The Surprise

This place I’ve found–our farm–is a dream come true.

It looks exactly the way it would if I had picked it right out the Sears Roebuck Christmas Wish Book. (My source for picking out Christmas presents when I was a youngun.)

I heart the old farmhouse that needs so much work.

And I heart what’s around the farmhouse.

You know. The outbuildings. The farm. The land. The dirt.

Today I’m going to take you on a tour of the outbuildings.

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Up the Orange Stairs

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

You are such supportive and helpful friends, you’re coming in the back door today! You know that quote “Back door friends are best!” Your comments and emails and feedback are SO thoughtful and helpful to me. THANK YOU! You help me “see.” It’s nice to have some friends who share in our excitement, rather than thinking we’ve lost our minds.

Okay. Here we are right inside the back door. Remember those orange steps? Let me remind you where we are. Looking past the steps (and Blue) you see the brick fireplace that is in the kitchen.

Now, come on up! And when we’re finished, let’s sit out on the porch and visit. Tell me if you like the upstairs or the downstairs better.

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