Fearless Farmgirl ~ Are YOU one?


Happy Spring, sisters!

It’s time to wake up from your winter’s nap and get busy. Busy doing what, you ask? Farmgirl things, that’s what. If you’re like most adventurous, curious, and talented Farmgirls you’ve probably spent the winter dreaming up all sorts of new and exciting plans for spring. But, did you plan anything NEW and SCARY to do? Continue reading

Fairy Gardens in February? Why Not?



Me and Gretchen ( the fairy garden maven)

Deep within the winter forest among the snowdrift wide
You can find a magic place where all the fairies hide….
~Author Unknown

Dear Sisters,

Howdy from the shorelines! Are you counting the days till spring too? February may be the shortest month of the year, but in New England it feels like the longest of them all. Anything can happen weather wise. It’s been a steady diet of blizzards, nor’ easter’s ( we’ve had three so far) sleet and snow, freezing wind and pouring rain with the odd spring-like temperatures which we’re having now. We get it all in February. I’m finally beginning to understand why the snowbirds migrate south this time of year. But since I’m not quite there yet I’ve got to keep my farmgirl spirit juiced up and think of things to do to pass the time in a creative and positive way so the crabbiness doesn’t get too out of hand. So when my manager at the garden shop where I work asked if I’d like to give a Fairy Garden talk for the local Plymouth Garden Club February meeting, I said, ” of course, but only if Gretchen does it with me”! Continue reading

A Date With Paint!


Flowers in Milk Glass ~ Debbie Bosworth

Dear Sisters,

Are you the sort of farmgirl who likes to dabble and doodle? If so, I’ve got a fun ( and easy) way for you to get started on your Make It Pretty, Merit Badge. Follow me and bring your pencils and paint brushes! Continue reading

Winter Warmers


Winter Warmer # 1 First Snow

Dear Sisters,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Phew! We made it through another one. Do you ever feel like that after Christmas? I’ll admit the older I get the more I seem to look forward to the days and nights that follow the holiday season more that I do the actual holidays themselves. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy loving-up on my family at Christmas time with delicious food and fun gifts to surprise and delight them, but, at the same time, my winter self craves quiet and solitude. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite winter warmers to set the mood. Continue reading

Milk Glass and Mums

2016-11-026 resize edit

Seatons Ruby Chrysanthemum paired with Fenton Milk Glass Hobnail Vase.

Dear sisters,

My oh my how I’ve missed you! I hope you’ve all had a wonderfully satisfying fall and a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so sorry to keep you all waiting to see who won my one year subscription giveaway to the best darned magazine in the world, aka MaryJanesFarm Magazine. Continue reading

Autumn Magic ( and a GIVEAWAY )

2016-09-019 resize edit

It must be September. The goldenrod is in bloom!

Dear Sisters,

Happy Fall!  I just love this time of year, don’t you? After all, what’s not to love about no humidity, cool, crisp air, the turning of the leaves and for us beach farmgirls, that also means less crowds on the shorelines. Why it’s almost as refreshing as spring except that instead of chomping at the bit to get outside, the urge to turn inwards is beginning to take over. Are you feeling the magic of Autumn, too? Continue reading

Dahlia Days Are Here!

2016-08-09 14.21.55 edit

First farm bouquets of the season with dahlias, zinnias, cleome, variegated scented geranium and foraged queen annes lace.

Dear Sisters,

They’re here! They’re here!  F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.  Dahlia days are here! Thank goodness, because I’ve got a wedding to do! I’ve been watering, feeding and sweating my fool head off to keep the flowers going in this heat and it’s been worth every drop! Come stroll through the dahlia patch and get a glimpse of my first wedding of the season.

Continue reading

Selfish Summer Joys


Pink chair in the chicken garden.

Dear Sisters,

Boy howdy, has it been hot here on the shorelines. Not only has it been hot and humid, but we’re lacking in rainfall, too. About 8 inches below normal according to the weather reports. Meanwhile, the rest of the world seems to be going bonkers. I’m doing my best to wrap my farmgirl brain around all the senseless violence centered around racial tension in our country right now and what may be the most unbelievable political campaign I’ve witnessed so far in my 54 years on earth. If I’m being honest, I’d like to stick my head in the sand until it all goes away but farmgirls don’t quit when the goin’ gets tough. In fact, it’s the tough times that spur us on to help others and to BE better to others. So in true farmgirl fashion I’m doing what I do best to shed some light on some of the darkness that we’re all living through. Come on in for a glimpse of my Selfish Summer Joys! Continue reading

What the Heck is a Slow Flower?


Dandelion House Cut Flowers

Dear Sisters,

Happy Summer! And, while we’re spreading joy around, Happy American Flowers Week, too! Yes! Flowers have their own week now. I couldn’t be happier about that. I hope your farms and gardens are off to a good start this season and you’re digging into this lush and colorful time of year. As you know, Summer is my favorite time of year to be ” in the flowers” or, “at the beach”. Today, we’re talking flowers, slow flowers to be exact. Just what the heck is a ‘slow flower’ anyway? Continue reading

Tart and Tasty Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp


Dear sisters,

Where did the month of May go? Spring is like that isn’t it? We wait and wait for the weather to turn warm and all of a sudden it’s Memorial Day. If you’re like me ( and every other American ) you are looking forward to a long weekend of R and R with some time set aside for remembering loved ones who have left this earthy world and those who have served and continue to serve our country so we can live free. No doubt you’ll be firing up the grill and dishing up some of your favorite cook-out side dishes and desserts too. I just happen to have some freshly harvested rhubarb I need to use up. Today I’m sharing my Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp recipe. It’s easy, tarty and tasty! Come on in for a bite.

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