Whether the Weather?

Hi! Welcome! Come and join me in the swing by the creek. Night is falling, and I’m about to build a fire. I baked tea cakes earlier for you.

What kind of tea woud you like? Or would you prefer coffee? Water? Wine?

IMG_8443I looked out my kitchen window one recent morning and saw a male Red Cardinal in my yard in full “come hither” mode. I didn’t know what I was witnessing at the time, but I did know it was spectacular. I watched him stay in this unusal position on the ground, displaying the plume of his generous red tail feathers.

He picked an unfortunate spot to strut his stuff. He was quite close to where my cats hang out. The longer he held his impessive pose, the more concerned I became for his longevity. (Some of my cats here, although fat and happy and never hungry, like to hunt creatures. They eat them down to their itty-bitty toes. Well, except for one particular organ that I’ve never studied long enough to identify. Kidney? Liver?)


Anyway, the longer the red bird flaunted, the more likely that he’d become a snack for Hoshi, Mayor Hayes, Jude, or the Terrorist. I decided to head outside to move the bird on his way before it was too late.



A female cardinal swept down by him and flew off. He noticed, but didn’t move. I wondered if she was as impressed as I was with his grandiose display.

Then out of nowhere, a male red bird flew fast and low towards the fancy bird on the ground, dive-bombing him. The bird on the ground took off after the trouble-maker. They flew, one after the other, into the woods.


Ah, Spring.

I give you a “10” this year!

The soft and brilliant colors. Sweet aromas. Lush grasses.


The constant “zephyr” (that was my word of the day the other day, so I thought I’d try it out) blows my hair wildly and keeps the temperatures delightful. Chilly nights. Pleasant mornings. New energy.

My creek has provided such beauty as various wild flowers and bushes have come in and out of bloom.


It’s June 16th and my windows are open. Unheard of in ATL area!

Yes indeedy, spring really came through for me this year. I never expected that it would.

When I moved back to Georgia, I mourned the loss of the diverse, ever-pleasant seasons I enjoyed when I was tucked into a “holler” in the Appalachian Mountains. I lived most of my years in Georgia, so I knew what was ahead of me weather-wise.

Here, generally, the winters are so mild you barely need a “real” coat wih fuzzy lining;

springs are hot and about 3 days after its official arrival, the air conditioning comes on;

summers are sizzling and sticky, draining;

then there’s autumn, so colorful but sultry and disappointingly hot.

In fact, Georgia weather has been a disappointment to me since I was a kid. Those photos of curtains blowing in the breeze? Those photos of a white Christmases and horse-drawn sleighs? Those photos of snuggling under a blanket at a fall football game? Not here. Not my reality.


My reality changed.

And I moved to a Christmas tree farm in the moutains. Sorry to sound sentimental, but the weather there was perfectly perfect.

Winter. Snowy and dreamy. Cozy fires and long cold walks on the farm. Cold nose, cold feet, frozen teeth and eyeballs.


Spring. Chilly mornings and evenings. An occasional snowfall. Sunny, warming days. Lilacs perfume the air. Windows open as much as possible. Yes, curtains blowing. Some evenings logs burn in the fireplace.

Summer. Hotter days, but not too hot. Not too much humidity. Forever pleasant in the shade of a big oak tree. Some days you need the a/c; some days you don’t. Lightning bugs and evening fires outside. Sure, it might seem like it’s 100 degrees when you’re working in hay in July, but it’s not. That’s all in your head.

Fall. Oh fall, how I love thee. The profusion of colors. The crisp days. Soups and hot chocolate. In the mountains, fall IS plaid flannel shirts. Fall IS flannel-lined jeans. Fall IS warm socks.


But here I am in Georgia, singing the praises of spring! This year, Spring’s pleasantness has knocked me over.

I’m swooning. I’m appreciating every second. Because I know what’s coming.

I’m wondering WHETHER THE WEATHER impacts you and how? Leave a comment!

My mood is the same on gray or sunny days. You? Does the weather alter your mood or your attitude?

Does some types of weather make you less productive or lazy and other weather make you feel more motivated and busy?

How about your knees? Or shoulder? Does cold or rainy weather impact you physically?

For me, I am most productive outside on pleasant, breezy days. Sweltering heat negatively affects my productivity inside or out. I don’t like to sweat. I find excessive heat and humidity to be oppressive.

I guess all we can do is WEATHER the WEATHER. Take it as it comes.

I swore off complaining about the weather when I moved back to Georgia. I bite my tongue when someone asks me if it’s “hot enough for you?” The true answer is that it was hot enough for me twenty degrees ago.

Whether we are on front porches or church benches, in farm store aisles or doctor’s offices, visiting with a friend or a stranger, the subject of the weather often comes up.

I guess all we can say is, “Eh, weather. It is what it is.” It is where it is. It is headed where it is headed. No need to fret about it. I don’t know why I pay so much attention to it since I have no control.

Whither the weather? Whether the weather? Weather the weather!

Me? Wither in the Georgia weather? Oh, not this Spring.

But summer? It’s a-comin’.

Withering straight ahead….

The cacti on the farm are beginning to bloom.


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Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor and temperatures of life!

Lots of love, Rebekah, The City Farmgirl

  1. Carol Denton says:

    I had to look up zephyr and wouldn’t have guessed the meaning in a million years. I thought it was going to say, ‘a centaur’s best friend’ but instead I was delighted with the real meanings.
    1. literary: a soft gentle breeze
    2. historical: a fine cotton gingham
    a very light article of clothing
    I now view my summer clothes in a whole new light as I swelter in this southern heat!

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Carol, I thought the same thing. I’ve needed that word, but never knew it. Now we can use it! How are your summers? I know you enjoyed the NC summers as much as I did!
      Thanks for swinging with me.

      • Carol Denton says:

        Summers here are about like yours. Hot and humid. Yes, I miss the NC weather for sure, but what I miss most are all the mountain wild flowers. It looks like you still have some of that! Lucky you! If we have turks-cap lilies, solomon seal, trilliums, etc, they are hiding. We do have tons of elderberries though. They’re everywhere! They’re in full bloom right now and smell divine!

  2. Meredith Williams says:

    I can’t function in the humidity of our Virginia summers! We live at the foot of the Blue Ridge so fall and winter are my favorite and most productive seasons!

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Hi Meredith! Yes, Virginia gets slammed during summer as well. I bet you head to the mountains as often as you can. I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit! Good talking with you.

  3. Diane Van Horn says:

    Dear Rebekah,
    Spring has been lovely this year! The weather here is Wisconsin has two seasons, Winter and Road Construction!
    I love having four seasons. I don’t do heat and humidity very well though and my mood is definitely affected by the weather.
    It’s good to see you have time to enjoy the spring because she is often fleeting and the dog days of summer are on her heels.

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      LOL! The dog days are coming for me on Sunday. Fitting, I guess, since summer begins on Saturday. You know how I adore your winters. I haven’t endured your road construction season, tho. I imagine I could compete with that in the ATL area! I savored every minute of our spring. It was miraculous. Your summer is mild? I’m glad you came to visit me, Diane. One day we’ll visit in person!

  4. Judy Colyer says:

    Your comments of “ For me, I am most productive outside on pleasant, breezy days. Sweltering heat negatively affects my productivity inside or out. I don’t like to sweat. I find excessive heat and humidity to be oppressive“ describes me to the tee!! I live in Indiana and we do have changing seasons with cold winters and hot humid summers. I live through summer so I can get to October when the temperatures fall back into “breathable” air. I’ll be WEATHERING the weather with you this summer.

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Oh yeah, Sister, I understand exactly! I’m glad you get good temps in Oct. We might or might not. But the humidity is so hard to deal with. My horses do not enjoy summers here, but they sure LOVE the mild winters. Thanks for coming for a swing, Judy!

  5. Jacqueline says:

    I am so glad that I read this article as i love the changes in seasons as i am a PA girl. I would have never guessed the Mountains of Al were so diverse with temperatures and it opens up my perspective that you can’t judge an entire states temp. without taking into account the peaks and valleys.

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Hi Jacqueline! Thanks for coming over! You do get great seasons in PA. I see why you stay planted. The mountains where I lived previously were in the high country of NC. There’s a little sliver of NC where the 6A planting zone comes down. We were in that sliver. Lots of mountains and valleys.

  6. Laura Burke says:

    As I get older, I am trying to be less whine-y about the weather. There really is something noteworthy in every day, sometimes it takes a little more effort to appreciate it.
    With that being said, I LOVE summer!
    When the heat from the sky meets the heat coming up from the ground?
    That’s my comfort zone!

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Oh my goodness, Laura, it’s an oven outside when the heats from below and above unite. I’m wondering where you live. I know folks adore the heat as much as I adore the cold. I’m glad you stopped by for a swing! I need to reminded to quit whining as summer has not yet officially arrived yet. More ahead!

  7. Pamela Frey says:

    Loved your post & pictures. Originally from New England, I can still “weather” the cold much better than the heat in rural Kansas. It always cracks me up when so many people
    here complain about the cold months even the “nice-not too cold for me” ones. I finally understand ad appreciate the wind in Kansas. It makes a hot day so much more agree-able, even pleasant!! Thanks for your weather report!

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      So glad you’re here, Pamela! Thanks for coming. New England is the dreamy spot for me. It has it all! Same thing here, “brrrrrr, it’s so cold!.” Not to me, it isn’t. Wind is good, yes.

  8. I live in upstate New York and I wouldn’t live anywhere else (well, maybe Maine but that’s about it). For all the harshness and never-ending feeling of winters that last well into spring, I wouldn’t trade the summers and autumns up here for anything!

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      I’m with you on that, Barbara! I’ve never visited upstate, but have seen all the beautiful farms and land there. And your winters are divine, if you ask me. Four seasons of delight! Thank you for swinging with me! I enjoyed your company.

  9. Terri Goggin says:

    What a beautiful tribute to Georgia. I didn’t know cactus grew there.
    It makes me want to come visit!! Thank you. You are a wonderful writer.
    Love the cardinal story.

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Terri, I’m so glad we visited virtually. Yes, we have cactus, but they are not indigenous here. Someone planted them, and the cactus thrived. Mine have gotten into my pasture, so I need to eradicate it somehow without chemicals.

  10. SG says:

    The sweltering summer heat here in coastal Texas just wipes me out. Exhausting. So all my gardening happens in the mild days of “winter,” which is beautiful here, if not very wintery. Oh, and that mystery organ the cats don’t eat, that’s the gall bladder. It’s full of bile, inedible even for a cat

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      SG, I’m glad you visited! I had no idea that was a gall bladder. Now I know! I feel the same way about the heat. It really does wipe everyone out. I always find myself appreciative of an inside job during summer. (summer only tho)

  11. Mary Rauch says:

    I visited Georgia for a week in May many years ago. I don’t have plans to return. I grew up in West Virginia, with weather extremes galore. I moved to Ohio (right in the center) and mostly love it. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The smell, the colors, the “feel” of the air and its promise of cool nights and balmy, breezy days…aaaahhhhh. Some, especially in other parts of our State, hate the winters with its ice and snow and dampness and persistent unreliability. We have a saying here, “If you don’t like Ohio weather, wait 5 minutes”.
    Thanks for the tea and lovely place to sit and chat.

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      I’m so glad you joined me, Mary. Now I know more about you! We say the same thing in GA, but it’s not true. Your autumn sounds perfect.

  12. Sandy says:

    I think you would love it here in Minnesota!

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Hi Sandy. Yes, I bet I would! I’ve been there in August for work, but never experienced any winter there. Dreamy, huh? You love it?

  13. Patti Dmytras says:

    I can’t believe you left your Tree Farm property. I loved the stories you wrote from there with all the lovely pictures, your house was so beautiful. I loved to read about your white horse, all your cat stories and walks, the baptismal pond, the truck stories, and all about your friendly neighbors. When did you move to Georgia? Somehow I missed all of that part, and I read all of you stories that you send me. Don’t you miss your chicken coop and chickens? Your weather at the tree farm property matched the weather in Wisconsin where I live, so I always felt that I was experiencing the same weather events that you did. Please post a picture story of your Georgia home, and keep up with the wonderful story telling. It is the high point of my day to read about your experiences. Thank you.

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words, Patti. Yes, yes, yes. I loved that place! The weather was fantastic there.
      My leaving wasn’t by choice; it was via life events. I’m lucky that I have a lovely farm in (hot) Georgia now. All chickens and horses and dogs and cats moved with me!
      So good to visit with you!

  14. Marilyn says:

    I never have much energy when it is hot. I prefer the cold weather. Anything above the 60s is too warm for me. I love the crisp, cool air of Autumn.

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      I agree. 60 and under is quite perfect for me. That is my Dad’s, and now my, cut-off for a fireplace fire. If the high is 60 for the day, we build one! These days I’ve been enjoying fires outside by the creek in my firebowl (with the mosquitoes, lol.) I’m with you: I LOVE cold weather! I enjoyed your visit, Marilyn!

  15. Deborah Foster says:

    Thanks for sharing, I read your story as I’m drinking my iced coffee and trying to get motivated for work. I’m in NW Connecticut on a knoll at the top of a beautiful open farm meadow. The yard is open and filled with wild roses bordering the woods. My peonies have just bloomed and have never looked better. My 3 rescue dogs have been happy patrolling the property for turkeys, bunnies and the occasional bear. I’ve been here three years moving from a suburbia of houses too close and too many city noises. Its a work in progress but wonderful to see it transform to what it was. The last few weeks have been filled with crisp evenings and warm breezy days. Every day was like a clean start and the air made me feel wonderful and confident Last night the humidity set in and my garden started showing stress and my mood became suddenly distracted. I’m sitting here inside staring out at the pastures wishing the humidity away. My pups are lazy this morning and staying cool near the hum of the ac. The summer will be hot and humid and we will look forward now to the autumn air, orange and red leaves lighting up the hills and the renewal of our senses. Weather does certainly affect the mood doesn’t it ?
    Thanks for your story and the lovely comments from others as well

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Deborah, That is beautiful. I hung onto every word. I “saw” in my mind’s eye your place and the happenings there. Such beauty! I think I will do the same, look forward to autumn. Thank you for your words and visit!!

  16. Maureen says:

    Here in the high desert of Colorado, I am ok until someone tells me it is 100 degrees. Our lack of humidity is the big difference. I don’t do muggy well at all! It is definitely time to take advantage of air conditioning and hide from the heat. I find some indoor activities, knitting or quilting to keep me busy. We have to work for every plant, but it is so worth it. Thanks for the reminder of what easy beautiful looks like.

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Maureen, That is what I have always heard, that dry heat is easier to bear the high temperatures. It’s true, yes? Today it is quite hot. I have closed my windows and they will stay that way 24/7 for the next few months. My respite from heat is over. Your summer activities sound terrific! Thanks for joining us, Maureen!

  17. Jan says:

    A favorite tongue twister comes to mind.
    Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not,
    Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot,
    We’ll weather the weather whatever the weather,
    Whether we like it or not!

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      I wish I had known that twister before I wrote the post! I would have put it in there! Perfect! Thanks, Jan!

  18. Donna Kozak says:

    Whew…it’s a hot day today in Beautiful British Columbia – I love it and my tomatoes and flowers love it, but by the middle of summer will be cursing the heat and hoping for rain… However, remember the old saying – ‘that’s life…just get on with it’ !

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      BC has hot summers? I didn’t know that. I thought the warmer seasons were mild. I need to visit your neck of the woods again, Donna! I’ve only been in winter. Beautiful place on earth! So glad you stopped by to swing with me!

  19. Reba says:

    I was in GA this week, as I still have family there. And you are right, the weather was amazing…for GA!! I moved to the Appalachian Mountains in TN in 2015, and loved all four seasons! At least they had 4 seasons! Then I moved for one year to MT. The 2 seasons that they have are beautiful, Winter and August! 🙂 But with a job change for my daughter, I have moved back. So-o-o-o glad to be back! All seasons here are my favorite, and the smell is a great bonus! When I start heading back to GA (for a visit) I really miss the fact that you can “breathe” here! So glad to be HOME! Now I have to find another farm…

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      You are so right! The breatheing is easy in NC Mountains. I remembered that truth as soon as I read your words. Good luck on the farm search! Thanks for the visit, Reba!

  20. Judy says:

    Rebekah, I REALLY enjoyed your pictures and your blog! I too, like Patti, missed your move. WOW!! Did you blog it? How did I miss it? I also enjoyed all your stories of that farm, even the slithery ones! *giggle*
    Thanks for the entertainment that you provide!

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Hi Judy! The slithery stories will be ongoing. It seems that I am a snake magnete! Thanks for coming by. And for your sweet words!

  21. Lisa says:

    I’ve lived all over the world sonwhen people complain about the weather I just tell a few tales
    Hot? Try 119 yep I’m not lying it was In Dubai too hot for the plane to liftoff till nightfall
    Or 110? That would be Delhi India like for weeks!
    Or way below zero for 2 months that would be Kashmir in the Himalayas when I was teaching there but the rest of the year just like new England very pleasant !
    Seychelles perfect tropical weather
    Lived there for a year way before it was discovered
    105 with 99.9 percent humidity in west Africa steamy doesn’t even begin to describe it!
    I definitely know weather for sure!!

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