I Am A Maker {And There’s A Giveaway!}


mak·er / mākər
1. a person or thing that makes or produces something

Someone recently referred to me on my Instagram account as a Maker.  I’ve heard the word used to describe people that I feel are professionals in the creative community but never have I thought of myself in this term.  It got me thinking quite seriously about the creative side of my brain that makes me a Maker and what it takes to keep the creativity alive.  This is what I’ve learned the last little while as I’ve pondered these thoughts.



Hand quilting and embellishing little sewing projects with hand work is one of my favorite things to do.


Find Your Passion

I feel that we all have (or at least we should have) something that we are passionate about. I happen to be one of those people that has many interests and enjoys learning new things, working in my gardens, cooking, and even cleaning house.  But recently I’ve become aware that time in my sewing room is my passion.  Even if all I’m doing is sewing up some quick potholders for a birthday gift for a friend, it is completely enjoyable to me.  Everytime I am with my elderly parents – who still ranch full time – I am aware that what keeps them active and happy is their passion for what they do.  We all need something that drives us.



My vintage locker basket full of my favorite inspirational project books!


Make Time For It

In the book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, the Author talks about how necessary it is to make time to develop that creative thing in our life that we are passionate about.  For me it doesn’t mean that it has to be all consuming, but I do recognize that it helps me in so many areas of my life if I make time for that creative passion.  Recently I read a comment that a friend had written about her love of creating.  She said, “I make time to sit at my sewing table and do something every day.  Even if it is only 15 minutes to pull some fabric for a new design, sew a few hand stitches on a quilt, or look at a new pattern.  I am happier, my family is happier, my day goes smoother.”   And I would agree completely.  Sometimes all I have time for is a few minutes to look at one of the fun creative books that I own.  It’s enough to get the energy flowing again!



The quilt that was not my thing!


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I recently was asked by a friend if she could pay me to make a specific lap quilt for her sister in law.  She showed me a picture of what she wanted and I told my friend that yes, I could make it.  But then the trouble started.  The fabric colors required for the project were not my favorites, the pattern itself was not something that was enjoyable for me (it was weener dogs for goodness sakes!) and all of a sudden what I love doing became drudgery.  Because I’m a finisher, is wasn’t hard for me to stick it out and finish it but I felt that it was not my best work and I was disappointed in it.  But it taught me a lot; I learned some techniques I had never done before, I learned that even though it didn’t make me happy it certainly made someone else happy.  I also learned that stepping out of my comfort zone was good for me and that I need to do it more often.  And the final lesson was one I’m sure you’re waiting for:  when the quilt was finished I loved it and the few things that I felt I could’ve done better will certainly not be noticed by anyone else!



The gorgeous bundle of fabric I have for twin size quilts… and I can’t bring myself to cut into it.


Put The Fears Aside

Why, in doing something I love, would there be fears?  I ask myself this all the time.   I have had a plan to make quilts for my guest room beds for three years now.  Twice I’ve put the project out of my mind.  Last year, after a tremendous amount of deliberation, I purchased the fabric for the quilts.  I looked at hundreds of patterns until I finally settled on my two favorites.  And so how far have I come in the process?  Not one single step.  The beautiful fabric is still sitting on my sewing room work area.   But I cannot seem to cut into the fabric.  Strange as it seems I am having some real fears of failure here.  I’m not afraid that I can’t do it; because I can.  I’m not afraid that I won’t love them; I’m quite sure I will.  I’m not afraid of the time involved; I’m prepared in my mind for how long it will take. But somehow I’ve got some fears of taking that plunge and cutting the fabric! I’ve finally figured out that I love projects that give me instant gratification and a quilt, especially one that I intend to quilt by hand, is a very long process that could take me a year to complete.  Somehow soon I will put those fears aside and get started.  I’m asking you to hold me accountable!


“So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

A quote from one of my favorite books I’ve read about creative living.


Take A Deep Breath… And Have Courage

Do you all remember this post I wrote in January about my plans to teach a summer quilting camp to four sweet girls?   To some people it may not seem like a big deal to plan something so simple as a summer quilting camp for young sewists, but for me it has been a really big deal and took a lot of courage to commit to it.  But just writing about it helped me to make it real and after I shared my blog post on my IG feed I could not believe the support that I received from people in the quilting community.   I feel so much more confident now and recognize that even if the camp doesn’t go exactly as I picture it in my mind; if the girls go home with a feeling of success for themselves then it is absolutely perfect!  I’m thankful I had the courage to just simply get started with the ideas.  I think there is treasure hidden there and I’m eager to see what it is!



One little area on my fabric shelves… continual inspiration!


Surround Yourself With Creativity

Numerous times I’ve shared the picture of my craft room – especially my sewing table with my wall filled with mini-quilts that I’ve sewn and many that have been gifted to me.  So I’m not going to share that picture again.  But the picture above is just a little vignette of what the top of my  fabric storage shelf looks like.  I try always to have little areas like this with beautiful fabric displayed because it  makes me happy and also makes me creative!  Incidentally that bundle of fabric there on the left that is tied with a ribbon?  That fabric is called Caravan Roundup and is designed by our very own MaryJane!  It is sitting there reminding me of my summer quilting camp coming up because one of the girls will be using that fabric!  (Just one of the little things of MaryJane’s that always inspires creativity in me.)


IMG_7981One of the sweetest gifts I’ve received from a Maker friend – a Maker bag that holds everything I need for any little hand project I’m working on.  I can grab it and go – it’s always at the ready! 


Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

Living in the world we live in now where we Makers share our projects on all sorts of different social media platforms, we are opening ourselves wide up to comparison.  I have found myself in this place a few times and all it does is feed insecurities. However, the flip side of “comparison” is that we can use it to help us fan the flame of creativity, to give us more ideas and to strive to perfect our skills.  Something I’ve found in the Maker community is this desire to encourage and inspire others.  The sharing of ideas is amazing.  And the sharing of kindnesses.  I’ve received so many beautiful little things in the mail from other Makers that I know only through social media and it is amazing the kindness.  I have found in myself that sharing is always better than comparing.



Passing on my love of fabric and quilt blocks to my grand-girls encourages me.


Always Thank Those That Encourage You

Thank you dear readers for listening to me ramble today about my musings on being a Maker.  And for always, always being an encouragement in your comments.  So…. to thank you (smile!) I’ve got a  GIVE-AWAY!  A great little special home-made item to send to one lucky winner.  It is a complete surprise…. custom made for you, by me!  I AM a Maker after all!  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what it is that you are passionate about and do you find time for it daily?


Until our gravel roads cross again… so long.



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  1. Vickie says:

    What beautiful items! Thanks for your sharing and giving heart!

  2. ann g riddle says:

    Holy Moly! You inspire me to stretch myself more and more! Thank you! I am a Maker of sorts — I work in the food industry and “make” stuff that people eat. It’s always been an awesome thing to me that people go in a grocery store where there are thousands upon thousands of product to choose from and they choose to purchase, to spend hard-earned money on, something that we make! That’s a true Holy Moly Moment! xo

  3. Christine says:

    I’m passionate about fiber arts of all sorts. I try and make time for it. I find it very relaxing!

  4. Krista says:

    Dori, I love this post! I can’t tell you how many times I felt all of those Maker sections. I would have to say I’m passionate about crochet. As of right now I don’t find time for it daily, but I know I should. Maybe I could make sure I complete at least one row a day even if it means staying up past bedtime for a minute. On a positive note my projects would get done faster! I do find myself struggling with comparing myself to others. I always feel so proud of what I have made until I see what a friend has made and it’s “better”. This is definitely one of my flaws that I need to work on. I can only get better by working harder and trying new things. I also have fears of certain projects too. Mainly ones that others ask me to make. I fear that if I start I will mess it up and disappoint them. But like you said the small flaws that we notice are beautiful to them! Thanks for helping me realize I’m not the only one with this thinking process.

  5. Mary Rauch says:

    My passion is photography. Although I am not a trained designer, I also love to seasonally decorate our home. It may not meet the standards of a professional, but I sure do enjoy myself (and the family seems to enjoy it too).

  6. Carol says:

    Wow! What beautiful work you do.
    Right now I am passionate about throwing pottery on the potters wheel. I am also hooking rugs, and that makes me so happy as it was something my grandmother did.

  7. Denise Ross says:

    Hi Dori, thank you for a post that puts a lot of my thoughts and feelings of being a maker/creartist into words.
    I know the fear feeling p, mine comes from worrying I’m going to ruin the thing, whether it’s the material, or a painting or drawing, whatever. It’s hard to take the first step and out the fears aside and just do because. I try to change my thinking toward what I’m about to do, to one of, I’m going to hav some fun now and put the worry thoughts aside. Easier said than done, I know.
    Love your materials for your twin quilts, I look forward to seeing them made when the time is right for you.
    I’m more of an artist I guess, though I do it for myself, and I doubt and compare myskef a lot. I’ve done one commission for a friend, and she loves it – which is a good confidence boost when I’m feeling down on it. But on Instagram I’ve chosen to follow lots of artists who all paint differently and so I turn a negative into a positive and can begin painting just for the joy of it.
    I like sewing, cooking/baking and gardening too and do some knitting from time to time.
    I’ve made a patchwork doona cover years ago from different scraps of material I had and clothes I cut up to out in it. I still have it, though it is showing real wear now.

  8. I need to find a daily passion! I am a passionate gardener and volunteer for lots of stuff when not garden season. Still, I’d like to find something I could do daily :)

  9. Julie Glover says:

    I try almost every day making someone feel loved and valued.

  10. Stefanie says:

    Well my passion is reading, which in a way is making time for beautiful adventures every day. I always read before bed.
    I also enjoy knitting, although I’m in the beginning stages of that craft.

  11. Christine Sass says:

    I love to knit and to write. Try to do both regularly. Garden in spring/summer. Also jig saw puzzles are a passion!! Reading Mary Jane Farms too!!

  12. Christine Sass says:

    I love to knit. I am a writer of short stories. My passion is jig saw puzzles. Also reading Mary Jane Farms! Gardening in spring/summer.

  13. Kaycee F says:

    Wow, I am actually blown away but what I just read! When I look around at people I know, those who embrace their passion are truly happy, courageous, content and full of life. Most of them do leave their comfort zones and press on. A good friend of mine once said, “Kaycee, if this was easy, everyone would be doing it”! Thank you for sharing such an eye opening and inspiring post.

    So true! I guess I would say that my passion is creating, from flower arrangements & wreaths, to painting anything I can get my hands on!

  14. Barb Richards says:

    Hi, I am passionate about needlework and handwork such as embroidery, small hand quilting items, yo-yo’s, hexies, and crocheting. I try to do a little of one or more each day.

  15. Barbara (WA) says:

    You have indeed inspired me many times to be a Maker – I’ve sewn and planted and cooked because of what you’ve shared. I thank you!

  16. Pam says:

    My passion was basket making for 18 years. Then my passion became grandchildren. I have a new passion emerging, WOOL! As in hooked rugs, penny rugs, and braided rugs!

  17. Mary Kerber says:

    Love quilts they are so beautiful, the love and care that goes into making them makes them so comfy. Nothing like snuggling up in a quilt.

  18. Eileen Romary says:

    My cross stitch, pictures, pillows, table toppers. I get to zone, unwind. A cup of tea and my hoop, all is good.

  19. Julie says:

    Even if it is only a few stitches or a few rows, knitting is my daily passion!!

  20. Rose Ann wong says:

    Sewing! Every day if I don’t sew, I am looking at patterns online or in books…the ‘future projects’ list of and dreams grows and grows!!

  21. Deborah Huff says:

    Loved everything about your post. What is the best place for a beginner (Quilter) to begin?

  22. Dawn says:

    Love your posts! Inspiring!

  23. Carol Norwood says:

    I’m passionate about my photography! I love getting out and snapping pictures. I have my camera with me at all times! Thanks, Carol

  24. Cyndie Gray says:

    My dear Dori, I love this blog post. And you are, indeed, a Maker!! You are also one who can inspire others to be passionate. I have to admit I have been in quite a long dry spell, creatively speaking. I love using my dust collecting scrapbook in supplies to make little gift projects for those I love. I don’t get to it daily, nor even weekly but when I do, I thoroughly enjoy it. Another creative thing I love to do is to cook for those I love, which happens more often than my other creative outlets 😉 oh my, I have gone on long enough…

  25. Lois Versaw says:

    I am passionate about gardening (mostly butterfly and pollinator gardening), my children (of course!) and am new to quilting, but finding joy in the colors and possibilities!
    I find time for my children daily (and always!), gardening almost daily and beginning sewing/quilting weekly.

  26. Lisa says:

    For the last few months, I’ve been making this old farmhouse we bought “as is” in to a home. It was in really rough shape, so opportunities abound to create a comfortable and happy home (on a very tight budget) for our family. Thrilled and grateful to have heat and (finally) a working kitchen. So many projects await!

  27. Becky Davies says:

    I would probably say I am. It’s passionate about cooking and baking. I love old recipes, new recipes, and creating my own. I also love sewing for my family however that has been on hold since I’ve had a joint replacement and RA flare. Don’t even cook as much I use to. Slow and steady, that is me right now. Love your site. Thanks for all the great advice and sharing your passion.

  28. Angela Rife says:

    My passion is cooking and trying new recipes. I knew immediately without even looking at the name of the blog that it was by you because of your beautiful quilt and I could not wait to read it! You inspire me with your blog and your creative spirit! ❤

  29. Karen rehm says:

    I love to sew. Most all of my sewing projects (quilts) are gifts of love so creating them brings my “giftee” and me joy!

  30. Elizabeth #657 says:

    I guess I could be defined as a maker too! But what I make is seasonal – quilts and crochet in the winter, canner in the fall, gardener in the spring and summer. My husband joked that I’m a maker in the summer during salmon season – maker of noise!

  31. Carol Vagher says:

    I love fabric and multi media arts. I consider myself a maker! These are all glorious fabrics!

  32. Kimberly A Busby says:

    I love everything that has to do with yarn or fabric!

  33. marilyn Khadduri says:

    I am not a professional photographer, but I love taking pictures and creating my own
    note cards. I find that most people just use the computer to contact each other,
    but I think it is so special to receive a card with a handwritten note in your mailbox
    that is meant just for you!

  34. Laura Staley says:

    Dear Dori,
    I recently retired after 36 years of teaching Special Education. I miss my students, especially because we experienced a house fire on Christmas evening and have had to live outside of our home for the past 12 weeks. I look forward to resuming sewing and knitting, and improving my quilting skills. Since my passion for so many years involved improving the lives of my students, I want to continue making cloth books for them.

  35. Deb Rockey says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! As a mother and a grandmama, My heart and soul is passionate for family! Creativity and learning new things keep my heart humming happily! Sewing, crocheting, making homemade soaps and lotions … to name a few! Right now the simple “apron” has become my most recent favorite thing to sew! I have made thirteen so far and have plans for at least four more for gifts. I find that sewing at the dining room table in the evening instead of watching television, leaves me feeling much more satisfied and the end product is great!!!!

  36. Marvene says:

    I have loved in the past to change decorating our homes, but that has passed as we age. We are trying to give away some of our treasures. But the one thing I do have a passion for is working in the yard and creating a landscape that is beautiful out here in the AZ desert. As I have aged it gets harder and harder to prune the trees perfectly. I have decided I will do one project a day to keep the acre (one of five) that we have landscaped and decorated in beautiful shape. It doesn’t seem like so much now that I think about it as “my passion”!! Love, Ms

  37. Kendrain Summers says:

    My husband and I own our own business making sausage and custom meat cutting. But my true passion is quilting, gardening, and canning. I also have a small flock of chickens. (Which is more of an obsession than a passion, crazy chicken lady here) Crafting and giving these wonderful gifts that are hand made or homemade are my favorite passion. These last two years I have become very in touch with my creative side again.

  38. Joan Price says:

    Oh YOU are an encourager for sure! I am an ” maker”, of many things but fabric is my first love. Some of my friends call my stash hoarding but when they ask me to ” make” something my stash is their first shopping stop …. isn’t it fun! Thanks for the super post, your summer camp sounds like great fun. God bless.

  39. Tina says:

    I am passionate about baking. I always have myself immersed in my many cookbooks looking for that next great recipe. I love the joy that my baking brings to my family.

  40. Connie says:

    Love making-all kinds of things: sewing, card making, you name it , I’ll try it.

  41. KayC says:

    Love your post! It is really something to take to heart. Thanks for sharing. And it is a wonderful giveaway.

  42. Sharon Buck says:

    I have not used the title ‘Maker’ but it fits! I am passionate about knitting and sewing, and I have a cabinet painting business. Thanks for the words you shared about needing to be brave. In 2014, almost simultaneously, I became a widow and an empty nester. Grieving was exhausting. I finally have energy to to create again. But as you quoted, it takes courage! Thank you so much for the en’courage’ment!! Sharon

  43. Sharon Elaine says:

    Like you, I have many passions but all is directed to two little granddaughters we’re caring for in an emergency situation. Enoy your posts. Thank you.

  44. Donna I says:

    I am passionate about repurposing. I don’t take the time to start projects. I have a room full of ‘retirement projects’. I am just not sure when retirement will be yet.

  45. jenn says:

    Thank you for writing this! I too have many interests (not to mention, day job commitments!) and I struggle to make time for my creations these days. You nailed all of these points right on the head. My passion(s) are wire sculpture, gardening, cooking/baking, music, and my family.

  46. Barbara says:

    I am passionate about writing. I carve time into my day to write. I just do.

  47. Joy says:

    My passion is counted cross stitch. It is my way to unwind & make something pretty at the same time. MY grandmother taught me to stitch on stamped cross stitch & then I moved on to counted cross stitch. I wish she was still here to see all options there are now.I also wish more young ladies would take interest in hand work.

  48. Mary says:

    I love this post! I too am a maker. But some times life stress ( like having your power out for 6 straight days) gets the best of me and I shouldn’t let it! I am passionate about fiber arts… spinning, weaving, knitting and nalbinding! I am going to take a deep breath and have some “maker time” today ❤️

  49. Joyce Bozeman Powell says:

    I love to do many different things-painting,drawing,crochet,rug making, playing the piano-and I collect fabric hoping to make quilts. My husband is not well and wants me to sit with him while he watches his westerns. I have a basket next to me with a crochet project and a rug project. I have art supplies next to the sofa. Everyday I do something on one of my projects.
    It makes my day brighter!

  50. Krea says:

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. The timing of reading your encouragement is spot on. I have always been a creative person but it has been for my personal use. Recently I joined an instagram group where at the end of the month we send a “happy mail box” filled with 7 specific topics to craft. My heart was seriously beating so fast when I pressed the “join group” button. But I have just been encouraged lately to step out of my comfort zone. I’m so worried she won’t enjoy her gifts or hers to me will be so much more crafty, but I’m doing it So again I thank you. It’s helped me very much to keep my creativeness moving forward

  51. Diana says:

    I am passionate about each day & what the Lord will bring my way. As I have been a re-purposer for many years, making small businesses as my children grew. We survived with a lot of creativity and the joys of being a “maker”. I am presently taking care of mother & brother & work & find time very limited for my creative juices to flow. My joy right now is to see the creativity of my Lord bring a new idea, joy or way of delighting those who cannot do for themselves & along with this He has thrown in the idea of a new business which I pray direction on. He is a maker which keeps me a maker!

  52. Katherine says:

    Right now I love making things for my grandchildren… Olivia 2 and Oliver 1month. I made them both quilts although I don’t think of myself as a quilter. I have painted water color art for their rooms and make things like felt food, bunting, etc. as I find the time. I love to make embroidered gifts too…I am working on pillow cases for my son and his bride to be. SO I AM A MAKER OF GIFTS!! Your comment about your parents still pursuing their creative passions keeps them going…I see this as so true in my parents. Thanks for your inspiration!

  53. janet says:

    dori…what an inspiring post….i am a quilter,…it brings peace to my life which is currently in a state of upheaval. thank you for post … it spoke to my heart today…

    oh and as an aside….i could move into your daughters very beautiful home in a blink of an eye…their years of restoration were nothing short of stunning.

    thank you again for starting my day with joy. janet

  54. Tracy Snyder says:

    I, too, am a maker, I think I was born a maker. I remember comments when I was very young that, “she’s always making something” and it was true. Since I was 12 I realized my passion lies in quilting, which is something I try to do every single day, but I also love other fiber arts, general sewing, knitting, crochet, spinning and so on. I also love making and decorating dollhouses, the little things are so much fun! Thanks for the giveaway, maybe one of these years I will be a winner too!! Thanks again and keep on making!!

  55. Judy says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories. My passion is sewing as well, my biggest problem with my passion is choosing one thing at a time to work on. I love to quilt, smock children’s clothing and sew everything. I enjoy your photos of your sewing room, which are so inspirational. Thank you

  56. Nancy Mosley says:

    I envy those of you that can sew well. I have a few of my grandmothers quilts and sit there looking at the pieces wondering if they were from a dress my Mawmaw wore or perhaps a shirt that PawPaw wore. It’s fun to think about them and makes me want to try a quilt but never get that going. It’s always nice to be inspired. Thanks!

  57. Cindy Parker says:

    I am a librarian. My passion is sharing books with children and inspiring a love of reading in young children. In my Storytime programs I allow them to explore a topic through books, music and movement and artistic endeavors with paper, paint, clay, etc. In creating each program, I allow them to develop their creative abilities.

  58. I love making greeting cards and get so much pleasure by surprising people with a card for no apparent reason other than putting a smile on their face. So many have said that they don’t throw them away, but collect them. I have a tendency to compare myself and my card to so many that have beautiful blogs, but then realize that each of us have our own style. Your work is lovely!!!!

  59. Irene says:

    I am passionate about writing in my journal all the cute things our grandchildren have said and done, and writing my thoughts. Also knitting, reading and finding new ideas for our home.

  60. Tomi Mathew says:

    I loved this. Yes, I too have a stack of things I want to do but have not started yet. I quilt, lampwork, jewelry design. I find that I buy or find parts for my designs and they are so precious I hate to use them. They are perfect on their own. Crazy circle!

  61. Margaret says:

    Dori, I love this post! Thank you for your comments and encouragement to all Makers! I Guess I am a Maker, as well. I have been an avid stitcher most of my life and grew up surrounded by talented women that loved needle and thread. I embraced hand embroidery early in life and try to incorporate it into all my projects…doll making, quilting, garment/household sewing! Please continue to spread the word on the creativity within us all. Everyone has a starting spot. Be it with fabric, food, paint, gardening…all we need to do is slow down and listen to ourselves. Find the area that speaks to us and let go! Who knows what we will find within ourselves. Thanks again for hyper encouragement!

  62. Beth says:

    Thank you for this post. I know it must take up time that you would rather spend “making”. You summer camp project is inspired. I’d love to do something similar with my grand kids, but distance prevents that from happening. Instead I’ll try to help them raise the funding for a mission trip they are excited about. I’m sure whomever wins your gift will enjoy it for years to come. Blessing to you.

  63. Diva Odete Kreszl says:

    What a lovely generous thing to do! I am passionate about creating art whether it be painting, drawing, cooking, decorating. It is how I share myself with family and friends and bringing some joy to their lives.

  64. Rosanne Mulhern says:

    Loved this post, Dori! I do consider myself a Maker also. I am most passionate about papercrafts, especially handmade cards. I try to work on a project everyday. It truly gives me so much joy and is a giant stress reliever. I also try to send a card to someone almost everyday…even for no reason. I am in the process of teaching myself to crochet (I remember that you did this and made lovely dish cloths). My goal is to make a crocheted baby afghan by June when our first grandchild is expected. You are certainly a Maker and a wonderful inspiration!

  65. Dot Drobney says:

    Great post! I am a passionate photographer! I love doing nature/macro photos of every living creature around my gardens, when we’re not buried in 20+ inches of snow! I also do portraits in my small studio – I do photos of everyone from toddlers to seniors, but I really love doing dog sessions. They’re so much fun! I’m a recently retired primary school reading specialist, and the time to do photos alone is a new luxury for me. We’ll see where it goes!

  66. deb rowley says:

    I am passionate about knitting, crocheting and needlework. I try to do a little or a lot each day. I don’t feel it’s a complete day unless I’ve worked a few stitches or rows and have at least 3 projects going at one time!

  67. Jena says:

    I am passionate about writing. In the past three years I have been making space each morning for writing.

    It has been a marvelous adventure.

  68. Julie Pruett says:

    Everyone should have a “passion”. I think that’s what makes the world go round… I’m always amazed by all the different, wonderful things that others create or just DO… Sometimes, I admit, I have felt inadequate compared to others seemingly, perfect work. It’s OK, just to enjoy what you’re doing, perfect or NOT…

  69. MarciD says:

    My passion used to be scrapbooking and tea parties. In this season it is my strawberry patch, canning peaches from my peach tree and raising chickens. I enjoy knitting too. One day I want to try quilting. I have some fabric already saved. Your posts are always so cherry and inspirational. I love to read so thank you for the book recommendation. I didn’t used to think of myself as a creative person but I realize this is a gift we all have, it just needs to be cultivated.

  70. Now, after reading your blog, I know what I am – – I, too, am a Maker. I love creating things from fabric. I do not stick to one thing, however. I am currently creating mini-aprons for swaps I am hosting on the MJF chatroom. I also make kitchen and gift items and lots of recycled Jeans aprons that I sell in a country gift shop. I make scrappy quilts and am trying (unsuccessfully) to use up all of my fabric collectionn (it’s not my stash, it’s my collection). I love your blog, and your creativity.

  71. Marie says:

    Thank you for sharing, I needed that. Sometimes the fear or lack of self confidence sets in.

  72. Bridge says:

    I love many crafts, but the closest to my heart is counted cross stitch.
    I do try to make time daily to enjoy.
    This year I have been keeping a tracker in my journal to mark each day that I stitch. I enjoy seeing the progress.

  73. Terri Doria says:

    What WONDERFUL rambling. Love it. Great way to start my day.


  74. Michaela says:

    My passion changes with the seasons – in the winter I love to knit, sew, anything that makes me content being cooped up. Come spring, I get a bad case of cabin fever and as soon as the garden catalogs arrive in the mail, I start dreaming of my next garden. That keeps me going until I can actually plant those seeds. The late summer/fall keeps me busy canning, drying, etc., followed by trying to think of Christmas presents to make. I’m not a master at any of these but they give me pleasure and I look forward to every season.

  75. Dianna says:

    First of all Dori your article is incredibly uplifting and inspiring!! I am trying to instill many ‘old fashioned’ qualities and skills to my grand daughter as well and people come to me all the time telling me how ‘rare’ it is to find kids “doing these things”! Makes me feel as if I am truly leaving some ‘good’ in this world through her. :) I too have enjoyed the community of makers and feel a genuine blessing via through them! I am so passionate and love the bees and butterflies that I go overboard planting and making places for the bees and butterflies to safely enjoy and flourish! Every day I do spend some special ‘me’ time creating something special for someone! It keeps me grounded! Just love your artistic quilting!

  76. Diane Van Horn says:

    This is exactly what I needed today. I am suffering from cabin fever. I always get it in the go-between season of Brown. Between winter and spring it seems that everything is brown. Brown mud, brown grass, brown tree trunks, etc… I have never been a fan of brown. My creativity seems to be a little muddy and brown also. Your post has renewed my spirits! My passion is painting and up-cycling. I have started a dresser with hand painted sunflowers all over it but just can’t seem to finish. It is a big project and like you, I am more of a small project, instant gratification kind of gal. I am going to take your advice and just do something creative every day and make time for my passions! Thanks for all the inspiration! By the way, even though it is brown, I love the Weiner dog quilt!

  77. Debbie says:

    Thank You! You have inspired me to get back to doing what I Love. I grew up on my grandparents’ dairy farm. My grandma was a daily maker. She sewed everything from full body aprons to quilts. She knitted, crocheted, canned, baked, and cooked for the families of her two boys all the years I was growing up. I helped her cut strips, squares, and tie off quilts with the church missionary ladies at her house. She taught me so much! She always had a smile and food for everyone who entered her home. She also played piano by ear. I haven’t sewn, crocheted, or crafted anything for years; I don’t even have a sewing machine any more, but have had the desire to do so for quite some time. Lately, I have felt the tug stronger. Your pictures and your words have fanned the spark into a flame, instilling within me the need to take action and get back to doing what I Love, though I always felt that I am in no way a professional maker, in years past I did sew clothing I was proud to wear, even an Easter dress. Most of my sewing was done when I was in Jr. High; I am now 56 (lol). I did sew a little for my daughter when she was a toddler (she is now almost 33). Yes, time to bring some joy back into my life and share it with other! Thank You and God Bless :)

  78. Christine says:

    Loved reading this!!

  79. Marlene Capelle says:

    As we speak I am finishing up a couple of table toppers that I will be taking, along with some pillows and aprons, to a craft show this Saturday. After retiring at the first of the year I finally get to follow my passion full time.

  80. Such wonderful advice/encouragement… to venture out into creative fields… to try, even if we discover it’s not our passion,,, to not be limited by others in what we want to do, to not get discouraged or feel we have to be perfect on others eyes,,,
    and, as I like to say,,, “Show No Fear”… one might discover that creative little girl inside of themselves…
    and most importantly,,,, Have Fun!

  81. Elizabeth says:

    My passion is teaching and doing my very best to make what I teach (law and ethics to high school students) applicable to their daily lives. Some of the best work we do together is experiential- out in the field, making meals for the poor out of food waste (perfectly good food that would have been thrown away), or challenging our own assumptions about people different from ourselves. I guess I try to “make” thoughtful and kind adults :)

  82. Susan Haney says:

    Thanks! I needed this to get me going again!

  83. Lori Moore says:

    I LOVE your posts; uplifting and inspirational!! Thank you! I’m a wife, mother of four college graduates (still can’t believe that the years have gone by so quickly), have two horses, a woolly Angus, Bossy (who just calved, “Sparkle”), a German Shepherd and I’m a Quilter (piecing and longarming). Since my kids are grown and don’t need me how they once did; I’m trying to find my niche! I’d like to get my feet wet in a new (to me) quilting venture and take an acupuncture class in the fall!

  84. Gail says:

    I’m in the process of doing quilts for all my grandchildren. Such fun we are having!
    I pray they treasure this time as much as I am! Even grandson’s need to know how to thread a needle. ❤
    God’s blessings

  85. Jill Yelland-DeMooy says:

    Thank you for your inspirational thoughts. I too endeavour to do something each day. My passion is Fiber Arts of all types. I’m spending a lot of time spinning right now. I also love gardening and cooking.

  86. Janet Jones says:

    I have been a Maker and a Doer and a Fixer for so long. I have six children and nine grandchildren (so far), and I dearly love to make things for them. When my oldest was a baby, she needed new clothes and rather than buy them, I decided to use my rusty sewing skills learned from my mother, so I put Baby in a stroller and we walked the mile to a store where I could purchase a simple pattern and fabric. And that was the start! I made pretty much everything I could for the next 25 years, and now my sewing projects are more leisurely, except for the wedding gown I’ve promised to a daughter-in-law-to-be. (Making wedding dresses still scares me, and I’ve made three so far.) Sewing is a part of my heritage as well; I’m not sure how far back it goes in my ancestry, but the sewing school for children I hope to have when I retire will be named for my great-grandmother Matilda. I don’t have time now to sew every day, but try to at least one night a week and on weekends. I’m still learning about sewing too; I’m taking a class this Saturday on quilting with my own machine! I guess I could say sewing is more than a passion for me; it defines a part of who I am. I’ve also read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it had an effect on my self-awareness of the artist I am. Thank you for your lovely blog.

  87. Dee Johnson says:

    I am passionate about writing and journaling. I carve out an hour or two daily to keep writing.

  88. Greeta Mills says:

    I just picked up a small embroidery project for the first time in several years. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Now I have a project bag ready to go…even 10 minutes a day is well worth it!

  89. Jodel Guerrero says:

    Beautiful things you made love the quilts

  90. Susabelle says:

    This might be a little long, but I hope you’ll read it anyway. I have separated from my husband, to his complete surprise, and my relief. But when we talked a few months after the separation, I brought up to him that he has no passion. He has nothing he is passionate about, unless it is sitting in the house watching television. I asked him what his passion was, had I somehow missed it? He looked at me like I was speaking Swahili. But I was able to easily rattle off my passions: writing of all kinds (blogs and novels mostly), sewing (clothes, quilts, bags, home decor, you name it), and music. Yes, music. I buy digital music almost daily, and I always have music playing no matter where I am. I was easily able to name at least three things that get me excited, in a positive way. I feel so sad for him, so sad for anyone that doesn’t have anything that gets them excited and wants to make them do things or make things. I have those things in my life, and I am the healthier for them. I cannot imagine not being in my sewing room every few days (I work full time so daily is not going to happen), not writing blog posts or working on my latest novel, not hearing and getting excited by beautiful music that makes my heart soar. These are the things that save me when the world is dark and people around me are angry or out of sorts. I retreat to the sewing room, to my office to write, turning the music up loud. What a wonderful blog post!

  91. Love your maker products. Do you have any patterns??

  92. Bonalee says:

    Photography is my lifelong passion. Not a day goes by that doesn’t include my taking a picture. I do it entirely because it gives me joy.
    Great blog post, by the way…thank you!

  93. Bonnie ellis says:

    Dori…you are the perfect person to teach those little girls! You love what you are doing and your enthusiasm is catching. They will learn and love what they are doing. And once you learn that teaching is just sharing what you love, you will do much more. Keep inspiring us Farmgirl friend!

  94. Vivian Monroe says:

    Dori, you are so very creative, and being a finisher is a reward in itself. I love to create, and I need to spend more time in my sewing room. I am not a seamstress by any means, but I love to create things with my little machine. However I also like refinishing old furniture and giving it new life, and then I sell it twice a year at my friends Farm sale here in NC. So my sewing room has gotten so crammed up with other stuff, that I cant seem to create because of the clutter. But hopefully soon I can move some things out and straighten it up once again and get back to my favorite spot in front of the window sewing and looking out at my birdfeeders. :) You do inspire me. thanks Neta.

  95. Myrna says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to read your blog. I would love to know if the little girl on the bicycle is she a print with embroidery? Can she be purchased? So cute. I am part of a group that meets weekly with 5 or so friends the number changes. We all have projects we work on and share. Reading your story has helped to inspire me to get going again with a different project. I am blessed to have a stash of fabric I always think big but with your input I am now going to think tiny and it will have the same impact just smaller.

  96. Laurel Pries says:

    First, I absolutely love crafting, always have and always well. Therefore Mary Janes Farm Magazine is right up my alley. I am older and thru my lifetime I have crafted everything from tole painting, ceramics, painting, quilting, but my life long love is crochet. As I am retired, I do have more time now…and there is always a new stitch or pattern to learn…I love your quilting and am envious, but I must stick to my “hooking”.
    Best wishes in all your creative endeavors, Laurel

  97. Donna Pinkerton says:

    i am passionate about drawing and painting on old scraps of wood I love quirky stuff and repurposing one thing into something else

  98. Connie Graham says:

    You are definitely an inspiration (and so are your parents!) I am passionate about many things; Reading, Photography and crafting of any kind. I try to make time for at least something every day, but I’m surprised to say that it seemed like I had more time to find time for me when my children were all small and at home. Maybe it’s because I was doing those things with my kids; now it’s a much busier time in my life it seems.
    Thanks for the new boost of “I’m going to make time – today!”

  99. Judy Aldrihc says:

    I am passionate about quilting, nature photography, converting my favorite recipes to gluten free, cooking new meals and recipes, spending time with a few very special friends on a “get out of Dodge ” day where we just take off, meander and do anything that strikes our fancy with love and laughter brimming from start to finish! Gardening, attempting new crafts, teaching others, and my annual birthday challenge to myself. It has to be something I have always wanted to do or something that takes me out of my comfort zone. I live a life chuck full of possibilities!

  100. Karen Sanford says:

    I have recently retired and have rediscovered my passion for sewing, I had forgotten how much I love taking fabric and making a garment and have gotten into the upcycle craze remaking shirts into dress tops for leggings or taking a top way to small and adding fabric to make it fit! Love the different fabrics that mix and match. Quilting is the project I have dreamed of learning though, I have a quilt top my great grandmother made (flower garden hexes)and I want to hand quilt it myself.

  101. Connie Howard says:

    I’ve discovered the wonderful world of quilting which I enjoy frequently if not daily. My daughter and granddaughter also share this passion.

  102. Cheryl Ross says:

    My passion is all my fabric that I too have a hard time cutting into! Also all my vintage sewing machines, I love just looking at the old work horses that sew a perfect stitch and don’t bounce around. I sew some everyday and never tire of creating something on my machines!!

  103. Linda Cox says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. Your projects are beautiful. I admire you teaching girls how to quilt. Here in Louisiana they have some quilting clubs, and show their art @ library’s & craft shows. I use to quilt & crochet but I don’t do close up work anymore. I like to read a variety of large print books. I plan on teaching granddaughter on baking. I had some beautiful quilts from grandparents, but since I lived in Baton Rouge, La. my house got flooded & lost them 8/13/16. Linda

  104. Lorelai says:

    Dear Dori,

    What a sweet giveaway….thank you!

    I’m passionate about my families healthy eating so I cook fresh homemade meals for them everyday.
    I’m passionate about keeping family heirlooms on display where I can see them and remember all my loved ones specialness and values.
    I’m passionate about making art and beauty through jewelry making, water coloring, mosaics and gardening.

    Spring is coming ~ I hope it’s a crafty, fun and fulfilling time for you!

  105. Sally Christiansen says:

    I love to quilt and am making sure I find time to work on projects at least once a week. I find that if I don’t do something for myself I get a little cranky.

  106. Judi says:

    My passion is my farm. Unfortunately, I only go there during the summer months, but when the weather breaks I’m there a couple of days every week. I mow, work outdoors, take care of my old horse Mack, and feed the spirit.

  107. What beautiful sewing..it is inspiring me to get back into my hand sewing..thank you

  108. Kathleen Frederick says:

    I am passionate about quilting! If several days go by and I haven’t made time for some little portion of the quilting process I actually get antsy! Sometimes I neglect “have to” projects to get a little sewing in. Sometimes I get up early; sometimes I hurry and get my work done so I can sew a seam or two And sometimes, after supper, I just need 10 minutes alone time with my sewing machine to settle down for the evening:)

  109. Donna Shearrer says:

    I love to sew. Small and big quilts. Bags, too. I do find time every day. I love hand work. I also knit some.

  110. Deborah Hauser says:

    I am a Maker like you. I am a nurse by trade; however a maker by heart. I love to sew and craft. I have shared with my children, scouts, neighbor, relative and co- workers. As nurses we often experience compassionate fatigue. Making something as little as a fabric pumpkin or Christmas ornament can make a big difference in a nurses life allowing them to continue to be care givers. I am a maker I am passionate about being remembered.

  111. Marion says:

    You are an inspiration. Good luck with the camp,it should be a great success. Thanks for the giveaway.

  112. Joan says:

    Thank you for this generous giveaway. I love the things you have shown in this post. You are a talented lady.

  113. Marilyn says:

    You have given me the energy to start to learn to sew. I have been wanting to learn for some time. I look forward to reading about your camp when it starts. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your lovely gifts.

  114. Kelly Harms says:

    I’ve discovered fiber arts and I’m learning to spin, dye, and weave fibers (mostly wool). I am taking care of our farm and my aging parents (along with working part time) so I don’t always find time everyday to DO this creative endeavor, but I try to at least read about or watch a video some aspect of the fiber arts each day. This helps keep my imagination and creative juices flowing for the time I can get down to making things.

  115. Mary says:

    I am passionate about just crafting something that makes me feel good and others enjoy. It could be out of fabric, yarn, scrap wood, old bottles, food or whatever odds & ends I have around. I just like to create. Thank you for your wonderful creations and gifts.

  116. Dorothy says:

    I like to cook and try new recipes out on my grandchildren. I used to cross stitch and you have inspired me to get the box out and see what project I can work on. Even if it is 15 minutes a day it would help relax me. I also attempt to garden and this year have new flowers ordered to put in more flowers to draw butterflies and bees.

  117. Marsha Ransom says:

    Yes!! I’m a maker, too! Whether it’s quilting, embroidery or crochet there is something satisfying about making things! Gifts, household items or kitschy littles, isn’t it fun??

  118. A says:

    Wowee! What a brilliant piece! My mother-in-law forwarded to me because we just spoke about this very struggle. I’m a maker in many ways, especially quilts, but right now with 2 busy boys, 10 & 14, it seems all the making I’m doing is the homemaking. Although I love that too, I’ve been feeling restless and missing my other making avenues. Thank you for your wisdom and advice. Starting tomorrow, I’m changing up my game plan and taking back a little time each day to keep the fire burning. Thanks from the bottom of my creative-hungry heart!

  119. Laurie Lasala-Tuttle says:

    Hi Dori ~ I so enjoyed reading your musings, and I completely agree with them! I think that for me, the hardest part of creating, is having the confidence to make something and believe that it is good enough. My passion centers around my family most of the time, whether I’m cooking, baking, gardening, or playing with fabric. You are truly an inspiration Dori! Thank you.

  120. Emily says:

    Dori, I love this post! I have experienced the same fears and the same dreams. You have inspired me to think and look “outside the box”. In my little part of the world, I am sure there are others who feel the same as we all do.

    Take care.

  121. Cyndi Neumann says:

    Thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiration! I do Not get to my craft room daily as it is too cluttered with things I love but yhis is going to change. When we moved I never found space for all I adore and I just like seeing it but, I can;t take it with me so, I WILL make my new craft room accessiable to me to do what I love, mixed media!

    I can’t sew like you do but, I hope this too change! Not like quilts but just small makings. I am passionate about iit! I got side-tracking with nature around me when we moved to the forest, the moss, lichen, etc. I collected it to make even less room but tiny terrariums I love!

    I love your sharing and would love anything oyu have made for your followers.
    Blessings, Cyndi

  122. Lizvc says:

    I’m truly passionate about creating my own jewelry…the shapes, colors, textures and different media, but to my taste! I’m also a beginning quilter so we’ll see if it surpasses my original passion. 😉

  123. Heidi boehl says:

    I love to redesign, whether it’s my yard, my interior my exterior house, or the vintage trailers I so desperately adore. Ian always dreaming and plotting the space around me

  124. Tessa Peters says:

    So glad I saw this today! I want to be a maker. I love to sew and do crafts. I think about them often. Making the time seems to be my problem. I have more time in the evening but that is family time. I need to put it in my daytime schedule and do it! (The light is better then too!) Thank You!

  125. denise says:

    I love doing a lot of different things, making cards, quilting, cooking or working outside in the flowers and weeds! but I find myself always thinking of something to make or do. I love all your projects you show us and the dog quilt was so cute!

  126. My passion is gardening! Taking some tiny thing,a seed, sprout, or plant – nourishing and loving it and watching it grow and develop! In the winter I have my house plants, and I time their growth so that some are always in flower- a great cheer to warm our winter spirits! I can’t wait to get outside and get dirty in the garden though! Happy Spring!

  127. Carmen Anderson says:

    Being a Maker…the world offers us so many opportunities, so many choices. Moments of giddiness, of laughter, of deep pondering. Time to look within our souls to relish in the small things, to rejoice in what our hearts hold dear. I am a maker of many things, from cooking, gardening, family moments, animals, books, music.. yet my passion is…I love to quilt!! I try to make time each, some days in all honesty I fail, other days I can/could spend hours. I love to look around my quilting room between stitches, planning, cutting. Each corner holds a treasure of mine, from family, friends and years gone by, the sewing machines of my mother and grandmothers, all left this earth decades ago. I know the love that tumbled from each machine, the clothing, the quilts which I still use and display, wrapping around children young and old, covering tables, spread on the grass for a picnic, to snuggle under on a cold winter night, to catch the laughter and tears of life….Makers.. I come from a long line of them, each gifted in their own way, watching from above…..

  128. Sabrena Orr says:

    Dori, You define “Maker” to a T! From sewing, to gardening, to your family-based flower fun…you are an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your love of all things made from that heart!

  129. Heather L Marmon says:

    I find creative usefulness out of practically everything! Sparkly bobbles, broken jewelry, old clothes, old furniture. Everything can be turned into something else! I try to start with something someone is interested in and build that into a custom piece of art for them. I have a lot of unfinished projects. Everyday I am creating, or gathering materials, or putting ideas to paper for future projects!!

  130. Kris Thompson says:

    I just found your blog, and loved reading “I am a Maker.” You summed up my thoughts exactly. I am passionate about creating, and I try to do something every day……….quilting, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, whatever!

  131. M.Janey Burns says:

    I recently discovered that when you are asked to make something out of your comfort zone, you learn a lot more about yourself and what you can do with your creative side. It gives you a high and makes you feel like you can do anything. Makes you step outside of your comfort zone. I quilt, embroider, sew my own clothes, knit, and crochet. I have always had too many projects going at once, but would not want to have it any other way.

  132. Dona says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your ramblings. I find it inspirational. I used to be a maker but children then single motherhood caught up with me and I had NO time for making anything other than dinner. I have resolved to taking back Saturday. At least I can have one day to create something that brings me joy. You helped and I humbly thank you.

  133. Debbie Allen says:

    Baking is my favorite…I love to give away the treats. You have inspired me by all the things you share, I have bought awesome fabric and am getting my courage up to sew!
    Thank you so much for taking time to share what you do and where you live and your sweet grand girls! Have a great day!

  134. Judy from Maine says:

    Quilting is my passion…and my livelihood, everything you wrote about in this blog is so true and so well written. If I might, I’d just like to send on a bit that quilting has taught me. Quilting is truly like any thing in life, you need to take one step at a time. You’ve taken a few steps already…you picked a pattern, you picked beautiful fabrics you even see the quilts finished in your mind; and there in lies a tiny problem, you jumped all the fun steps of actually making the quilt. Go back to the beginning, take the next step and then the next in order, enjoy each step for what it is. Don’t worry or think about how long it might take. Soon enough your beautiful quilt will be finished, covering a bed, waiting to welcome someone to a good nights sleep under your handcrafted blanket of love.

  135. Judy allen says:

    I feel so inspired when I read your blog! I love to garden in the cool Texas mornings and quilt in the hot afternoons. My sewing room is definitely my sanctuary. I am a Maker.

  136. Barbara Roy says:

    Hi, your words resonate with my search for opportunities to allow passions to break forth. I currently work 50 plus hours a week as a nurse and find it daunting. I also have a degree in communications and have so many creative “bubbles” or ideas or impulses that are simmering under my surface, but there doesn’t seem to be time to allow them to break through. I am job searching and praying for something that will allow me a bit more space to breathe. I wish you the best with your endeavors!

  137. Cathy R says:

    You are a Maker Dori and a wonderful one! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  138. Rebecca M. says:

    I’m easily distracted so I usually have more than one project going at once, but I have a camera with me at all times. You can find the most beautiful things in everyday places. I also love crochet because it calms me and I’ve found that I feel confident enough to try new things with it, knowing that I can always start over if I don’t like the first result.

  139. Gigi says:

    Oh my, where to start? I’ve tried it all! I am all over the place, as I’ve done craft shows with cross stitched pillows, painted doo-dads, floral wreaths and arrangements. Staying up after my little ones went to bed to unleash my crafting demon.
    Oh how I wish I had that kind of energy and fearless enthusiasm 30 odd years later.
    I’ve continued to paint, improved my sewing just a tiny bit to attempt wedding gown doll clothes,pj bottoms, and a reversible Frozen Princess cape, all for the love of my Grandgirls. edited….I totally had forgotten I made a beast (with extra long arms just right for hugging) for my grandboy when his woobie became too threadbare and he needed sleepytime comfort.
    Estate sales were my passion, unearthing overlooked treasures to recover, repaint, redo or replant in the garden. I recovered two different sofas. We gifted all of our grandbabies with their cribs, first dressers, rocking chairs and later bookshelves through our estate love-overs. My 6 children’s first apartments, dorm rooms and houses were filled with tables, chairs, beds, tv bases and shelves that we coaxed back to life. My husband eagerly joined me on that creative journey. But our kids are all grown and we’re past that phase now.
    I’m an avid gardener, though a reluctant canner (I ALWAYS fear I will do something incorrect and give my family botulism or waste an entire days effort (and crop) on runny strawberry sauce instead of the glistening jelly I envision as Christmas gifts.)
    It’s already that time of year; the seeds have been bought, most have been started. The sweet potatoe slips are just sprouting in the jars in the kitchen window. Raking and hoeing and sowing will commence shortly. The garden in spring is a beastly endeavor, however the better you prepare, the greater the reward as the summer roars in then gently rolls out to autumn and the fall garden. There will be many hot steamy canning sessions (though I did buy a countertop electric canner after the debauchery I made canning the green beans last year and all 18 jars went bad) to agonize and look forward to. But that’s still months away.
    Time passes, needs change, but the constant that remains is the thirst (or maybe it’s hunger)for creativity. The need to do something pretty. Something useful. Something special. Something good. I have a craft room now. Full to the brim with whatsits and doodads galore. Beautiful fabric I stroke, yet am afraid to alter, just yet. Mason jars full of buttons and dowels full of ribbon rolls, Old french dictionaries and yellowed atlases aching to be folded and turned and admired. My sewing machine is always out, threaded, waiting to go, like Ozzie my terrier, for a walk around the block.
    I peruse books from the library for inspiration. I flit through Pinterest wondering if I am addicted? I think, I could surely make that, and that, and that, and then the afternoon is gone. i moved my computer to my craft room as it’s the prettiest place in my home. To me, it’s serene yet chaotic, energizing and uplifting just to take it all in. I soak it up, drink it in, wonder what I will start next, and I am full. For now.

  140. Cathy Garrett says:

    Hi Dori,
    I love the bright cheerful fabrics. So pretty and makes me want to make something with them. I love quilting and everything creative and handmade. The mini quilts and little embellishments amaze me. They are so sweet. Some of the things I love are quilting, cross stitch, art and miniatures(dollhouses). Thank you for the wonderful article and I think the quilt camp for the girls is a great idea! Keep us posted on that. Thank you for the giveaway.

  141. Carol Johnson says:

    Dori, thank you for the words of wisdom. I am a maker as well. (Maker/poet what beautiful words.) I enjoy quilting, crocheting, and embroidering. You uncovered the reasons I have been less than passionate about pursuing these loves daily: fear and comparison. Setting those aside, I’m heading upstairs to finish a quilt top that will now be the quilt back. I have a more original idea for the top, and the current piece is not what I intended it to be.



  142. Sandee says:

    This blog post resonated with me thank you for putting these thoughts down, loved it

  143. Kim Rice says:

    Well I wasn’t going to enter…… but who can resist you AND a Minki inspired giveaway??? Not this chickadee!!! No sir!! I have such admiration for you and your heart as a blogger and a friend! No one says it better!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  144. Raimie Harrison says:

    Many of the passions I have are tied up in homeschooling our kiddos: reading, writing, learning, adventures, trying new creative projects and building new skills, paper planning & lists, photography, and nature. I really need to figure out how to incorporate more scrapbooking because I don’t feel like myself when I don’t do that regularly. Your writing is excellent and lots of love to you and all the pretties you are making! Love, Raimie Lu xoxoox

  145. Shannon says:

    What a great blog Dori. My passion is creating ANYTHING with fabric.

  146. You are one of my favorite makers Dori! I always love your projects and some of them have inspired my own projects :) cutting into fabrics for the first time to begin a project has always been one of the hardest things for me. It has held me up many times. I’m going to hold you accountable on those quilts, mostly because I can’t wait to see them 😉 LOVE that fabric!

  147. Monique says:

    I love photography and enjoy taking a few pictures every day. I’m not a professional by any means, but love capturing our family life through pictures. In turn, I use those pictures to make family gifts …calendars, notebooks, etc…through the year! LOVE your Instagram feed and all your cheery projects!

  148. Kathi says:

    I love to do cross stitch & embroidery.

  149. Maxine Jelinek says:

    I love your post! That book was my top favorite read of 2016. I love creating– many different areas of it. My days almost always have some type of creating – canning, decorating, painting, sewing, quilting…..

  150. Dawn says:

    I’m passionate about the ideas and creativity of others, looking on Instagram and pinning on pinterest. And then I fall apart…… I have more unfinished projects than anyone I know! I love your idea of taking just 15 min each day to work on something.

  151. ShannaMade says:

    I am passionate about creating things to decorate my home. Thanks for this post so encouraging I need to be better at finding time for this passion. I relate with you on the quilt project I too like instant gratification projects and kinda dread starting and doing a project I know will take awhile. I hate having to wait an hour or two for paint to dry!

  152. Brenda Marconett says:

    Yes, I love to sew and if my days are busy and there is no time to sit @ my sewing machines and create, my world
    seems rather boring. So much fabric, so many patterns, so little time, but I try to carve a little sewing into my busy weeks. My grandmother and mother has passed the love of sewing onto me
    along with quilting and needlework.
    I love garment sewing, mainly dresses and try to make a quilt annually.

  153. Kendra says:

    Thank you for writing this. I truly enjoyed it. As a homeschooling mom to a trio of girls, I’m passionate about teaching. I pray I teach them something everyday. I also enjoy cooking and knitting.

  154. Kathy Kauth says:

    I am passionate about my quilting and embellishing with machine embroidery, I like how it gives that little extra detail in the story the quilt is telling, thank you for the opportunity
    to enter in your contest.

  155. Love, love, love to cross stitch, have been very very ill and I’m just getting back into it.

  156. Sheila says:

    I Love my Mary Janes Farm magazine! I love following your Blog, you make me feel it’s ok to stretch my artistic abilities and if it’s not ok, oh well! How refreshing to read your Blog or my magazine and get away from all the turmoil in the world. I’m like everyone else.. so tired of it. Thankfully you take us away from all that! God’s Blessing to you all

  157. Sarah says:

    I’ve just found your blog today and am enjoying it so much! I love making most anything with my God-blessed hands. Knitting and crocheting, hand embroidery, and cooking for my family are all passions of mine. Cooking happens daily… the others are as I find time (2 little boys to keep up with). Thanks for the inspiration to just get to Making!
    Blessings from NM!

  158. winnie Jackson says:

    I would be so honored to get a free creative surprise. Being a caregiver for my spouse
    I too appreciate anything home made. When I can I like to knit/crochet/quilt or bake treats for those friends/families who need them and need to know they are loved and thought of that day. I thank you for all you do for us readers of this wonderful magazine which I can’t afford but get it at my local public library. Blessings to all of you and enjoy your summer and be safe. Winnie

  159. Deborah Hauser says:

    I am passionate about many things. I
    Am definitely a maker, a collector and a lover of many things. I am a nurse, my calling I have been at it 33 years. It does not leave me time to make things daily, however I do try and make things a couple times a week. My latest is a swim suit cover up for my great niece. She is 13 and we recently took her on an adventure pout of her element.. camping she had a blast. I also am re-inventing some beloved trolls that were popular in the60-70’s. I love your blogs! Keep on making!

  160. Arlene Gallegos says:

    Everyday I find time to go outside and walk around our vegetable garden. It inspires me to can and dehydrate for the colder weather. I love to do and keeping doing. I started making aprons, potholders and totes. I try to make each one unique for the person I am giving it too. It is fun to be creatively busy.

  161. Bobbi says:

    I love your blogs and read every word of all you send.. Thank You Dori!!!!
    I love needle work and am working on runners for my dining table. Crochet is my love but have arthritis in my hand and really punish myself at times because I’m determined not to let it stop me from my needle work. I have quilting squares cut for a king size quilt, but hesitate sewing it because of my hands. I also make dolls and bears of all kind.. I just turned 81 years young the 30th of July, but still love cooking, my horses, dogs and my needle work and sewing.. Would love for you to send us a recipe for water-melon preserves.. I also wish you’d send the recipe for making milk paint as I lost mine that you published a long while ago.. Keep up the good work Dori and also sound as though you might need a break.. We’ve enjoyed a very hot humid summer here. I live in South Florida and we’re praying that we will be hurricane free this summer and early fall…….. Take care my friend.

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