roof is out.

    I enjoy reading your columns, keep up the great work!

  22. Julie Wemken says:

    Oooh, I think the Mint Frost is so 30’s and it will keep the house cooler. Good luck my friend!

  23. Kristy says:

    RED!! It would look beautiful during every season of the year! Second choice, GREEN. What a charming place; it would be hard to mess it up!

  24. Karen Scribner says:

    If you love the current look, keep it the lightness it is. Since you have no AC, choose your three favorites and put them out in the sun for a day then feel underneath to see which one is coolest. Insist that your roofer put in a ridge vent or comparable roof ventilating system since you don’t have an attic. It will extend the life of your roof and keep you cooler in the summer. The extra care at the beginning will cost more but the roof will last longer and keep the house cooler. Keep asking questions. The roof will still need checking up on for all those little things that can go wrong (chewing rodents, hail storms etc.) We used Certainteed on a low slope with improper venting and it lasted five years – our own installation error (we were very young!) Certainteed is an excellent product and be sure to have him nail for high wind, those little microbursts can cause trouble.
    Your farm is so cute.

  25. Jennifer White-Mandujano says:

    My first choice is the Evergreen and 2nd choice is the Maple Red. (We have a Brick Red metal roof now and befor that it was a Dark green) I think the green would look nice year round.

  26. Carol in NC says:

    I’d go with the Moire Black since it would be more versatile should you ever want to change your paint color. Although one of my favorite houses here is white with a very, very dark green, almost black roof. It looks awesome! Keep in mind that light colors show stains pretty quickly. Good luck! Are you sure about not getting metal now?

  27. Lu Anne says:

    I vote for the red blend. All color are beautiful, but I am a sucker for red.

  28. Cathy Harvey says:

    I like nickel gray. You live in the Smoky Mountains so I think a Smoky color would be suitable and blend your house in perfectly with the background. It’s a lovely place, by the way. Also it wouldn’t be so hot in the summertime.
    How about the prize being Jamaican Me Crazy, haha!

  29. Suzanne Sorenson says:

    Definitely the Evergreen Blend—-and the Cinnamon Frost is quite striking as well!

  30. Annie says:

    Pewter. You say your house is white. or if you really like it eyecatching red is nice also.
    What color is your door and windows?

  31. Heidi says:

    Slate gray, because it has lots of varigations in color, the solid colors are dull and being as you can’t get a galvanized or sage green metal, i think you need to stay with a "rustic" look. I do have a source for the kind of corrugated metal that rusts, it is not as expensive as you think, just put it on a pergola and it is wonderful with galvanzied round gutters, looks like it has been there for years. I had my heart set on it but it was too expensive, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet i was able to have want i wanted, and if you love something i think you have to look at all the years you will be looking at something. If it makes you happy and doesn’t totally ruin your finances. And in saying all that i think you should trust yourself, whatever you pick will be "right".

  32. Emmy says:

    I love the green!!

  33. kay says:

    Weeeeelll……I have a green metal roof, for snowy winters, but since that’s out, I go with the pewter……☺

  34. Molly says:

    I like the Evergreen Blend the best!!

  35. April Woolley says:

    I think you should go with evergreen. It will be a nice contrast to the white and look great against a blue sky

  36. Jo Gill says:

    I vote for the slate blend. It reflects the color of the mountains in the background. I’ll be waiting to see what you decide. Jo Gill

  37. Ann says:

    Why not take a picture of your home and then use a program all good builders have where you can put the color of the shingles on the roof and look at what it will look like when it is completed. Then you will know if you truely will like the way the roof looks when completed. That is what I would do. But her is my choice if it were mine with what I could see. Good luck as I know first hand how important this is.

    Keeping with the time of the homes age I will say Evergreen

  38. Rene Foust says:

    I really like the weathered wood.

  39. Julie says:

    I think the mint frost would look great! Second choice is Evergreen blend.

  40. Laura Lea Laws says:

    I think the pewter would remind you of a traditional farmhouse and be similar to what I see now. It’s getting a lot of votes for a reason. It’s not just safe it’s the color that looks rather old as someone else said so it wouldn’t scream new roof color. But if you really want your house to call out to you then I would say Maple Red. It will be cheerful in summer and spring, a winter hit and if you get lots of fall colors it will sing there too. The evergreen is nice too that would be my third and final choice as it too would look good in all seasons and blend a bit with all the greenery. You have a lovely farmhouse and I can see why the mere idea of this accessory that you’d see from near and far would baffle you. Go with what you love and you’ll be happy. Look in your closet, what things do you accessorise with that make you really happy, the belt you reach for over and over or if you’re a shoe girl that favorite pair! It’s really about what makes you say, "Home Sweet Home!"

  41. Sarah Beth says:

    I like the evergreen! i have an old farm house too but mine has a metal roof. Good Luck!

  42. Tammy says:

    I love the red. I love the pop that red adds to anything. I have been seeing more red on homes around Missouri and Kansas and I love it! Good luck!

  43. Jo says:

    I like the pewter. I backed up from my monitor as far as I could, and it seemed the pewter looked more like a metal roof. I don’t see shutters or trim on your house, so any color you choose will be just lovely in your setting.

  44. Shiralyn Yates says:

    Definitely Evergreen.

  45. Marcia says:

    Mint Frost; it even sounds beautiful!!!

  46. Mary Frances says:

    Mint frost by a landslide for my choice!

  47. Pam deMarrais says:

    I live in the neighborhood of the Great Smokey Mountains. I love your home place! My vote is for green, so that it will blend in with the rolling hills and pasture. Good luck with this. I love your blog!

  48. IMAGINE….. Your country family farmhouse set among natures finest greens.A backdrop of amber blues and grays.Enriched with the purest of white detailing every inch of frame.A red maple rooftop….feel it in your heart..the heart of your home.It is so clear,WELCOME!This is your family farmhouse..SEE IT….FEEL IT!..AND RED IT!!

  49. Terrye Lenzini says:

    I vote for the maple red blend. It will stand out in a good way! I love the evergreen but when I saw the house, there is already so much surrounding green of the same shade that it fades into it. The white house with the red just seems perfect!

  50. kathy says:

    Red blend

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