Who’s Coming Home to Roost?

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Dear Sisters,

I feel like it’s Christmas in November and not because it’s snowing outside. Our whole family is over-JOYED about our new roommates! They’ll be moving in with us in a couple of weeks and we just can’t wait!

Let me get this out-of-the-way right from the start. I’m NOT becoming a Grammy, just yet, ( but I can’t wait for that moment!) I’m NOT pregnant. Without divine intervention, a medical procedure or an adoption proceeding those days are well behind me.

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I did NOT get my dream horse or cow, ( yet ) and I have not added to my little flock of backyard chickens. However, our daughter has been begging us for a kitten, but so far that’s on hold. It’s not that we have anything against furry felines, ( I always had a cat or two growing up and into my twenties and thirties ) it’s just that we need a little time to adjust to our NEW ” roomies ” before we even DREAM of adding a new critter to our family.

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Did I get your curiosity up? Are you just dying to know who’s coming home to roost?

Mom and I on Mother's day a few years back.

Mom and I on Mother’s day a few years back.

Well, it is with great JOY that I get to share with you that my sweet Mom ( Joy, and BFFL) are moving in with us and she’s bringing her bear of a dog, Barkley with her. He’s family too!

Isn't he handsome? He's a Eurasier. He's very smart and has been taking care of Grammy Joy for nearly 12 years.

Isn’t he handsome? He’s a Eurasier. He’s very smart and has been taking GREAT care of Grammy Joy for nearly 12 years.

My mom moved East ten years ago to be near us while we raised our children. I was so grateful to have her close by when the kids were little, rather than 3000 miles away. She was always there for babysitting in a pinch,  and she was always up for going on field-trips with the kids and I while we were homeschooling. That always made it more fun!

I love this one of my mom and my Aunt Laura with the kids at Plimoth Plantation.

I love this one of my mom and my Aunt Laura with the kids at Plimoth Plantation.

Mom and I at an Art show on our birthday weekends. We are November girls. She's the 18th and I'm the 17th!

Mom and I celebrating our birthdays at an art gallery a few years back. We are November girls! She’s the 18th and I’m the 17th!

Mom and I at an art show where we were featuring some of our hand painted furniture.

Mom and I at an art show where we were featured some of our hand painted furniture.

She has always been an independent gal with super hero survival skills. I’ve always admired her ability to bounce back from life’s little curve balls ( or rolling boulders ) and for some reason or another she’s had her fair share of both. Until just a few years ago she’d been able to hold a part-time job, mow her lawn, do simple garden chores and home repairs with  creative energy to spare at the end of a day well spent. Toss in a back surgery here, a hip replacement there and arthritis everywhere then pile on a few more years and before you even realize it’s happening daily tasks like shopping, housekeeping, and managing finances become overwhelming. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer here. I’m just being real. Parents age ( if we’re lucky ) and they do it while we are busy making a life for ourselves. Life whizzes by and then one day it hits you. The fog clears on your blazing through life goggles and you start to see you are part of the circle of life too. You’re not ahead of time or behind it. Nothing stops you in your tracks quicker than an illness or when a loved one needs help. It’s my time to help my momma and I welcome the days we have ahead! I know she doesn’t need a mother, ( or mothering ) but, I need the comfort of knowing she is safe and warm and surrounded by those she loves. Simply put, we need more JOY in our lives! Her new hobby is painting with acrylics and she’s got a knack for it! It’ll be fun to watch and learn from her.

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I know there will be some adjustments ahead but we can work through those.

I can’t even put in to words the peace I feel knowing my sweet mom ( and Barkley, too ) is coming home to roost! And, I mean that in the best of ways! Right now we are keeping the logistics simple. No heavy remodeling, just some deep cleaning and purging to get ready for the big move. It’s a great excuse to re-decorate too! I even devoted one of my DREAMerest boards to Grammy’s Room.

I can’t wait for her to make her fried chicken, oatmeal cookies and strawberry cake from scratch. And, her turkey gravy is always perfect. We’d better get some good walking shoes!

Do any of my farmgirl sisters have experience with blending generations under one roof?

I’m all ears! I’ve got to get back to work on Grammy’s room!

Until our next shoreline visit~


Tis the season for filling up on gratitude, love and JOY!

Much love,

Sister Deb # 1199


  1. denise says:

    that’s wonderful that it is where she and her dog can come and live with you! may it be a wonderful experience for all of you!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Congratulations on your new additions! The happiest of birthdays to both of you (my 66th was on the 3rd so I’m also a November baby). I’m sure you’ll be creating many more new memories in the years ahead.

  3. Sandy says:

    What a great time for your family. It’s nice that she can make this move while you are all still able to enjoy this time together. Enjoy!

  4. Lori says:

    You and your mom look alike 😉 It is a BLESSING that you have a place for your mom to call home. Happy early Birthday!

  5. Marcie says:

    WOW ! So pretty together, you two! Deb, take special care of your mom, she rocks! Moms are so wonderful. I lost my best friend when she was 55 (32 years ago), but she will always be in my heart.

    Stay warm with these cold months ahead and I look forward to reading about all your future adventures with your Mom and your family. Your husband also has a big heart in this too.

    Deb, you are indeed an angel and I know your mother appreciates you.

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Awe, thank you Marcie! I’m sorry for your loss, Marcie. I bet she’s with you all the time guiding you in life. You are so right about my hubby! I didn’t mean to leave him out of my post! LOL! He has the kindest and most generous heart. When I told him I thought it was time for my mom to move in he was right on board. Our teens are excited too! It’s gonna be a special holiday season for sure! Wishing you and yours warmth and comfort and love. Blessings, Deb xo

  6. Laura R. says:

    Hi Deb,

    I can totally relate to your post and can appreciate you are counting your blessings!!
    I live with my mom too, along with my 2 young adult sons. (both in community college). My mom is now 93 and she still drives locally to church and stores. She has always been independent (and she even started decorative painting with acrylics when she retired in 1985 and she also had 2 hip replacements). Now she is losing her memory for many things and accepting my help with certain things. But I do not like to step on her independent toes ! I offer and am happy when she accepts. Her driving of course makes me nervous, but I am hoping she comes to the point when she gives it up when it is time to do so. All in all, this will be a soul satisfying time for you 🙂

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Howdy Laura! Your mom sounds like quite a gal. My mother in love is 92 and doesn’t drive anymore, but we love having her with us for visits. Her memory isn’t so great these days and it drives her batty! We too, try to give her as much independence as is safe for her. She doesn’t see or hear well so we have to mettle a little more than she would probably like but we know she appreciates the help. As for my moms moving in with us, I agree it will be a ” soul satisfying time for us, indeed! Love and blessings to you and yours Laura! xo Deb

  7. Vivian Monroe says:

    Deb, just in time for the holidays too for some of that good turkey gravy. So happy for yall. Also my better halfs birthday is the 19th along with my daughter-in-love, both the same day. Nov, has birthed some good people. :). Be blessed. neta

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Hi Neta!
      Here, here to November babies! 😉 Yep, we are excited about the holidays this year! Already thinking about our Christmas Card Photo and how we’ll get both dogs to behave! Blessings and love to you and yours, dear Joan! xo Deb

  8. Joan says:

    Yes, Deb, it will be an adjustment to y’all BUT soon you will wonder of the time that you weren’t all living together. I was 6 yrs. old when I started living with my Grandparents and Aunt – who during WWII came home to help with my ill Grandmother – yes it was very different – most of all for my Aunt – another person to see too. I quickly learned to be quite independent so to help her and we became very close. And then my Grandmother’s brother needed to be with us so here he came – long story shortened – I LOVED my life with all of them. AHHHH what a grand life it was with us all together!! And I know y’all will make life better for each other. God bless.

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Hi Joan! I loved reading about your childhood family memories. What a blessing family is. My mom lived with her grandparents for a while when she was little and has the fondest memories of her time with them. She still talks about it today. I love what you said about us making life better for each other. That’s exactly how I feel about it. 🙂 Blessings, Joan! xo Deb

  9. Dori Troutman says:

    Deb, I loved this blog post. I keep meaning to get back over here and tell you how wonderful it is to your Mom living with you. She looks like the sweetest lady, and you look just like her! Love the pictures! – Dori, the Ranch Farmgirl – 🙂

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      She is the sweetest and a little spicy too which is what I love most about her 😉 We are looking forward to making some fun new memories in this chapter of life! We wish your mama a speedy recovery! She’s certainly in good hands! I absolutely loved your Going ” Home” post. Look through my Beach Farmgirl blog archives… I wrote one similar when we went back home a couple of years ago! What a shot in the arm it was to this high desert farmgirl at heart. Hugs!
      I think it would be in April or May 2013. It’s called A Farmgirl Goes Home. xo Deb

  10. Nan says:

    Your mom is very lucky to have you and your family so giving and careing for her. I am the 67 and sometimes you see the future and it scares you. Give your mom an extra hug from all the moms that still live alone

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