These Boots are Made For…

Boots! Who doesn’t love ’em? Let’s hear about your favorite pair! What were they made for?

What, you want to see my favorite pair? Okay, be ready to be wowed.

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  1. Carol says:

    I just found out that I need new riding boots and I do love my Ariats’ ! Mine look like yours and I have found that they are so comfy. Farm girls love boots. I was sitting here thinking and I have like 10 pair. I do love your red plaid ones though.

  2. Deanna Taylor says: a life-long country girl I say we must have our boots, but I must object to you calling my fav. pair of Ariats ugly! 🙂 I love, love,love mine but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. They are light and warm and just make my feet feel beautiful. Thanks for a light-hearted trip down the country road. Nancy Sinatra was singing in my head all the way! Deanna

  3. Krista says:

    I love how many boots you have and how they are all meant for something different! Your dancing boots are my favorite. I obviously have snow boots because of where we live but I only own one pair of nice cowboy boots. They are more of a fancy wannabe cowboy boot! They are sparkling silver with lace and chains. I love to wear them with my leggings and short skirts. They are so fun to wear and make me feel like I am playing dress up.

  4. Donna Kozak, Langley BC Canada says:

    My favorite boots are my Doc Martens – they are white leather with flowers painted all over them – they are very comfortable for old arthritic feet..and I wear them everywhere and just love them – my friends not so sure !!!

  5. Diane Van Horn says:

    I don’t understand women who have multiple pairs of shoes but I do understand multiple pairs of boots! I have quite a collection myself. My current favorite pair a tobacco colored leather pair of Frye square toe harness boots. They go with everything! I do adore boots with skirts, dresses or shorts. I wear boots with everything. In fact, there have been numerous times when my friends asked me if I was going to wear boots to their weddings. Of course I did. I am so glad that those buffalo plaid plastic boots I sent you are such a conversation starter. I know if I saw you wearing those that I would probably stop and take notice. Wear them in health and happiness.

  6. Cindy says:

    Ha! Have to laugh! You know who I am on my Idaho farm and I were the same type of boots to clean my stalls and coop!! Got my two pair at Costco! Very comfy and practical when shoveling poop! Ha! I need to try those Ariats ! Got square toed cowboy boots to ride my horse but not so comfy! Lookin for comfort now! Great post! Toooo funny about your friend telling you ,you look ridiculous! I bet you looked DAMM CUTE !!! Oh well! Anyway! Going to hug and kiss my horses now!! Yeeeeehaaaaw !!!

  7. Deb Bosworth says:

    Love your boot collection, Rebekah! Each one fits the bill for what they’ll do.
    Now you have me thinking about my boot collection. Let’s see. Well, I have my favorite red cowboy boots that I got this winter. They are red, an off brand and I only paid 19.99 for them. I wear them constantly when I go out, with leggings and jeans. Even some of the New Englander’s love them! 😉 My next faves are my snow boots. They are clunky but fleece lined and I wear the to get the mail, shovel snow, and out to the coop and to take the dogs out, and to the grocery store if I’m feeling like just bummin’. I also have some cute little half-boots in black with a buckle and a low heal that I also love to wear with long sweaters and legging’s or jeans. And finally my polka dotted garden boots that I got at tractor supply. I don’t really own many pairs of shoes. I have boots, flip flops and sandals, but I guess that makes sense for a Beach Farmgirl! Fun post!!! I love all of your boots. You are one prepared farm owner now!

  8. Deb Bosworth says:

    OH! I forgot all about my other two pairs of boots… I have brown leather cowboy boots with rhinestones on the toe and heals!!! And a sassy little suede half boot in aged tan leather with a big buckle on the side…Okay, I think that’s all of them!

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