Welcome To My World

Spring has sprung and so have I … into action, that is. We’re not dormant in the winter, but ranch activity moves into high gear beginning with calving time. Then, there are all the other activities (and fun things) we’ve been waiting to get back into when the weather permits you to once again spend as many daylight hours OUTSIDE. Finally, that time is here …

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Glampfire Girls

Just yesterday, Anita (farmgirl pal – below), suggested we better get to making some Summer 2013 glamping plans. I agreed … we need to visit with the other “glampfire girls” about dates & places. We’ve got our sights set on location #1 for a June road trip. Hmmmmm, where else???
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Farmgirls To The Rescue

As the old saying goes, “If it isn’t one thing, its another.” The cliche isn’t associated with positive “things” either. Trials and tribulation is as much a part of the human experience as breathing. And so it has been for us this calving season. Winter-like weather has cost us about 25 calves thus far. But, in the midst of wearying problems, you sometimes lift your eyes and help arrives via the hearts & hands of caring friends.

So it was one day last week …

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