A Random Year

How this post came to be? Well, I started thinking about 2010. And I started wondering about your 2010 too. Was yours good? Or not so good? In thinking about mine, I considered what it brought, what it didn’t bring, what I lost, what I gained. Like most years, there was both good and bad, both joy and pain, both peace and turmoil.

So how best to represent 2010? How about random photos? You know, not the ones I pick and choose for a particular blog post. Just random picks here.

I picked two completely random photos per month to represent my year. Now, you’ll know these are random because if I was picking them, this one would surely be in August:

Me and MaryJane! I finally got to meet MaryJane! Love her even more!

And one of the ones that came up for September, the one where I don’t have make-up on, would definitely NOT be in the mix!

So here we go~2010.

2010 in Random Photos 


We talk (way too) often to this goat when we go to our farm. Meh-meh-meh.

He lives next door. He’s a busy-body like the neighbor Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitched.

January brought unusual sights for Georgia. These items were in my wheel-barrow, a shovel, pots, and leaves.

They became an artsy ice sculpture. I think I’ll call it “Gardening in Winter.”


This is our Fairy Tree.

That is my dog, Strudel, going ONCE AGAIN inside our Fairy Tree. Terrorizing the fairies, no doubt.

This is a moment I’m so glad I caught. It wasn’t posed, they were indeed looking at something or other–I don’t remember what.

It’s my Mother-In-Law with my Daughter. This was my M-I-L’s birthday, and I’m guessing my daughter put that little green clip in her hair.


My Grandma’s Mint peeking through.

Southern Nights.

The March full moon peeking through.


This shot is inside my bluebird box. Two blue eggs and some feathers. Had never seen feathers in there before. Their nests are usually only pinestraw.

Spring Soup

I have come to ADORE soup in every season. This one is filled with spring veggies, Like a Spring Tonic.


Garlic Patch

The garlic scapes are just about to form.

Bridal Shower Luncheon at the Swan Coach House

Chicken salad, Frozen fruit salad, muffin, iced tea.

A southern bridal luncheon.


From my garden.

Garlic scapes and Fava Beans.

I remember that I made some linguine with these~yum!

Ick. Don’t know why I photographed him.


I love this shot. It’s the path we mowed through our meadow so I could run while we were at the Farm. Amazingly, I went from a couch potato to a runner in 2010. And yep, that’s my favorite house in the whole wide world. And yep, this is my favorite place.

As close to heaven as it gets.

Blue butterfly on purple lavender at our farm.

Beauty and Enchantment is always close at hand.


A Smoky Mountain-top Pasture

August Invaders to my garden at home


Clam Tower, Jekyll Island, Georgia

I went to the beach to compete in the Shrimp and Grits Challenge Race

Blue’s Graduation

Wishing now I had worn make-up that evening to the dog obedience class. Oh well.


 Tarragon, my one true herb love.

Do yourself a FLAVOR and plant some tarragon this spring! It’s wonderful!

Gorgeous and delicious!


Hmmm…which James Taylor (my fav!) song to quote?

I’ll go with “October Road.”


My Green Tomato Marmalade Adventure

Was that November? It seems like a long, long, LONG time ago when I made that!

A cow at the heritage turkey farm where I bought our Thanksgiving Day turkey.


 I took a picture of these Mourning Doves through my laundry room window.

I took several pictures. In the first picture, their eyes are closed as they rested on my fence in the frigid weather. This is the second picture, I disturbed them when I moved the curtain to take the picture.

Oh, I’m so glad this popped up. This is our new dog, Oreo, just after he buried his face in the snow. Love this dog.

That’s how we are in Georgia when it snows.

We stay home, celebrate, and bury our faces in the magical, fluffy, cold white stuff.

So in looking at these photos, I’d have to say my 2010 was filled with love, food, gardening, family. That’s about right. It was a good year.

Now tell us about yours! What are your thoughts about YOUR 2010?

Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life

Lots of love, The City Farmgirl, Rebekah

  1. karen says:

    Thank you….that was a wonderful post…I love the ‘randomness’ of it!

  2. Kris Hundt says:

    What a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Genevieve says:

    Aw, that’s delightful! Life is made up of the small moments, no?

    And HELLO, you are GORGEOUS without makeup! Seriously, between you and MaryJane, I MUST know how y’all keep yourselves looking so young and glowing!

    Nice post,

  4. JoEllen says:

    I totally agree with the post about you looking gorgeous! Wish I looked like that without makeup! So nice to see you and Maryjane together — you both look like true soul sisters! Love looking at the snippets of your life — what a great idea to take a photos of each month and choose one to make a memory book out of — I’m going to do that this year. Thanks for letting us inside your life and thoughts — they do inspire, bring peace, and creativity!

  5. Helen says:

    This is such a fun post. I know you didn’t ask, but my favorite photo is the birds on the fence. About 2010, I say good riddance!

  6. Patty says:

    Lovely post, I do hope you left those invaders to feast. They are the larvae of the swallowtail butterfly, they feed on dill and fennel and most things in that family including Queen Anne’s Lace. Next year plant an extra row for them, usually when they find a food source they’ll come back!

  7. Wendy says:

    Thanks Rebekah! I’ve been gone for a while. Somehow fell off your blog post. I forgot just how much I love your post. This is my first in a while and I feel like I’ve missed an old friend. Thanks for all the great thoughts and pics. I love the cow!!! Thanks also for celebrating your year with us. Looking forward to catching up with the older posts that I’ve been missed! Happy 2011!!!

  8. Missy says:

    Charming post. Thank you for taking us on the nostalgic photo jounrney of the past year. It was delightful because instead of just telling us about your past year you took us on a wonderful ride and exposed us to your authentic month by month journey. I too shoot photos almost everyday. I keep or share many of them with my family who are scattered accross the states it somehow keeps us connected. Thank you for such a clever and brilliant way to share 2010! Farmgirl #604

  9. Debbie says:

    Hey Rebekah!
    Thanks for the peak at your 2010… We had our share of everything in 2010 but it ended on a high note and I am feeling very optimistic about 2011! Yep, you and Mary Jane DEFINITLEY have that farmgirl glow happening! LOVE IT!

    See you here next time…
    Love and Beach Blessings,

  10. Kristy says:

    I seem to have missed the green tomato marmalade. What is it? Not that I would ever have extra green tomatoes. I love those so much I barely get any red tomatoes.

  11. rebekah says:

    Hi Everybody! Thanks for your sweet and wonderful comments! I find such joy and wisdom in your words. Thank you for every single one–they are all precious to me! I read and re-read them. It helps me to know that this is a worthwhile endeavor. So thank you for that! I’m hugging each one of you!
    I wanted to put up the link to the Green Tomato Marmalade recipe for Kristy. I had quite a lot of green tomatoes this year and didn’t know what to do with them all. The Marmalade was very good. Definitely like a breakfast jelly/jam, sweet.
    Thanks for a great 2010! Looking forward to learning more about Farmgirling with you in 2011! Love you all!

  12. meredith says:

    Oh, if I only looked that good with a bare face! Ha! Farmgirl life has given me a "oudoorsy look"! I loved your post- it has inspired me to make a small scrapbook of last year. What a fine project for each January! Thank you!

  13. Judy says:

    Great blog! I loved the way you presented your year in such an interesting and random way. The photo of you and MaryJane is beautiful. I feel blessed to have found this community of like-minded women. I appreciate what you do and always find inspiration in your posts. Have a great 2011 and keep us closely informed about your undertakings and adventures.

  14. Keleen says:

    What a sweet, sweet picture of your mother-in-law and your daughter! I can’t help wondering how much we have missed when we trended away from generational living. Thanks for including that photo.

  15. Joan D. McGuigan says:

    LOVED your post and the photos. Especially enjoyed you selections of out of the ordinary / non-typical pictures for various months. It gave me a new ways to look at the months. You are inspiring! My favorite was the one of your mother-in-law with your daughter…a very touching, poignant moment.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts, Rebekah!

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