Sweet Summer Surrender at the BEACH

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Dear Sisters,

I hope this mid-summer note finds you feeling relaxed and renewed. I pray you’ve had some time to unwind, and just ” be “. Time to “be” without pressing deadlines and to do lists. We just returned from our annual week on the shorelines and oh what a week it was. It was just the dose of Vitamin Sea that we needed to surrender to sweet summer. What’s that you say? ” Take ME to the ocean! ” D.O.N.E.

If ever there was a place to let the world fall away the beach is right up there!

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Random seagull feather on a bed of kelp.

Nothing feeds the soul, soothes the body like the feel of a gentle ocean breeze against your bare skin. Soft sand underfoot, and the rhythmic sound of waves rolling into shore washes away your worries and carries them out to sea leaving your heart and mind open. As wide open as the ocean itself. There’s a feeling of total freedom, a connection to something wild, wonderful and mysterious.

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Life by the sea is slow, each action deliberate. With little from the outside world to distract us ( remember we are off-grid, UN-plugged ) we go with the flow of the incoming and outgoing tide. This year was very different than years past at our cottage. What’s changed? Two BIG things. Both of our kids are working nearly full time this summer and didn’t have time off to join us for the entire week. However, our daughter was able to join us mid-week for a couple of days. That meant my handsome Yankee and I had a lot of alone time for the first time in, oh, I dunno, 20 years or so? I’m not gonna lie. It was a little bittersweet not having them with us but we fell into our old routine ( BK ) pretty quickly! We played cribbage ( I lost as usual). We played Bocce Ball, ( I lost as usual). My hubby is just a big kid when it comes to the beach. He goes from one activity to another all day until he flops on the bed after sunset and falls into sweet slumber. Me? I’d relax all day if he wasn’t nudging me to get up and get going! We went boating, ate Farm Fresh Oysters with friends, we read, took long walks and long naps. Do I hear an amen for long naps?

2015-08-09 19.22.55 resize idit - Copy (2)We went to bed early and woke up to beautiful sunrises every day. We slept with the windows open and listened to the waves while the ocean breeze blew in over our heads. One night was a bit on the chilly side which didn’t bother me in the least since I run hot these days (if you get my drift) but my poor husband froze half the night and wasn’t it sweet of him not to close the window?

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We watched the sun set and the moon rise. It was quiet, but peaceful. Suddenly our little cottage that was once packed to the gills with kids, and kids stuff, looked and felt roomier. While the beach did its magic on us we began to feel like the ” us ” we were before children came into our lives. The younger, care-FREE ” us “, only with more gray hair and laugh lines.

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As the week progressed we began to shed the shells we wear in ” the real world” and by the end of the week we were feeling refreshed, renewed and all traces of crabbiness were long gone.

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The sun may be setting on one chapter of our lives, but it’s rising on another. And, our nest may be shrinking but it will be fun to see what’s on the horizon for us in the future! One thing is for certain. We can always count on the beach to teach us new lessons, but only if we are willing to surrender. Are you?

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Max, in full surrender mode…

Until our next shoreline visit~ Surrender to Summer no matter where you are!


Deb # 1199

Beach Farmgirl

PS. I have a confession to make before you go. Would you believe it if I told you that I didn’t even pick up the camera once on vacation? Well, it’s true! All of the photos in this post are my hubby’s captures. ( David Bosworth Photography ) I hope you enjoyed them as much as he does taking them.



  1. Kristy says:

    Let’s encourage him. They were great pictures. Back in my simple high school days I tried to get shots like that. I tried on Cape Cod, Long Island, Newport RI, and Connecticut. Enjoyed myself immensely, but of course I didn’t have particularly good cameras or understand different film types etc.

  2. Deb,

    You knew when you wrote this post that you were writing it just for me didn’t you??? Because I really felt it deep in my heart. I just want to be there at that amazing beach.

    I love our beach trips on the Florida and Alabama Gulf but it doesn’t have that rugged look that your beach has. And that just looks so awesome to me.

    We booked an Anniversary trip to stay a few nights at a resort in Point Clear, AL and I’m so excited. The ocean is just always the ticket for us.

    And yes, I know that feeling of not having the kids around. We are now at the stage where we miss our grand-kids when they aren’t with us! Ha! 🙂

    Big hugs to you dear friend and thank you so much of this very amazing of blog posts!

    – Dori –

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Dear Dori,
      One day, you will have to visit us at our beach. We would love it! Glad it touched your heart.
      Big hugs!

  3. Cindy says:

    Beautiful! Love the peace of the ocean! Very powerful yet so serene! I’m on my farm in Idaho and I miss the ocean! Next year I’m hoping we will visit ! Take care!

  4. Joan says:

    AHHHH the joys of the beach!!! I am more relaxed now after ready and viewing your post. Yes great pic’s Dave. God bless

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for posting this! It comes at a very bittersweet time in our lives, too – my oldest son is going off to college this coming-up Tuesday morning.

    Plus, a bit of serendipity to sweeten it – this week’s video on marieforleo.com is about taking serious unplugged vacation time to rejuvenate yourself!

  6. Laura R. says:

    Max, in full surrender mode, priceless !!! He sets a good example, lol.

  7. Pam deMarrais says:

    Deb, your writing is exquisite! What a wonderful trip to the ocean and the peace and tranquility that it brings.
    Enjoy this season of your life. It is bittersweet, but opens up new horizons!
    Have a great rest of the summer!

  8. Denise Ross says:

    Hi Deb
    Loved this post. It really struck a cord with me. My two oldest kids are 19 and 17. One is planning on leaving home at the end of next year when he finishes his degree and the other is finishing school this year and is real king about leaving home next year. I’m excited for them but sad for me too. I’m glad I do have my younger son, 9, to have around for a little linger. I’m so aware though of how time goes by so quickly nd really treasuring the times we are all together. I do love alone time with my hubby too though.
    Have a fabulous week. By the way I love your hubby’s photos they are fabulous.

  9. Bonnie ellis says:

    Deb,I don’t know what it’s like to be at the ocean, but in Minnesota we have 15’000 lakes and many rivers that give the same effect. Your pictures are just wonderful. I chuckled at your dog. Our Alaskan Malamute used to lay with his back to the door in the dead of winter with the same pose. Pure delight.

  10. Deb this looks like paradise. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and the water is honestly about the only thing I miss. I love the south it’s been good to me but lakes are just not the same as that amazing ocean. Thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed those photos.
    Glad you had a chance to relax, this was a great way to close the summer season. 🙂

  11. Catherine Carpio says:

    Deb, you are a girl after my own heart. I’m a suburban mountain top farm girl at heart but my first love is the ocean. I am currently mourning the summer and the wonderful times at the beach. My home is quiet now. As my daughter studied abroad in Osaka, Japan for a year things were hectic because of her time being 13 hours ahead of mine we would chat around 4ish in the morning! So not much sleep for me. I did have a housemate for the year. My daughter’s university roommate, a study abroad student from China stayed at our house. We had lots of fun and I can cook some authentic Chinese dishes now! My son graduated last May with his Masters Degree in Higher Ed Counseling from CCSU and has his first real job, so he is away and we are all filled with pride. My daughter will graduate in December this year from UMass Amherst with an independently designed degree in Japanese Commerce and Culture. This week a visiting alumni business owner spoke to her Management theories class and her professor passed along an email saying after speaking with her the CEO thinks he has a department in his company that she would do wonderful in, so she is sending her resume and trying to stay focused on doing well for graduation. I am especially proud of both of my kids’ school efforts as they both had learning disabilities since Grade 1. It took my son 11 years to complete his BS Degree and his Masters. It has taken my daughter 10 years ( 4 yrs part time ) to be on track to graduate in 3 months with her BA Degree and a Minor in Japanese. So I am certain that if my kids can do this nearly child can aspire to one day attend college with patience and hard work. They both have tremendous student loan debt but wouldn’t change a thing. They are both really loving and caring young adults. Although I am disabled now I had some wonderfully fulfilling jobs during my career years. I guess at 61 the only thing I can be is grateful for every day on Earth, and hopes for my kids’ happiness in their future adventures. Well I guess I’ve never been called a brief writer so maybe this will count as my application letter to join the farm girls. You all seem to be full of joy and it’s lovely how you so freely share your experiences. It’s refreshing! PS ….. Your husband’ photos are stunning. Thanks for sharing.

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Dear Catherine,
      Welcome!I’m with you, sister.I am mourning the end of summer too and diving into fall with some indoor projects that have been on hold. I enjoyed reading about your very accomplished children. What peace it must bring you to know they are on their way with an education under their belts. You have every reason to be proud. Thank you for the kind words about my hubby’s photos. I’ll pass the praise along to him. Thanks so much for reading AND writing!
      xo Deb

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