A Farmgirl Party {And A Give-Away}



There are a few things that I really, really love to do.

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A Farmgirl Quilting Challenge



These are quilts I’ve made through the years, as well as a couple vintage ones passed down to me from family and friends.  I keep them scattered throughout my house.


As so often happens between us Farmgirl Bloggers, our minds are on the same things!  I was writing the post for this week (in my head, as that is how my writing starts) and then I read the Suburban Farmgirls’ post on her friend and her quilts.  And I had to just start laughing as my post for this week is also on quilting.  Instead of changing course mid-stream, which I almost did, I decided there must be a reason we are on the same track.  So the writing continued… and hopefully you other Farmgirls will take inspiration from both Nicole’s and my posts and jump into this quilting frame of mind with us!

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