Beach Day

Dear Sisters,

I hope today’s post finds you all deep in summer fun! After all, the gift of summertime’s long days invite slowing down and relaxing times with family and friends!

Everyone has their own ‘brand of summer fun’, but for us it’s always the same! You can always find us at the cottage- ‘off grid and out of touch’ on the sandy shores of Cape Cod Bay. If you’re a beach lovin’ farmgirl, come on in the water’s fine! It’s BEACH DAY with Deb and her crew!

Before we hit the beach, let’s stop off at the cottage first! Once we’ve had a look around we’ll hit the beach!  We finally checked off replacing that ( not so hip and retro) vinyl flooring in our kitchen dining/breakfast nook area.

There, the keys are on the rack, we can relax now and have a look around the cottage kitchen! I always say, don’t blink you’ll miss something!

I’m loving the floors now that they are painted to match the floors in the other rooms of the cottage! It makes the kitchen feel so much fresher and larger somehow too! I know, these aren’t typical beachy colors. To us, the beach is a happy and serene place so we chose CHEERY colors for the inside of our little cottage by the sea. It reflects our emotions about the beach to a T.

I love the red and white ticking curtains under the sink but I’ve had them for ten years… I’m thinking about a big yellow and white buffalo check fabric next time around!

This countertop is new to the cottage this year. My brother in law made it for us for Christmas and surprised us by installing it before we opened up the cottage this spring! He made it to match the rest of the wooden countertops I revealed when I removed the icky, sticky blue contact paper a few years back. The old counter top was a laminate retro fit from an old kitchen counter top but it was beginning to sag. This new thick pine countertop will stand up for many years to come and it just warms the whole kitchen up with it’s rich honey hue.

I found this cute sign at a local thrift store. It’s a great reminder that no crabs are allowed at the cottage. Just the kind you can eat! 🙂

We picked up a new to us Lobster Pot from an estate sale earlier this spring to have on hand for steaming fresh lobster! This pot is actually big enough to cook an old fashioned New England Clam Bake. It’s been years since our beach community has had an ” in ground” clam bake! What fun those are! And the food, after baking all day under a pile of sea weed is so tender and delicious!

Seafood Art

Time’s a wastin’! Let’s get down to the beach! Max ( the cottage corgi ) is ready for a swim!

Poor little fella, he is actually a little anxious in the water. Just look at those eyes.

I know what he’s thinking, ” Mama, why did you put me in this silly life vest? You know how nervous I get when you guy’s go swimming ” !

His little Corgi legs will only take him so far.  It’s a good thing my Zach was there to give him a rest!

A much happier Max now that he’s on “dry land “.

The herding instinct really comes out in Max when we go swimming. He barks frantically and tries to herd us all together when we are in the water. Poor thing goes nuts if someone swims to far or jumps out of the boat for a swim in the nice warm creek.

We’ve had just glorious weather all week. Perfect for beach combing and cool nights for sleeping. We even spotted a rare BLUE bull grazing in the dunes!

I have no idea what it signifies, maybe it’s there to scare off monster waves that threaten the cottages and the dunes along our fragile beach.

Hey, what’s that I see? Our crew is waiting for us. All aboard!

Thanks for joining us for a mid summer BEACH DAY!

I always love our visits from the shorelines!

Until next time! Soak up all you can of what’s left of summer and be sure to leave me a note once your back on dry land.  I want to hear what you’ve been up to!


Much love,

sister Deb # 1199

  1. Karen says:

    Lovely! The beach house has more counter top than my house, ans is so sweet. I am going to do the shells on the window ledge in my bathroom (without the crab sign!). Thanks for sharing and the ideas. It was like taking a vacation.

    Hi Karen,

    So glad you came for a BEACH DAY and took home a little treasure or two! Happy decorating ( without the crab sign ) 🙂 xo Deb

  2. Bobbie Jasmer says:

    I am an urbarn farm girl @ heart. I have expanded the garden in my new urban farmhouse, becaise I had to leave my beautiful suburban garden of 14 yrs. It was a showcase, & I am determined to make this one, too. In spite of my slow start, I have visions & dreams that will come to fruition.
    I am a newbie to this site, & am looking forward to words & ideas full of inspiration from u.

    Hi there Bobbie! Thank you for sharing your garden visions and dreams. I know how hard it is to leave a plot of land you have planted and tended for many years. I did the same thing when we left Nevada. It takes a while for a new garden to show you what it wants and where but you’ll get there no doubt! Thanks for reading! xo Deb

  3. Jan says:

    Simply delightful, Deb! Love the bright colors and the new counter top your BIL made for you. Nice to have family participation!
    I have a cross stitched sign in my travel trailer that says ‘KWITCHERBELLYAKIN’. Kind of along the lines of your CRAB sign! Chuckling!
    This place is a treasure and should be loved and preserved…You are blessed…

    Hi Jan! There is a cottage with a similar name to the one you mention above ( more R rated ) in our beach community… I always laugh when I drive by it. It’s so true.. What’s to complain about in a cottage by the sea? Thanks so much for reading and your note! xo Deb

  4. Adrienne says:

    What a lovely kitchen! I had the same idea with yellow gingham check in my former apartment to cover the area under the sink. Next to the sink was an icebox that held my pots and pans. The counter was small octagonal ivory tiles with rectangular yellow tile trim around the edges. A yellow kitchen is so bright even on the foggiest, cloudiest days, isn’t it?

    Hi Adrienne! Yes! Your yellow kitchen sound adorable. We love the yellow too! It’s called Kayak yellow. Fitting isn’t it? And, it really does brighten the place up on over cast, foggy days which we do get.

    Thanks so much for the note! xo Deb

  5. Shery says:

    WOW…your cottage kitchen is so fresh and cozy. What a breath of fresh air — just what I needed :o)

    Hi Shery! I told Max all about Sally O Mally He wants permission to be " paw pals"!

    Hope all is well on the ranch! xo Deb

  6. Marge Hofknecht says:

    The beach (Jersey shore points in my case) had always been a part of my growing up years back in Philadelphia. Tennessee is a bit far from the salt water and sand but we did get to go to Georgia’s Tybee Island and Lighthouse. We could only stay a day but I would love to go back and just lay on the sand and listen to the water. So glad for you that you have your little cottage to enjoy. The beach and salt water have healing qualities to them. At least I think so. I’ve always felt better: mind, body, and soul after a day at the beach.

    Hi Marge,

    You are so right about the beach and it’s healing qualities. Coming from the high desert the ocean was a 4 and a half hour drive for me growing up. I do cherish being so close to it now. Thanks so much for reading and come back anytime you are in need of a dose of the sea shore! Xo Deb

  7. Pamela deMarrais says:

    Hey Deb! Thanks for the great pictures and blog….I felt like I was right back at home for a few minutes! Your cottage kitchen is adorable! I love your idea for the buffalo check in yellow for the lower cupboards. You will have to break out some of that Annie Sloan paint for some accents! Enjoy the rest of August. It was always my favorite time of summer.

    Howdy Pam! Thanks my dear! Glad you enjoyed! I do have an idea or two for some AS accents too! My kitchen table chairs are natural wood.. Can’t have that! I’m thinking one of the deep blues would be pretty with my white distressed table! Wishing you a relaxing remainder of the summer! It’s been beautiful here on the shorelines! Hugs! Deb  

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