Beach Bridal Style

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Dear sisters,

Happy Summer! Me oh my, isn’t it great to feel the warmth of the sun on your face again? You know what else summer is great for? Besides family time, beach days, cookouts, gardening, baseball, traveling, camping and glamping? Weddings! I’m so excited to share a very special styled photo shoot that my daughter and I ( along with a few of my talented wedding vendor peers) conjured up last September to showcase the seasonality of local flowers for weddings and events. If you were a beach bride you’ll love this windswept beach bride editorial, and if you or someone you know is dream’n of saying I do on the beach, sit back and enjoy the ocean breeze while I tell you all about how this amazing day came together.


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Let me set the scene for you! Last February I had an idea for a photo shoot that would take place on the wild coastline of our beach community for the purposes of having some new content on my website and social media places for marketing purposes. I asked my daughter, Nicolette if she’d be willing to be my model and she said, yes! She manages a local coffee shop chain store and I knew it would be a stretch for her to get the days off but she was able to arrange her work schedule to allow for a two day photo session and a trip into Boston one day to try on wedding dresses.  As I watched her try each dress on, I tried not to think of her ” real wedding ” sometime in the future, after she meets her one true love otherwise, it could have been very emotional! This was business, after all. Sniff, sniff…

We planned the shoot for a late September day when the dahlias would be at their finest and the weather would cooperate. One out of two isn’t bad when you’re dealing with the weather.

I was so thrilled to be able to incorporate several varieties of dahlias, zinnias, peach lisianthis, and sedum from my backyard flower farm into this bouquet along with some greenery, wax flower and sea lavender that I purchased through my wholesaler.

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She endured bone-chilling high winds and stinging sand while somehow managing to look poised and professional for the camera. In between poses she rushed to the car to stay warm by the heater!

fine-art-cape-cod-wedding-photographer-78 resize editWe wanted to show her wearing several different looks including a flowing handmade heirloom quality veil with hair flowers tucked into romantic braids. Can you tell which of these flowers in her hair are silk? We used a combination of astible blooms, wax flower ( the tiny flowers) and silk rose buds from the craft store. They are easy to pin in and stay fresh looking! Perfect for a Boho Beach Bride.

fine-art-cape-cod-wedding-photographer-67 resize editWe did a set of boudoir photos which turned out so very wispy and romantic.

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Here’s our bride ready for romance! The hair flowers are all silk and very fashion forward styled this way. I don’t know if wearing this many flowers in your hair will become mainstream fashion but it’s fun to play with new ideas and wearable flower art is trending in the floral industry right now. The lingerie night dress is vintage, 1930’s. Rented from @shopgossamer. Wild Florals: Yours truly. I wish you could have felt the weight of the satin the gown was made out of. It was so luxurious and glamorous!

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The back of the gown with a closeup of the veil detail reminds me of something a famous actress in an old Hollywood movie would have worn back in the 1940’s.

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We planned a full wedding editorial complete with a wedding cake, appetizers for guests as well as a beautiful invitation paper suite with peachy watercolor tones invoking an ethereal mood.

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Beautiful watercolor paper suite by Allison Kathleen.

Nicolette had never done any modeling before and she was unsure about what she was supposed to do. I reassured her that our photographer would guide her. She had a professional hair and makeup artist who is an expert in editorial makeup and styling for both days of shooting. She enjoyed being fussed over!

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As you can imagine, there is a lot of planning and coordinating to make a day like this come together. It takes a talented team of people who are committed to bringing a common vision to life! But all that hard work is worth it when you see the final images come to life. I love a good creative collaboration and it turns out so do my friends!

Here are some behind the scenes of our photo shoot!


The vendor team ( minus one who couldn’t make it that day)

Me, front and center, Shannon Grant ( Photographer) to my left. Amanda ( Hair and Makeup and former band manager) Nicolette ( my daughter) Katelin Gellar ( Pastry Chef ) and Jillian Rivers ( Cook, food stylist and future #dandelionhousebride). You can follow them @antiquepeach on Instagram.


Jill and Katelin! The food guru’s!


Katelin, putting the finishing touches on our sweetheart table in the dunes. And, yes there was sand in everything by the end of the shoot!



Have you ever seen more beautiful tea sandwiches?


Nicolette and Amanda ( Nicolette in her fashion style clothing )


Shannon in action!

And if all this wasn’t exciting enough, our photo shoot was just published in Debra Prinzing’s Slow Flowers Journal inside Florist Review Magazine. ( The leading floral industry print publication). You may recall, Debra being featured in a previous Girl Genius column a couple of years ago. I’ve been a member of the Slow Flowers Society for several years and Debra continues to expand, grow and gather like-minded flower folk across our land and beyond who are all about growing and designing with local flowers. It was such an honor for all of us to be included in her journal.


My bag matches the cover of Florist Review! Sweet serendipity!

I don’t have a link to this article but I’ll share it with you if they make it available next time!






The only thing missing from this editorial photo shoot was a groom. NO RUSH!!! There’s still plenty of time for that. It’s all about the flowers and dreaming for now…

To read the blog post I wrote about this photo shoot and see the full vendor list please visit  my wedding website.

All photos in this blog ( besides the behind the scenes images) are credited to Shannon Grant.

As I reflect on where my journey in flowers has taken me I could just pinch myself. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like I’m doing this work. But my aching feet and back bring me back down to earth with every event. I turned 57 years old in 2018 and I never dreamed I’d be this deep into a wonderful, yet challenging new career. Our 7th of 16 weddings for 2019 is this weekend. And when I say our, I mean my handsome Yankee and I. He is my expert packer, occasional designer and heavy lifter and always my most avid moral supporter. When I get nervous or tired he’s there to shore me up and keep me going. I couldn’t or maybe even wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t for him and the support of my family, my flower community and my farmgirl sisters.

My life ( and so many others) took a swift and steady turn in so many new and interesting directions when I discovered MaryJanesFarm. The farmgirl fever is real and continues to burn in all of us as we try new things more confidently than we might have before. I know it still does for me.

My cousin just said to me, ” It doesn’t matter where the magic happens as long as it happens”. So, if you’re holding off on starting something new ( no matter your age ) just get going… There’s never a perfect time. Creative paths are never laid out in a straight line. Be brave even if you’re scared. Do more of what you love. You’ll just feel better, I promise!

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Tell me, are you a member of the Farmgirls over 50 club? What new things ( hobbies, careers, travel, farming, relationships, etc, ) are you diving into during this most delicious decade? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Until our next shoreline visit~ Happy Summer however that shapes up for you!

Beach Blessings and Much Love,

The Beach Farmgirl











  1. Melva Vick says:

    Your bride pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love them all. THANKS so much for sharing. I love Victorian style…!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Wow! What a beautiful job and daughter!!It looks like a lot of work and planning. I see why the pic were in a magazine!! You are doing a top-notch job.
    I am over 50 and still love sewing and have started making clothes again just the fun of it. I not really liking the the things I make ‘on me’, but I am older and body not as shapely as years pass. But not going into business for sure! Enjoying retirement too well!!
    Good luck on your adventure!!

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Howdy Cheryl,
      I don’t blame you for not diving into a new business while enjoying retirement. I’ll get there one day. I’ll be all used up, but I’ll get there! lol!

  3. Marlene Capelle says:

    That adventure made me want to get married all over again, but only if I had the wedding exactly like the pictures. I am over 50 and making fabric art, that is table runners, mug rugs, wall hangings, etc. that tell a story. I’ve just started making hobo mats. These tell the story of the hobo’s symbols they used to leave messages for other hobos as they traveled from place to place looking for work. I really want to keep their story going. I take my “wares” to craft shows to sell, but more just to people watch.

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Hi Marlene,
      What an interesting subject for creating art. I had no idea hobo’s used symbols to communicate with other hobo’s. What resources are you using for research. I’d be interested to read about it. Happy creating! Deb

  4. Donna Kozak says:

    Your flower arrangements are spectacular and so is your daughter !

  5. Carol says:

    I’m crying tears of joy for you and all you’ve become. Congratulations on this amazing dream come true. Genius idea for the photo shoot. Your daughter is the perfect model. Everything is beautiful. Your closing words added tears for me and my quest for my creative life to come to fruition. I’m 68 and not stopping. Just have to work on balance since I have some life responsibilities that are unpredictable from day to day. Keep sharing and loving!

  6. Cathryn says:

    The most breathtaking Beach Bridal photographs I have ever seen and the potential Bride was perfection!
    With those photographs, If your daughter doesn’t find a groom
    soon, I may want to introduce her to one of my
    Eligible sons!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents
    With all of us farm girls!

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Ha! I’ll be sure to let Nicolette know you’re looking out for her in the husband department! Deb

  7. Teri Stevens says:

    Just WOW! So amazing to see your vision come to life! You are an inspiration. So wonderful that you’ve found your tribe of like minded women! Congrats to you cuz! Much love, Teri

  8. Sandy beggs says:

    Beautiful wedding
    Love and hugs…farm girl❣️❣️

  9. Nicki says:

    Oh, Deb! How I admire you! There is so much beauty in this post: your gorgeous flowers, your lovely daughter, and most of all, seeing you follow your dreams! I’m 58, and am coming into a season where I actually have time to pursue and discover new passions. It sure does feel GOOD! (Psst: if you wrote a book, I’d be first in line to read it!)

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Hi Nicki!
      You are kind! Thank you!
      Give me some prompts for that book you want me to write! I know there’s at least one in there somewhere but I feel like I’m being prepared for it right now! Deb

  10. Laura R. says:

    Your vision is gorgeous, and your daughter too! Doing what you love has energized you, very inspiring! I turned 59 in 2018 and know my happiness and energy lies in creativity. When doing things creative, it just feels good and right. My interests are varied, but plants are a primary passion. I have ideas for making decorative plant pots to sell. Could be my next career? Thanks for inspiring all of us farmgirls :)))))

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Howdy Laura!
      Great to hear from you! Ooh playing with plants is always a wonderful way to create! Love it! Go get em! Deb

    • Jan Lewellen says:

      I will turn 59 in January and plan to begin flower farming next year. We’re never to old for a career change, right?

      • Deb Bosworth says:

        I have quite a few flower farming friends in that same age range and older. Some of them retired teachers started in their early 60’s. Their passion shows through in the beautiful flowers they grow and sell.

      • Laura R. says:

        Hi Jan,

        No never too old! And following work that you love will keep you young and full of energy and Spirit ! :)))

  11. Jan Lewellen says:

    This could not have come at a better time! The photo shoot is lovely and the flowers to die for.
    I am planning to start a flower farm at my home on Vashon Island, but have been worried that maybe I’m a little too old to begin such a venture? I’m 58 1/2! I feel so excited about it, though, so follow my passion, I will!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Howdy, Jan! Never too old to begin anew! There is so much fun ( and heartache) in learning the ropes of growing cut flowers for production, but it’s an amazing adventure too! If you’re starting small in your backyard like I did, I share quiet a lot about my growing experiences here on the Beach Farmgirl blog and on my ( now very dusty blog )
      I wish you all the very best with your new venture! 59 is the new 39!;) Just add Aleeve into the mix and you’ll be fine! We can dream, right?

      • Jan Lewellen says:

        I’ve worked for a commercial landscape company in Seattle for almost 20 years, and am currently a designer. I have 2 1/2 acres on Vashon – can probably plant 1 of them. I will continue planning and stock up on Aleve!
        I will check out your blog! Thank you!

  12. Nanette says:

    Debbie, I love your blog because you post about the beach and ocean, and the ocean is my favorite thing in the world. The photo shoot was so fun to see and your daughter was stunning. I especially love the pic with the old fashioned pleats. Congrats on making it into the magazine. That’s definitely telling of your many talents. Kudos on finding your favorite job. Then it isn’t a job at all.

    Our daughter chose a destination wedding in Belize. Her flowers were stunning as was the very short wedding. Their wedding photos were featured in a travel magazine for destination weddings. It was fun and I highly recommend it!

  13. Vivian Monroe says:

    WOW, just beautiful…Everything was AMAZING…and I LOVED that dress and that bouquet…

  14. Sharon Harr says:

    What a truly beautiful and amazing job!
    I just am so glad I opened this e-mail and link! God bless you all!

  15. Susie Heller says:

    Beautiful photos your daughter is gorgeous. I would like be a beautiful wedding like that. I’m 71. Susie Heller

  16. PeggyAnn Smith/LadyInRed says:

    I Loved seeing these Beautiful Pictures of Your Bride Shoot!
    Nothing Better than a Wedding at The Beach!!!
    I Loved the Bridal Bouquet YOU Created! The Most Stunning Bouquet EVER!!!
    And Congrats on being part of the Journals Wedding Features.

    I could get married all over again…just in-visioning myself in your Photo Shoot! LOL

    Stunning Work Ladies!!!

    PeggyAnn Smith

    Love You to The Beach and Back!

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