The View From My Saddle

Some days you get be a cowgirl. Other days you get to be the cook. I love to do as many things outside as I can, but I don’t mind being under a roof either. There is a place for everything in a balanced life. Balance is an art and it is also a very do-able thing even though Life sometimes challenges our ability to make it so. Oft times the ‘view from my saddle’ is a treat – rather than being what I do most of the time. Cowgirling isn’t an every day affair.

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A Bounty Of Blessings

Every morning is a gift, a fresh start … the new day is full of discoveries and positive happenings … even amidst challenges. At least, it can be thus if we don’t forget to balance our focus.

Remember this: TODAY you are here on earth for a reason. You have talents and qualities that can bring goodness to the lives of those around you. That idea alone is a high calling! A kind smile, an encouraging word, a fun and loving gesture, offering the gift of listening – – simple things can change someone’s day. For that matter, building others up changes US for the better.

Sweetening a day for someone else is a sure way to do the very same thing for ourselves.
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