Seasonal Segue

We see Autumn as a different kind of beginning, a prelude, an introduction to what comes next. We also see it as an ending. We gather and harvest the last of what summer produced. Autumn stirs us like the leaves that swirl in it’s latter phase. This place in time that find ourselves in … the softening of light, the cooling of night … produces in many of us a quickening. I feel rejuvenated. Faded and ragged tomato plants long for their final sleep. I, on the other hand, wake up!

As I bid farewell to the season that us northerners wait soooo long for, I greet the next one with childlike delight. Hello Autumn, my favorite season! Warning … this posting is photo-rich — it is a long way to the bottom of the page.

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Glamping WITH MaryJane

As with so many said things, it is how you say ‘it’. ((*Notice emphasis on the word ‘with’)) When we speak, we add audible emphasis where it is needed … and, probably, fitting facial expressions and hand movement. There is a new book out now, Glamping With MaryJane. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? When you see the title, you think-say in your head, rather plainly, Glamping with MaryJane. Right? No inner emphasis or bolding or caps lock. Ok, so to make my point, perceptions are based on how a thing is said. This blog post wears the same title as MaryJane’s new book, but, one little word made a huge difference for some glamping inclined farmgirls a couple of weeks ago. ‘With’ is the magic word. How so, you might ask? Here’z the big difference:

Glamping With MaryJane. No really, I mean WITH.

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