Winter In Black and White… And A Colorful Give-Away!

I don’t know what it is about winter that makes me think in black and white.  Do you?  I have to just be honest and say that I’m a summer-time girl.  I like green grass, green trees, bright colored flowers, red tomatoes and yellow squash in my garden.  I even like the hot, humid sweat rolling off my face!


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It’s More Than A Name!

Last week there was a very fun and lively discussion on Farmgirl Chit-Chat about what we Farmgirls name our cows. Every name that was thrown out there made me think of a beautiful, clean and shiny milk cow. Which we do not have. We have a small herd of beef cattle that are probably not particularly beautiful to most people. But to us they are gorgeous! Each one is an individual and each one makes us happy for different reasons. Their names reflect that.


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