Shades of Blue

And the winner is:

VALARIE in California!!!! Congratulations! Email me!

update: I got your info Valarie-thank you!-(I’m probably in your spam box)

Mine are green. I say “hazel” when I’m called upon to classify them. Like on my driver’s license. I now know that I’ve been wrong all these years.  “Hazel” eyes are green-brown.  Mine are green-blue. Totally not hazel then. As it turns out, there’s no special name for green-blue eyes. I wonder if I could start using “teal”? ‘Tis my name afterall.

My father’s eyes are the bluest-blue. And they twinkle. I always wished I had his blue eyes. Not because I wanted blue eyes particularly; I just wanted to match him.

His are so blue and oh so sparkly. You see lots of blue eyes, but not many have that special twinkle. I have a feeling the twinkle comes from the inside. Yes, if I had to guess, I’d say my father’s eye twinkle comes from inner happiness. And peace. And hope. He’s like that. I guess I have a chance to share his twinkle, then. When I accomplish all that inner bliss stuff. 

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