Sweetest Needlebooks Ever {And a Giveaway!!}



Hello to my sewing farmgirls!

Do you own a needle book for all your little hand sewing projects?  If you don’t, then YAY!  This blog post is for you!  I love little needle books and I have many of them scattered around my house… anywhere that I might sit and do a little sewing; there’s a needle book!


Years ago (like back in 2011) when I first came across a blog post by Amy Sinibaldi about making needle books, I had never even heard of them!  She wrote the funnest tutorial on how to make them.  Since then there are MANY tutorials and patterns (just search needle books on Pinterest and you’ll see what I’m talking about!).   I’ve tried numerous different patterns through the years and I always come back to Amy’s.  Hers are simple and sweet; my favorite combination!






I thought I’d step you through a tutorial to make your own; you can also go to Amy’s website here and follow her tutorial as well.  (Be sure to read to the end of the post as I have an awesome surprise for you today!!!)



  • Fabric Scraps
  • Felt Scraps
  • Fusible Fleece
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pinking or Scallop Scissors (optional)
  • Embellishments (ribbons, buttons, etc…)
  • Wonder Clips
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Pins







Step One:  From fabric scraps cut the following:

For book interior (same fabric):  cut one 4.5 inch by 5 inch and one 4.5 inch by 3 inch

For book exterior (different fabrics):  cut one 1.5 inches by 4.5 inches (for book spine), four 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches (for book back), one 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches (for book front)

Fusible fleece: cut one 5 inches by 8 inches

Felt: cut one 3.5 inches by 6.5 inches





Step Two:

Sew the four strips for book back together on the long edges, using a 1/4 inch seam.  Press seams in one direction.


Step Three:  Sew the back to the spine and then sew the book front to the spine, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Press seams.  Iron the fusible fleece to the back of your book exterior.




Step Four:  Take your two interior pieces and sew them together, leaving an opening in the middle of the seam.  (This is where we will turn the book right side out.)  Press the seam to one side.  Set aside for now.




Step Five: Hand quilt any way you like on the back and spine of the book.  I used Perl Cotton thread for the hand quilting; but you could use embroidery thread or just regular sewing thread.  You could also do this with the sewing machine if you prefer!




Step Six: Embellish the front cover of your book.  Use ribbon, selvedge, buttons.. anything you would like!  Do not place buttons too close to the edges… remember you will lose 1/4 inch along the raw edges.   Have fun with this step and get as creative as you’d like.  OR leave it plain!  It’s all up to you.




Step Seven:  Trim the fusible fleece and book exterior to exactly 4.5 inches by 7.5 inches.  Place your book interior on top of the book exterior, right sides together and sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around, you will want to use wonder clips to keep it from slipping as you sew.  Clip corners, being careful not to cut into the seam.




Step Eight: Turn your book right side out through the opening in the lining.  Push the corners out and press the entire book, especially around the edges.


IMG_6952 2


Step Nine: Use a needle and regular sewing thread to close up the opening in the lining.




Step Ten:  Now let’s make our felt pages for the interior!  This is so fun!  Before I got started, I folded my felt in half (like a book) and carefully pressed a crease.  That way you can embellish each side separately from the other.   Keep in mind that we will be trimming the side edges of the felt when we have it completely sewn in so leave those edges free of embellishments.  You can go all the way to the middle fold, however.




Step Eleven: Lay your felt page on the interior of the book, carefully centering it exactly.  Use pins as a guide for the center if you need it; it helps me.  Sew a straight seam, attaching the page to the book.  When you finish your seam on the exterior of the book should be right down the middle of the book spine.




Step Twelve:  Use pinking or scallop scissors to cut the edge of the felt.  This is optional, but it gives a really pretty finish.




And your needle book is finished!!!!  I hope you’ll make one.. or ten!






And now… the good news!!!


I love to have giveaways on my blog and I think it’s been awhile since I’ve had one.  So!!  Here we go.  Leave a comment telling me what your favorite hand sewing project is!  Next month I’ll draw a winner for one of my needle books!


Until our gravel roads cross again… so long!


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  1. Colleen says:

    My favorite hand-sewing project is making folk-artsy looking dolls, with long skinny legs, embroidered faces, and calico dresses on them. Each one is “dorky” in it’s own look, but they’re so much fun to make.

  2. Maxine says:

    These are just so cute!!
    My favorite hand sewing project is really having a quilt that I’m working on just handy so I can sit down to it any time. One of my hand quilting projects is a hexie quilt that I use for a traveling project. It’s been overseas with me twice and will be going again in a few days.

  3. I have always sewed but lately started hand sewing again. Felt, wool table runners, crewel embroidery, counted cross stitch…I need to make an adorable book for my needles. Love your prints. Would love having one of yours

  4. Joanna Ziolkowski says:

    My favorite hand sewing right now is working with small wool applique stitching, but I plan to try something new because of an earlier article you wrote. I just shopped for some sashiko supplies, and I have signed up for some classes to learn this craft. I just have to say, your needlebooks are too sweet! I will have to try these, too! Thank you for always inspiring with your handiwork!

  5. Kathy Barnett says:

    I love to embroider, do EPP quilting, and needlepoint. Your needlebooks are adorable.

  6. Ginger Louden says:

    I embroider on dish towels. I was taught how to do this from my grandma and mother. I always have a towel, needles, and thread handy. I use them for gifts, and I donate a lot of them to shelters or local places that need them.

  7. Denise says:

    I love to do embroidery. It’s my favorite handwork. I’m not very good at it but I am practicing! Thanks for the chance at such a lovely giveaway. Love reading your blog

  8. Sandra Johnson says:

    My favorite hand sewing projects are creative clothing repairs to extend the life of my wardrobe.

  9. Laurel Anne Pries says:

    Although I’m “getting up there” I still love to make little things and give as gifts to friends and family. This little needle book definitely is on my to do list….how cute!! Thank you Dori!

  10. Lori says:

    These are so cute, Dori! Right now I am making that cute little fall swag that you gave a tutorial on last year. I had them all cut out last year but was not able to finish them. Hope to get it hung up this week! Other than that, I have some embroidery projects for winter I am doing. I figure if I work on the next season to come, I may get it finished to enjoy, lol

  11. Carol says:

    Hi Dori! I love these little needle books! I’m always looking for something special to make for friends. I think this will be this year’s project. Thank you. My favorite hand-sewing project is any small item that I have quilted. The last thing I made was a cheery table runner for the summer season. I like making big hand stitches on something like this. Gives it a homey look.Happy Sewing! Carol

  12. Denise says:

    I have a yo-yo quilt top that has been in the works for years but I love to shop or sew on it when I have time. I’ve taken quite a few quilt classes but it’s all done on a machine & I like that the yo-yo is all by hand.

  13. MS Barb says:

    I enjoy hand embroidery & embellished hand embroidery (I’ve taken classes to learn how to do different stitches for embellishments!

  14. Sabrena Orr says:

    My favorite hand sewing is doing for others – whether it is sewing a hem up for my daughter, fixing a button for our grands, or helping my mom with something she needs. It always feels good to give and help other. :0)

  15. mary pitman says:

    These little Needle keepers are so cute!! I made several last year for Christmas gifts. My hubby likes his really well! He uses the needle when he gets a sticker in his finger. I got the pattern from a quilt show my friend and I attended. I LOVE your posts or blogs, and just LOVE reading about your flower stands and your family helping you with it.

  16. Jane Jordan says:

    Hi Dori – what a sweet blog post. Were expecting Hurricane Lee to hit us here on the coast of Maine tomorrow so after battening down the hatches this afternoon, I know what I’ll be doing to morrow to ride out the storm…making a needle book!
    I’m working on a US map quilt these days. It’s appliqued and I’m hand quilting around the outside of the map. Doing small random running stitches. I’m finding it to be really relaxing. So, for now, I’ll say that it’s my favorite project. But who knows? May e after tomorrow, making needle books will be my new favorite :-).

  17. Toni Hauge says:

    My favorite needlework is counted cross-stitch.
    I have stitched many things as gifts and they are in homes all over the world.
    My favorite is the Nativity ornaments I made for my Mom. They are glass beads, double sided and stitched on perforated paper. A lady admitted them and asked me to make a set for her. I did.
    I have since inherited the set I made for my Mom.
    I enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you

  18. Judy Garden says:

    My favorite hand sewing project is visible mending on old jeans!

  19. Hannah W says:

    Thanks for the inspiring post. Most of my hand sewing is hand quilting and finishing the binding. My favorite part of the process.

  20. Susan Owen says:

    My favorite handwork is going to sound a little unusual. I like mending. It is such a great feeling to mend something and know that it will last a little longer or bring new life to something that would have been tossed away. Recently I bought two items at big discounts because they just needed a little mending and TLC. One was a cute set of fabric ghosts that the seams had come apart and the other was a snowman whose spool thread and buttton legs had been sewn on backwards.

  21. Carla J says:

    Right now I’m working thru a series of snowman hand embroidery blocks that will end up in a quilt, hopefully next year. I enjoy hand quilting smaller items.
    My bag was heavy enough after walking thru the quilt show yesterday I would have been tempted to purchase more embellishments if I had seen this first. I treated myself to a new silver thimble and a book on using some of the tatted and crochet pieces from estate sales.

  22. Whitney Hedren says:

    I like Christmas cross stitches

  23. Susan Owen says:

    My favorite handwork is going to sound a little unusual. I like mending. It is such a great feeling to mend something and know that it will last a little longer or bring new life to something that would have been tossed away. Recently I bought two items at big discounts because they just needed a little mending and TLC. One was a cute set of fabric ghosts that the seams had come apart and the other was a snowman whose spool thread and buttton legs had been sewn on backwards. It’s fun to be able to mend things that have sentimental value as well.

  24. Dori Umphreys says:

    I love hand sewing little doll quilts and ornaments for my tiny Christmas tree.

  25. De says:

    I Love to make little critters or little dolls out of felt!

  26. Lorna Wooldridge says:

    I am eyeing a felted mail box pattern with handmade felted snail for the cards I make. Thank you for this super cute giveaway.

  27. Lisa Albert says:

    I love anything handmade especially with embroidery on it and appliqués. Your books are delightful and practical! I’m just beginning to learn hand work now that my boys are grown and I have down time to create. I would love to win one of your books to have in my home for upcoming embroidered tea towel projects I want to do for Christmas presents❤️

  28. Jodi LeBrun-Boyer says:

    I just started to hand sew, so every project is my favorite right now. I love these little books, I can’t wait to try it out.

  29. Mary Bryan says:

    At the moment, my favorite needlework is counted cross-stitch. But, that could change. I also do embroidery and EPP.

  30. Fonda L says:

    Those are sooooooooooo cute!!!
    My favorite project might be counted cross-stitch picture.
    They have so many to choose from or you can make your own.

  31. Cristy Marxsen says:

    My favorite handwork is applique. I can’t wait to get started on a needlebook though. Thank you sew much for the inspiration!!!!

  32. Cheri Sander says:

    I love this idea! Will definitely try to make one. I love to make little projects to give away. Right now I am making quilted tree shirts to give to my kids.

  33. Carole Nelsen says:

    I’m trying to finish cross stitching a pillowcase, but do enjoy trying small sewing projects.

  34. Terry Wingate says:

    I just started quilting in January of this year. I want to hand-quilt my next project, instead of machine quilting on a long-arm. In the past, I’ve done counted cross stitch and a little needlepoint. These needlebooks are just adorable! Now that I’m retired, I have more time to enjoy my hobbies!

  35. Christine Puruleski says:

    I know it’s kind of plain for others, but I love to make different dishcloth patterns!!!
    I have done hot pads and coasters and just thoroughly enjoy giving them as stocking stuffers or just a surprise gift!
    I do think my favorite may become these needle books!!! I am always searching for what I need to mend or alter something and these are the cutest and most sensible sewing extras I have seen in a long time!
    Thank you, thank you, Dori!,


  36. Sylvia Bengisoy says:

    I enjoy cross stitch. I would like to try Brazilian Embroidery. I have made a dolly out of saved items/fabrics. It turned out real cute.

  37. Debbie McDonald says:

    My favorite hand sewing project has been learning to darn wool socks.

  38. shawna says:

    I love embroidery! I enjoy hand stitching receiving blanket edges. I always have a knit or crochet project going. I know that isn’t hand sewing, but it keeps my hands busy.

  39. Connie Bruss says:

    I make replica wedding and bridesmaids dresses and other outfits of family and friends for American dolls.

  40. Jennifer Thayer says:

    I love hand-stitching seasonal decor with felt and penny rugs.

  41. Patricia Colbaugh says:

    I love hand sewing embellished items for military shadowboxes for family members. Love seeing handmade hearts, flags & etc made from their families past lace, leather & quilt cottons.

  42. Myra says:

    Sweet little book and so useful too! Love it.

  43. Dena Martin says:

    My hand projects are usually stitching binding to a newly made quilt. But, my favorite and most memorable hand project is a little pieced I hand-embroidered when I was about eleven years old. I taped the embroidery design to a window in the dining room and taped a piece of muslin over it before beginning to trace the embroidery designs on the muslin. It took me forever to trace and my arms were so tired reaching up to trace the designs. The piece has a poem in the middle, under a young boy and girl walking up the staircase. And, it’s framed by embroidered children’s toys. Good memories. I still have the piece which was completed over 50 years ago.

  44. Carol Lou Ontto says:

    My favorite hand sewing project is mending. I am laid up from surgery and have been catching up on.

  45. Gayle Baskin says:

    I love the sewing needle book pattern and idea.
    I love using scraps for small pouches for my embroidery floss or scissors or small gift bags.
    Thank you…

  46. Sherry says:

    You’ve inspired me to get out my needles and scissors and start crafting again! I’m 74 y/o and I know I have another quilt in me

  47. Rhonda Bowdy says:

    I love to make Christmas ornaments. I’ve made many little ginger bread men. I give them all away.

  48. Joan Piercy says:

    Dori, I love your blog! My favorite needlework is embroidery which is perfect for the Crazy Quilt I am finishing. My Aunt Mary Witte was unable to finish it and gave it to me. Crazy quilts have always been my favorite quilts. I am also finishing up one the Dresden Plate table toppers you had in a recent blog. Thank you, Dori, for sharing your world with all of us! Joan

  49. Nita says:

    Currently into little things, having finally finished 52Tags from 2020…! Now working on a Tiny Tannenbaum wallhanging with lots of shiny bits added. Besides embroidery, mostly my favorite handsewing project is finishing the binding on a quilt–such a soothing, nearly mindless activity, suited to TV watching if that’s your jam, and satisfying at the end of the flurry of creating a quilt!

  50. Joy says:

    I love to do counted cross stitch. I get so much enjoyment from looking at all your projects. Makes me wish I could quilt.

  51. Mary Martin says:

    My favorite hand sewing is appliqué work. I recently finished an all wool small quilt all done totally by hand.

  52. Karin Bara says:

    I don’t sew but my granddaughter does. I would love for her to have on of these adorable needle books!

  53. Amy Barker says:

    My favorite hand sewing project is making crazy quilt blocks!

  54. Kathi Rose Wilson says:

    I make hand made doll clothes for my Granddaughter and Great Granddaughters. I started making clothes for my own Barbie dolls when I was a little girl. I cut my own patterns and stitched them together.

  55. Patricia says:

    Omg! Just discovered this blog though Mary Janes Farm. Been going back through previous blogs. Love it!
    My favorite hand sewing project is making grandma’s garden hexagon quilts. I like stitching the hexagon flowers together and then stitching the flowers to the backing fabric. I like keeping my hands busy.

  56. Cindy says:

    My favorite hand sewing is embroidery and counted cross-stitch, I love to have a project started all the time so I can just pick it up. I am in the process of teaching my 7 year old granddaughter how to sew and I can’t wait to make on of these needle books for her with her favorite colors. Thank-you so much for posting the directions.

  57. Charlotte says:

    I love to work on a quilt in the winter time. Keeps your lap warm and toasty and your hands busy so you don’t snack at night. haha

  58. Terri Goggin says:

    We have gravel roads here too! Love the needle books!

  59. Juanita Nells says:

    Your needle book looks so cute. I need to try making one. I have vintage fabric, an other supplies, thank you for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you, JNells

  60. Patricia White says:

    Believe it or not my favorite hand sewing project is sewing the binding to the edge of the quilt. I also love embroidery.

    Thank you for the directions to this project. I’m planning to make some for Christmas presents.

  61. Brenda says:

    This is such amazing blog..I close my eyes ,relax and picture myself in those days. The world today is so fast pace .This is such a fresh of breath air. I do sew on a sewing machine and make simple treasured quilts for my kids and my two beautiful grand babies Thank you for the sunshine

  62. Deborah Rupp says:

    I love doing English paper piecing. It’s portable and ideal for travel. One of these needle books would be great to put in my kit. They are sew cute!

  63. Carol C says:

    I am always where my needles and pins aren’t. I will be making several of these.
    My favorite hand sewing project currently is felt animal hand puppets – fox, badger, raccoon and hedgehog.

  64. Jessica Coffin says:

    My hand sewing favorite is tea towel embroidery for my daughter and daughters-in-love I have a whole bunch of little grandchildren that I make PJ’s for and do some embellishments by hand.

  65. Deb Castañeda says:

    I thought I had my make-it projects for Christmas all planned out, but those needle books are simply too cute to pass up. Already I am making a list of friends who would love to receive one. Guess I’d better go raid my button can!

  66. Nancy Sedlacek says:

    My favorite needlework project is creating dolls, especially all their clothing. Although, I also adore paper piecing very small quilt projects. And I enjoy embroidery. And…. I pretty much love all needlework!

  67. Frances Leftwich says:

    My favorite hand sewing is knitting dolls, fixing their yarn hair like someone I know along with sewing or knitting their clothes. They have long skinny arms and legs. Some actually resemble the people that I give them to. Everyone seems to get a kick out of them.

  68. Frances Leftwich says:

    knitted dolls with hand made clothing, hair, eyes, etc. I try to make them resemble someone I know and give it away. People seem to love them.

  69. Monique T Colizzi says:

    My favorite hand sewn projects are cute little headbands for my friends and me. I love the idea of the needlebooks! Nice work!! Thanks for sharing.

  70. Sheryl says:

    I love making grandmothers flower garden blocks by hand. Your little needle books are beautiful! I plan to make a few now that I’ve seen yours.

  71. Paula Sullivan says:

    My favorite hand sewing project is a traced picture on cloth where you do embroidery. My mother gave us these when we were young.

  72. Marilyn says:

    I like to make doll clothes.
    Thank You for the giveaway.

  73. Deb Bridges says:

    My favorite hand sewing project is a combination of quilting and embroidery. I enjoy the quiet time with needle and thread and focusing on getting my stitches the way I want them to look. I love the look of hand quilting because it shows the extra time and effort that goes into each stitch.

  74. Pat says:

    Hand sewing is my jam! I love to snuggle in at night with a lap full of hand sewing! Currently I’m enjoying hand embroidery. I enjoy your blog and the needle books are so sweet! Hope I win!

  75. Deb Cantales says:

    I enjoy making hand sewn quilts, especially in the winter. I’d love to have one of your needle books.

    I can relate to your sign off . Until our gravel roads cross again :-)

  76. Lila Harber says:

    My sewing project last month was a Boa for my kitchen. I loved it so much I made 20 more for family and friends!! Embroider cute sayings on the towels. They are so handy in the kitchen and they make you smile.
    I love the idea of the needle book! Thanks for leading me to my next project. So cute.

  77. Edee says:

    I love to embroidery a floral image and making it into a little zip bag.

  78. Molly says:

    Oh my goodness, these are really sweet.
    Right now I’m trying to finish a really large Tshirt quilt composed of concerts my daughter has attended the last 25 yrs.
    I like to practice knitting, quilting, and some hand quilting. It’s all fun to me.
    Thank you your tutorial.

  79. Lynda Ryan says:

    I am currently getting back to embroidery. Making items I can laterframe or put into quilts.

  80. Sue says:

    your needle book is darling. thank you for sharing. xxoo

  81. Lu says:

    I love any hand stitching project and have lots of Pinterest boards of inspiration. I love this little needle book for my, yes – needlebook board! Most recently, I am loving working with wool for applique and bowl fillers. The fall really gets me in the mood for new projects. Love your needlebook – thanks so much for the step by step tutorial!

  82. Lynn Puryear says:

    How adorable! In all my 74 years, I never thought of making needle books. Of course I have plenty of supplies including felted wool skirt scraps. I think I found my next “Girlfriend gifts” to work on. Thanks.

  83. Kim says:

    I love stitching wool and felt ornaments and mug mats.

  84. Dori Millay says:

    I love embroidering flowers!

  85. Renee Fisher says:

    I love the challenge of making hand-stitched birds using the patterns from annwoodhandmade. My crow won a blue ribbon last year from The State Fair of Texas! Next up, the Dastardly Owl!

  86. Loretta Lowe says:

    My favorite hand sewing project: hand quilting little gifts for my family and friends.

  87. Bev ONEIL says:

    Hand sewing on quilts is my fav thing to do.

  88. Karen Martell says:

    My next sewing project will be for a MJF sisterhood swap. :)

  89. Jeri says:

    I have always loved counted cross stitch. I have just picked up some patterns for wool appliqué and I’m excited to try them!

  90. Nancy G says:

    Leave a comment telling me what your favorite hand sewing project is!

    Hand quilting smaller pieces, my big quilts are done by machine. I really need a new needle book :)

  91. Diane Perkins says:

    I love to do wool felt applique.

  92. Susan Hemann says:

    My favorite needlework project is repairing vintage and antique clothing. I love to sit and repair tiny tears and holes. It makes me happy knowing I’m preserving history.

  93. Ruth Strutz says:

    My favorite hand sewing project is mending! from darning socks to matching the color orange in a Harley jacket with a hole, I just love bringing things back to usefulness and not throwing them away!

  94. Joyce Sparrow says:

    Great project and lovely gift.

  95. Jimmie P Williams says:

    I love to do cross stitch and embroidery. I also make all types of crafts with a sewing machine.

  96. Vicky says:

    I like working on Counted Cross Stitch and/or stitching on felted wool. I have never had a needle book!!!! Yours are soo cute.

  97. Tracy Johnston says:

    My favorite hand sowing project at the moment is printed cross stitch. Working on a pansies and butterfly quilt. Thanks for the needling break!

  98. Kathy Chavez says:

    I have been sewing since I could hold a needle, thread, and fabric. My latest effort is creative mending and slow stitching. I recently broke my right wrist and for the last 10 weeks haven’t sewn anything. Can’t wait to get back to perfecting my art!

  99. Linda Olson says:

    Amy is a favorite of mine. I have one of her books

  100. Karen says:

    My favorite hand sewing, currently, is an English Paper Pieced quilt called Smitten. It will be completely sewn by hand, if I live long enough to finish it.

  101. Kathy Lebak says:

    My favorite needle work project is keeping a tradition of making Christmas stockings for my grandchildren, just like my Grandmother did for her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  102. Judy Thomas says:

    Hi Dori: I love this little needle book, I have one from my 1st home economics course in grade 7. Blue felt with blanket stitch around the edge and my initials in chain stitch across the front. It’s still as good as it was 60 years ago. Now I am thinking it might be fun to use my old vintage quilt to make a new one. I like hand stitching and I am currently patching some old wholly jeans. Thank you for sharing your blogs.

  103. Cathy A Finney says:

    I love to embroider, cross stitch and needlepoint. Your needlebooks are adorable.

  104. Lavern Pease says:

    I just love the hand sewn embellishments on cards and announcements! They give them such a personal touch.

  105. Cindy Hyde says:

    My hand sewing is generally hand-mending. I appreciate beautiful items for necessary supplies. I will make this little sewing book. Thank you!

  106. Jodie says:

    My favorite hand sewing project is mending old jeans. I can add any fabric and any stitch I like. And with each hole, I can change it up. One of my favorite pair of jeans has 5 different patches/hand sewn designs.

  107. Terry Wingate says:

    I’m loving the creative ideas from everyone!

  108. Cathryn Bump says:

    I love all kinds of hand sewing and I teach it to children at my school. This embroidery project is giving me new ideas so thank you! Love your blog as well!

  109. Susan Campbell says:

    I enjoy sewing buttons back on and hemming pants.

  110. Good Monday morning Dori. Just reading through your blog this morning put me in the mood to get some fabric and knickknacks together and make a mini needle book. Your colors are very attractive in the books you have made. Well, I am off to find some striking colors to use. Thank you so much for the wonderful pattern. These would make excellent gifts too!

  111. Bonnie says:

    I like making pillows to match the season.

  112. Christine says:

    Favorite project are embroidery stamped samplers

  113. Diana Cuthbert says:

    My favorite handmade things to make are Christmas ornaments. It started when I had major back surgery. I was told that I couldn’t do much for 6 months and for 3 of those months, I had to be in a hospital bed. I am good at sewing by hand, so I decided to make angels to keep myself occupied. That led to all kinds of other ornaments. My family and friends love getting them. And I love giving them away!

  114. Jeretta says:

    This is a very pretty and easy project. Thank you for sharing.

  115. Naomi S Shelton says:

    I really haven’t done any. hand sewing except for mending things for my grown daughter and her two boys (12-yr-old twins). I used to cross-stitch, which I loved, and in my youth–decades ago!–sewed all my own clothing and knitted sweaters. I also sewed a lot when my daughters were little. Dresses for them mostly. I’d like to get to back to sewing again but my arthritis in my hands makes it a bit hard. Maybe, one of these days. I like your little needle books; maybe I’ll try making one of those.

  116. Addie Hosier says:

    Hi Dori,
    What an adorable project.
    I like to hand sew seasonal things. Recently I made some pillows for Halloween; a mummy and a jack-o-lantern. As many other people have commented, I like to make things for charity. A recent project is holiday themed placemats for Meals on Wheels.

  117. Janet Conn says:

    I love to hand sew little pillows to use around the house, in our living room, tv room, craft room, etc. I love your needle books and would be excited to win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  118. Lorraine Hess says:

    I love doing wool applique and cross stitch when I have some time to sit and relax in the evenings.

  119. Marcia says:

    My 10 year old daughter is always looking for something fun and creative to sew with me. I think she will love these!! We have made a few simple things like cloth napkins and basic drawstring bags.

  120. Debra Jean says:

    I like to make double sided hearts out of felted wool, embellished with vintage buttons and trim.

  121. Judy McIlvaine says:

    First off I love the needle book. I don’t do a lot of hand sewing, but enough that I have several needle books, can you ever have too many, I think not. Anyway, what I most enjoy hand sewing are the bindings on my quilts. I find it such a peaceful and rewarding step. I also really like hem stitching my hand woven table linens.
    Thank you for this tutorial, it’s added to my do list.
    I really enjoy your postings and look forward to getting that notification email.
    Enjoy this wonderful autumn season.

  122. Debra Nordberg says:

    I have not been doing any needlework for the past year. We live in northern Montana four miles from the Canadian border. The evenings can get long so I just ordered a few kits to keep me busy. We have alpaca fiber so I do a lot of “playing” with it also. I would love to try to make a book!

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