Today is THE Day

Today is THE day I shall FINALLY…
I’m building quite a list for this day.
I felt a sense of autumn this morning, just a brief whiff. It is still hot as blazes here, but this morning there it was: an ever-so-brief cool breeze. It visited only for a moment, but long enough to make me a promise: fall is right around the corner.
We have had hot and humid weather for months now. “I’m melting, I’m melting….” Just like the wicked witch. Do you know that I had to switch to water-proof mascara just because of the humidity in this area this summer? Brutal.
And my summer gardening endeavors, as I’ve already lamented, were disappointing.

 However, let me just say here and now that after I lamented about those measly three tomatoes in my garden, my tomato plants made a liar out of me. I have been getting several a day since then! It’s been wonderful. I’m in tomato heaven.

I thank my tomato plants profusely. I do so every time I see another red globe peeking through the thick foliage.

My Basil and Tomato Patch

My tomato collection is on my kitchen island awaiting my next culinary endeavor.

Hmmm, what will it be? What shall I do with my lovelies?
I must not forget to praise my herbs too. The herbs have been wonderful this summer. I have a nice assortment. Lavender, oregano, thyme, marjoram.

But my long time favorites by far are tarragon, rosemary and basil. The herb trinity. I never, ever want to live without those three plants close at hand. They are all super easy to grow and simply delightful. Take a look at my tarragon plant and I’ll explain in a minute what happened to it.

My Poor Tarragon

Back to fall. And TODAY being the day I FINALLY do something. I have decided that today is THE day I shall FINALLY prepare my garden patch for my fall plantings.

I think I came to this place of declaration and action because of something I posted on my blog on Sunday ( I had just taken a picture of a butterfly right before it took off in flight. My thought as I witnessed it was this—-“Trust yourself. Take a leap of faith.” This morning I woke up and it occurred to me, that’s exactly what I need to do: trust myself.

I purchased my autumn seeds long ago, but have been TOO AFRAID to work in my garden.

I love the fall plantings. Greens, greens and more greens…

Yes, fear has been holding me back from doing something that I love. What I am afraid of?
Here’s a hint. They go “ssssssssssssssss” and they have taken up residence in my yard.
Yes indeed, I have a snake problem. And you might or might not recall, but I also have a snake phobia. I thought I was doing better on it. And quite frankly, I have come a long way, Baby.
But I tell you truthfully: I’ve got a long way to go too, Baby.
I’ve seen snakes in my garden, in my bushes, in my lawn, and on my patio. Freaking me out, to say the least.
That tarragon plant I showed you? The dogs did that to it, trying to get to an eastern garter snake that was under it. It apparently enjoys tarragon too.
Yes, my snakes have all been “peace-loving” and “non-poisonous.” I know because I have looked them all up in here:

Yes, I know I should thank them for staying in my yard and keeping it varmint-free. I know these things in my head. But in my heart, I really want them to go. Far, Far, Away. No, I do not want them to die. I’m very clear on that. I’ve had offers of people who will come and take care of them for me. No, that’s not what I want. I just want them to move. To go.
I am intensely afraid of us stepping on them as we frolic bare-footed in the yard. So we do not bare-foot frolic. I am intensely afraid of meeting one when I am in my garden. So I do not spend time in my garden. I am intensely afraid of them crawling inside my tent or sleeping bag. So we have not camped this summer in our backyard.
Interestingly, my daughter asked me just the other day what happened to my snake dance, the thing I do when I see a snake. It is apparently quite humorous. And I guess I have gotten so used to seeing snakes these days that I no longer perform a dance to mark the occasion.
My snake dance goes something like this (or did ): “S—S-S-S-S-S-S-S-SNAKE!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! WEEEEEEEEE!” I scream while I run in circles and flail my arms and stomp my feet. It makes my daughter laugh. My spider dance and my lizard dance are quite similar.
So today? Well, today is THE day I shall finally face my fear of the snakes who are living in my yard and I shall go forth and garden.
Those slithery, scaly guys will no longer stop me from gardening. Today is the only day I’ll have to work on it for quite some time, so here I go!
Well, soon….
That means today is also THE day that I shall FINALLY get my old Mantis started all by myself. No help from the “men folks.” Surely I can pull that cord hard enough and fast enough to start the thing. Though it has been a challenge in years past.

I have had my Mantis for, whoa, I’d say 12 years.

That also means today is THE day I shall FINALLY plant the leeks I’ve been wanting to plant. Leeks interest me, but I’ve never grown any. I’ve been meaning to start the seeds in pots, but hadn’t committed to the garden thing. I wasn’t sure I could actually get out there and DO IT! But that was before today….
Today is THE day I shall write this blog post as quickly as possible so I can get out there to live.
Now what about you? Today is THE day you shall FINALLY—-tell us! Make a commitment to today. Today is THE day you shall FINALLY do what?
And then, my Sweet Friends, get out there and do it!
Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life!
Lots of love, The City Farmgirl, Rebekah

  1. Louise Fredieu says:

    Oh Rebekah!
    I am totally bonkers just from reading your article. My last garden was three years ago. My son and i were standing in the garden talking. We both happened to gaze down at the same time. To my horror and to my son’s amazement, the slinking reptile could have cared less about our emotions. He just slithered politely around us, and went on with his snakely pursuits. Oh, just thinking about it puts chilly bumps on my chilly bumps!
    I am very proud of you for taking this giant step today. I just hope that you have someone around keeping an eye on you …….. just in case!
    My prayers are with you this morning, and i can’t wait to read your next post (hopefully not from a sanitorium!)
    Thanks for the post (i think!)

  2. Jane says:

    Snakes – means transformation – your ready for a big change – It’s a terrific sign

  3. Carol in NC says:

    I finally made my dad’s hot pepper sauce from the beautiful red anaheim and jalapeno peppers in my garden. I picked and cooked them yesterday, let them cool overnight and this morning made the sauce. I’ve been planning to do this for several years and ironically, today was THE DAY! It was even easier than I’d anticipated thanks to the Squeezo I wheedled out of my mom.

    I grew the peppers from seed and have been waiting all summer for them to turn red. Happily, I have enough greenish red ones out there to make one more batch as soon as they fully ripen.

  4. Reba says:

    Today we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. We looked at how we thought and believed when we married and how we see things now…my, oh my. We see this day as the day that we are choosing each other again…more than ever.

  5. Taralee says:

    Your garden sounds lovely, I think a snake also represents a healthy garden! I live in Auatralia, a place full of snakes. Everyone has a garden of some variety here and we do bump into them too. I asked my first aide course instructor how many people actually get bitten in the country each year, he said maybe a few and usually they are snake handlers. Maybe you could visit a reptile zoo and touch one.
    I too have tackled an ok let’s do it job! Our whole yard needed cutting back. I now have three brush piles as big as cows to haul away or burn. Underneath I found a grapevine crying for space and some lemon grass which I replanted elsewhere. I also woman handled a noxious vine the size of my arm!

    Enjoy your autumn planting and tilling. 🙂

  6. mellee says:

    Today I found out for sure that I will FINALLY be moving back to the country, after being a city dweller for 25 years. I am so looking forward to the trees, and the quiet, and the creek, and just walking aimlessly on the property and not encountering another single soul. Yes, I too don’t care for snakes. The bugs where I will be living are horrendous. But gosh it will so be worth living back on the family land, being able to plant whatever size garden i like, and maybe even having some farm animals. I have visions of a chicken coop, a milking cow for my old barn, and maybe finally I can get another cat (long story). So today, my soul feels like it can take a deep breath and knows that I will have my freedom once again.

  7. bonnie ellis says:

    I’m on tomorow already because it will be Sept. 1 and the weatherman says we’ll have some cool weather tomorrow. I will finally start working on my fall quilt table runners and and finish up a couple of small garden things.Ho,ho, who am I kidding finally is such a forboding word. Especially for a procrastinator.

  8. carol branum says:

    Hi Rebecca,I have been melting like the wicked witch all summer too,it has been a strange year here weather wize,I fear an early fall and I still have so much work to get done.This morning it is raining so hard I got soaked head to toe,we needed the rain,around here all of the farmers hay is burning up.I have been overwelmed with work,and all of my fun projects have been put on the back burner,so starting today I am makeing a list when I get off of the computer of all of my top priorities.One is just to finish all the projects that I have started before I start any new ones.As for snakes,we had rattle snakes out at the farm when I was a kid we had rattlesnake round ups just like they do in Texas only I am in Mo.Daddy would cut the tails off and line them up on the kitchen counter to admire,and momma Hallie would throw a screamin hissy fit,and they would still be there a couple of weeks before she could talk him out of moveing them.I was scared to go into the kitchen at night coz I was afraid the darn things would come alive.We went to church 3 times a week and that preacher would preach hell fire and brimstone,and I was so scared,I thought that coz I admired boys that I was gonna for sure go to hell,and the cyotes would howl,and the lightnin would strike,and I just knew I was gonna go to hell,and that them snakes were all gonna come alive and eat me in the night just coz I lusted after boys.I actually ran over a rattler going fast down a hill once,it was streched out sun bathin,and I could,nt go home coz it was coiled,so I had to ride my bike all the way to the hay feild where daddy was working.He carried a pistol on the tractor so I rode the tractor with him back to the house,and he called my uncle freddy and they got a few men with gunny sacks and raided their dens.To this day I am terrorized of rattlers.We have not seen any for a while,but,daddy won,t kill a black snake,we tease him and say they are his pets.But,daddy says he has seen them fight,and kill a rattler.Sorry my comment is so long but but,I will write about it on my blog sometime soon,love ya,carol Branum Lamar Mo.

  9. Jonnie says:

    I am so proud of you Rebekah! I love snakes! They are very honest souls – no hidden agenda. They are on earth to grow and procreate and they pretty much keep to that unless they are threatened. Your post has set me to thinking – wondering what it is exactly that I’ve been waiting to do that it’s time to start. Loving that you are a city girl successfully living as a farmgirl, maybe that’s my challenge. I’ve been thinking that I "can’t" do that. Hmmm

  10. Jeanne says:

    Tractor Supply sells snake repellant and I am told it does not kill anything but repells as they do not like the smell. Good luck

  11. Keri says:

    SNAKES!!! I have the heeby jeebies now…eek. Brings back memories of one of the farm crew having a week stay at the hospital with an arm the size of a thigh after a copperhead bite. Be careful and good luck with the garden:)

  12. DENISE says:

    My tomatoes went crazy. We had such a dismal start. Between our garden and my mother’s, mom canned 117 quarts of tomatoes. Yeah!! But no green beans, corn and very little peppers and cukes. The zuccs were okay and tasty but the gourds went nuts. We’ll have plenty of birdhouses to share come spring. Lucky for us only a couple of snake sitings. I too have a snake dance. It can be and has been performed in the car when one is spotted dead or alive on the road. I don’t try to run over them, that gives me the creeps. I, too don’t wish them dead but do not wish for them to be nearby. My day to finally do something since the heat let up was yesterday. I had weeds 10ft. tall. Just for fun I yelled timber when I cut them down. Might as well have a good time when you can, even when you’re working hard. Happy Fall Clean UP to all.

  13. Pam says:

    We just finished our basement and I found a small rat snake hiding underneath on of those inflatable mattresses. After I got through screaming for my husband..he never hears me call him from the basement, but he did this time he picked it up and carried it out to the woods. Yep.. I’m looking at storm doors now…seem’s he slipped underneath the door because the jam has a small opening.

  14. penny says:

    En esto algo es. Los muchas gracias por la ayuda en esta pregunta.

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