When Life Gives You Lemons

Hey there Farmgirls!  First off–Happy Solstice!  I hope you are navigating this powerful time of the year with as much grace and focus as you can muster. This one has been a doozy with the full moon and solstice happening at the same time.  I’ve been hearing of troubles and woes from almost every corner of life.  As for me, I’m just kind of frantic and unfocused (So many unfinished projects and tasks!), but I already feel my body anticipating and getting ready for the slow relaxation that comes as summer progresses.

This girl has been enjoying the long days of solstice time!

This girl has been enjoying the long days of solstice time!

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  1. bonnie ellis says:

    Your children are adorable! Keep up the good work Alex. and yes, it is the garden of weedin”. Hi from Minnesota, where it is much hotter ( 90s).

  2. Karen Pennebaker says:

    Chickweed is my nemesis and I’m in West Virginia! However, my chickens watch as I pull it knowing the buckets of weeds will be their salad.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Love the pictures. I am also a hot weather wimp, 60 degrees is warm enough for me.Your daughters are adorable. Have a safe and healthy summer and try to stay cool!

  4. Dori Troutman says:

    Oh Alex, those sweet little farm girls of yours! 🙂 Precious little girls. And wow…. how can Opal be big enough to be sitting there in the garden already? Happy Summer with your long days! xoxo

    – Dori –

  5. Krista says:

    I would definitely struggle with long days of sunlight. Hopefully your tricks are helping you with extended day light and the warm weather. Your tea mixtures are giving me inspiration to mix my own for the heat of the summer. We have been in the high 90s for awhile now. Stay cool and enjoy your summer with your cute family.

    • Alexandra Wilson says:

      Just seeing this reply now, sorry! Hope you are staying cool as it seems like everyone is feeling the heat!

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