Beach Fever


Dear sisters,

Have you had enough of winter or are you still in hibernation mode? I love winter. I really do.  I’ve learned to sink into it and relish the quiet and the cold. But come this time of year my biological beach clock starts ticking letting me know that spring is just a few short weeks away and not only will it be time to set my flower farm plans in motion, but our annual ritual of returning to the beach will begin again too. BEACH FEVER is setting in and it’s contagious!

12688369_1083480648341759_8631673183037272244_nThe last couple of weekends have been nice enough to venture out and walk a couple of our favorite beaches. What a refreshing change from being cooped up inside breathing in the aromas of home cooked meals, vanilla scented candles and wet dog smell.


Do you see the seal in this photo?

This time of year harbor seals are hanging out around the rocks along the shorelines. It’s always a thrill to catch a glimpse them basking in the sun waiting for the tide to come in.

30_06_2014_1320 seahorse

Once we know the road is clear we take a ride to the cottage to check on things. Old Man Winter has been pretty easy on us New Englander’s this year. We’ve had snow and below freezing temps, but nothing close to the 100 year record we broke last year in Boston, MA.

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There’s nothing like the feeling of opening the latch on the cottage door and stepping inside for the first time after many months away. We are only an hours drive away, but it might as well be another country during the winter.

2108-001 resize edit

Seeing the cheery summery colors feels like blast of warm sunshine, even if in reality it may only be 30 something degrees inside. Memories of past summers flood in and before you know it, we’re making a short list of things to do to get ready for the season.


Some years we plant a veggie garden. Cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, onions and peppers seem to do well with out much care in between weekend visits. Basil and mint are always great to have on hand for tossing into refreshing cool salads and iced green tea with mint is delicious and a great way to keep hydrated.

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The old Lobster Pot is ready and waiting for the first lobster boil. M mm, I can smell the melted butter already!

072-001 RESIZE

The cozy sun porch is a magnet for morning coffee, afternoon naps and lengthy reading jags.

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RE-connecting with my beach sisters is one of my greatest joys of getting back to the beach. Season after season we cover miles and (milestones) in the sand together catching up on our families, work, and health, and celebrating all things summer together while soaking in the view. It’s amazing how easy it is to solve all the worlds problems from a beach chair!

2040 resize edit

Of course, Max is always prepared for a swim or a boat ride with his handy life vest.


But, the BEST part about returning to the beach are weekends away with my handsome Yankee! Woot! The kids are all grown up now and it’s our turn to be ” kids” again!

2096-001 resize edit

No crabs allowed!


Yep. It’s high time the sun set on this winter. I’m ready, are you?

Until our next shoreline visit~

May you always have a SHELL in your pocket and SAND in your shoes.

Beach Blessings and Much Love,

Deb, The Beach Farmgirl, # 1199

PS. Just a little FYI before I go. There’s been a change in the wind at MaryJanesFarm for the Farmgirl Bloggers. Instead of 2 postings per month, I’ll be posting once a month so be sure to subscribe for your farmgirl blogger alerts here. I’ll see you in a month just in time for spring! xo

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  1. Debbie says:

    Oh the beach the beach! What beautiful pictures and cottage! The lobster pot is calling out an invitation to me for dinner…. I can hear it so clearly!
    Spring fever has me also! I am planting many of my green babies this weekend. I cannot wait! Happy “almost spring”!

  2. Dori Troutman says:

    Oh Deb…. this just makes me want to visit your little cottage on the shore more than ever!!!! That little place is so darling. 🙂 Glad you’ve had a more mile winter – I know last year was a doozy!


    – Dori –

  3. Krista says:

    Oh how I am missing the beach right now! I am super ecstatic to have warm weather rolling in soon. I wish I was sitting on your cozy sun porch right now with the warmth of the sun and a glass of lemonade. Your cottage is adorable. I bet it’s a fun place to stay in the spring and summer. Enjoy your delicious lobster dinners and beautiful sunsets this coming season. I’m just a tad bit jealous!

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      I promise to keep the beach life coming your way. How’s that sound, Krista? Wishing you some time near the shore this year!

  4. Ann says:

    I grew up near the ocean myself and even though I live in northernmost NH nowadays, I swear I have salt water in my veins. This time of year I start craving time at our ocean place in York Beach, Maine, which has been in our family since it was first built in 1905. Currently I co-own it with 10 family members. I’m always the first one lucky enough to spend time there and have already booked my first trip for April!. Can’t wait! I can already smell the salt air on the wind (in my imagination, of course.)

  5. Victoria Hall says:

    That Max just melts my heat!!!

  6. Victoria Hall says:

    Ooopps!!! I mean’t HEART!!!! My HEART!!!! (cringe).

  7. Cindy McCormick says:

    Hi! My name is Cindy & I live in California’s Central Valley, lots of farming. I get beach fever pretty consistently & my hubby and I are spending this weekend in Avila Ca. It’s our favorite place. Whenever my heart or soul needs a boost we come here. Thank goodness for the beach and ocean!

  8. Cindy says:

    Wow! Enjoy your life to the fullest every day love the ocean! I miss it hear on my farm in Idaho but!! Farm life is the best!!

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Hi Cindy,
      I can only dream of actual farm-life, but I come close in my backyard flower farm!;) Thanks for the note! Deb

  9. Tina Mandeville says:

    Hi, Debbie!

    Love your blog and especially this post as my heart beats best by the sea! I am a fellow New Englander who lives 2 hours inland from the ocean but Cape Cod is our second home. If it were the last place on earth, that would be fine by me! My Dad was a Contractor and growing up, I spent summers on Cape with my family as he built many places down there. In fact, my first steps were taken at Cape Cod….maybe that explains it! Five plus decades later, it is a place that remains close to my heart and that of my own family (my Husband and our 4 kids!). We continue to spend lots of time there….in fact, we were there just last weekend! I can tell by your blog that when people speak the same language, words aren’t necessary! Kindred spirit and hearts! And here is another wonderful tidbit….in his college years, my Husband worked the wilderness trails of Idaho during the summers. Many years back, I was in a bookstore and came across MaryJane’s magazine when it first began publication. I bought it and brought it home and showed my Husband. “Look at this magazine! This woman did the same work you did in Idaho…do you know her?!” Guess what! He did! He was so excited! He since has been in touch with MaryJane and they have been able to revisit memories of their work/experiences they had in Idaho and most especially, the people they worked for and with! Some of whom remain endeared to them both! We both love getting her magazine now. As for me, I don’t milk cows or anything but she indeed brings out and celebrates the farmgirl in all of us! We live in a beautiful rural area of MA where I can practice the preach in many ways nonetheless and I love it! Thanks for doing your part as well….it’s all about the joy!

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Hi Tina!
      What a nice note. Thank you! I love all the little connections too. MaryJane has a knack for bringing like-minded folks together!My husbands parents were teachers and like you, he spent his entire childhood summers at the beach. Not many families can afford to just check out like that any more for weeks on end. It’s truly one of the best gifts they gave their children and one he’s never been ungrateful for. We appreciate it every day. It’s all about the joy!

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