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The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world, there will not be another like him. (Or her) ~ Pablo Casals

Dear sisters,

Happy May! I just love this time of year don’t you? The long wait for leaves to pop and first blossoms to bloom is finally over! Now we can get down to business tending our suburban gardens and farmsteads. I’ll share my “new starts ” from the greenhouse before this post comes to an end but with Mother’s day just around the corner I can’t help thinking back on some of my most memorable


Grab a Kleenex box and your favorite comfy chair. This post might go longer than usual and there may be some happy tears!

 I don’t know about you, but, to me every day is Mothers’ Day when you are a mom. Whether you are a biological mother, step mother, adoptive mother or legal guardian each day brings mom moments to cherish, laugh at and even a few we would like to sweep under the rug never to be seen again. Let’s start with those “mom moments” shall we? How about those times when your kids were in their wonder years and you locked yourself in the bathroom for a time out because you wanted your husband or significant other to come home to the same number of family members he left at home that morning! Oh yeah, I’ll admit to one or two of those days. I remember one day when I was just beat from chasing our (then two year old) daughter around when I wanted our son (then 4) to take a nap. He didn’t have terrible two’s he had terrible 4’s and he didn’t take naps anymore! He was bound and determined to show me he wasn’t a baby anymore! I did manage to get him to go for some quiet time in his room with a book. As I went to close his bedroom door he said to me and I quote, “well, why don’t you just cut me in half “? I burst out laughing while facing way from him. I didn’t want him to think I was laughing AT him. When I turned to look at his little angry face my heart melted. I gave him hug, told him how very much I loved him and that I would never, ever, EVER cut him in half, no matter what!

Speaking of cutting, I remember clear as a bell the day he marched his sister into the kitchen to show me the wonderful haircut he had given her with my cutting shears! He stood in front of me so proudly and with his arm draped around her shoulders he said,” Mommy, (HUGE grin) look what I did to MY Nicolette.”!!! I gave her a haircut and she didn’t even cry one time!” Boy, he wasn’t kidding. She was just about three and finally getting some hair with little curls on the ends.  All she had left were two little curly-cues in front of each ear and the rest was a pixie cut! See? Here she is at the “Kids Fair “sporting her new “punk rock “hair- do! I guess we should have known then she had the music in her!

He knew how to indulge her in make believe too! Here she is all painted up like a kitty cat. When they were small they had a lot of “down time “. I knew in my heart if they were allowed to play, explore, build, cut, glue, sing, and dance they would be making important learning connections that would help them later on when more structured learning began. I distinctly remember our daughter spending an entire hour jumping off of the couch one day. I was sitting at the kitchen table doing “mom stuff “. All I could hear was thump, thump, thump, thump, thump…. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew what she was doing. Pretty soon she wondered into the kitchen, climbed into my lap and said, “Mommy, I’ve been trying to fly all day and I just can’t do it!” I knew right then and there my girl was  going places in life.

You must be wondering what kind of mother I was leaving scissors and markers out where little hands could find them. Well, I’m not perfect. I’m a mom and it was easy to get distracted by a load of laundry that needed folding, a phone call or preparing meal. Besides having two small children in the house will do that to a girl! We all know that after child birth our brains are never the same. It’s never as sharp or quick as it used to be, but something else is and all mothers’ have it. It’s the old Mother’s intuition. Our brains may be foggy but our hearts are right in tune.  We know it’s at work when we feel a tug here, and a pull there. It’s the one tool we need and use the most besides the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner of course. I don’t know any other station in life that can be as beautiful, tiring, FUNNY and humbling all at the same time. Do you?

Fast forward 16 years. I’m a 50 year old woman with a teenaged daughter in the house. We share a bathroom, kinda  sorta. It’s a rare occasion when I can find my mascara, lotion, blow-dryer, curling iron, or a clean washcloth or towel when I need them. I am just a mom after all. I can remember “borrowing” my mom’s makeup and hair appliances too. Mom, if you’re reading. I LOVE YOU TONS and thanks for being such a good sport about the makeup thing way back when!

It’s a good thing I have a healthy sense of humor and an appreciation for all the years that have brought me to this point in life. I remember being her age; completely obsorbed with makeup, hair, clothes and boys. She’s right where she is supposed to be and so am I! Oh, I’m still facinated with make-up, ( I wear it, but the frosted blue eyeshadow has been passed on to my daugther ) hair, ( I still have some ) clothes ( I’m happy if I have a few pairs of fun shoes/boots and a cute purse to go with my jeans, tops and some funky jewlery)

and boys…( my three main men ) Boz, my handsome Yankee

and our sweet son Zach and Max!

Zach is just two years away from college and thinking of a career in music producing. How cool is that? I’m so excited for him that he already has a passion he can see himself pursuing for years to come. Nicolette is also musically gifted and I see music being a big part of her life as well. In some ways these years are almost as exciting as when they were newborns. Everything is new, they have the whole world at their feet and the possibilities seem endless…I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling just as nervous as I am excited about the coming years for them. But, I am also so inspired by their creativity, faith and boundless energy!

Teeny, tiny Zinnia seedlings

I’m feeling some of that same excitement and nervousness today about my tender starts in the greenhouse! I hope and pray I’ve done everything right to give them the best possible beginning so they’ll grow into strong, healthy and vibrant people, I mean flowers. They are my “new ” babies!

Because we have always homeschooled our milestone moments look a little different than our puplic and private school friends. We didn’t have the traditional first day of school photos or first day on the bus or the annual school picture day. We just have lots and lots of pictures. Boz makes a Bosworth Family Album every year, puts it on CD and we watch it over the holiday season together.
But, we do have our own unique ways of celebrating and honoring special achievements and growth.

Our young man ready for his first day of work at his new job with Mac Donalds! Sis is rooting him on!

One thing we love to do when we acknowledge any special occasion is to light a candle at the dinner table. Once the candle is lit that person has the floor so to speak and gets to tell all about their “sunshine ” moment of the day! You can bet your bottom dollar I lit the candle the day I joined the ranks of the MJF Farmgirl Bloggers! We’ve celebrated, birthdays, anniversaries, first dances, first recitals, first jobs and new jobs, getting braces, turning into teens, New Years, Boy Scout and Rainbow girl achievements, puppy love and people love. I know I’ll be lighting it on Mother’s Day if someone doesn’t beat me too it! Oh, who am I kidding? Has anyone seen the lighter?

Okay sisters! Enough about me! Share a mom moment with us in the comments section! Pretty Please?????

Until our next shoreline visit~ enjoy these lilacs and honeysuckle from the BEACH!

I’m wishing you ALL a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Much love and Beach Blessings,

Proud Momma Deb

PS Dear Zach and Nicolette, Thank you for making me the woman I am today. Older, grayer, chubbier, fuzzy headed, worry wart, school marm, taxi driver, head cook and laundress, psychologist, hairdresser, and quite possibly the happiest momma I know…You guy’s rock! I love you to infinity and beyond!

PSS please don’t be mad at me for sharing your photos… I had too! You make me so proud! XOXO Momma B


My brag book would be empty if it wasn’t for you… I love you with all of my heart!



  1. Teri says:


    Thanks for your wonderful post! So good to know I’m not the only mom who puts herself in time out so there are still three when their daddy comes home! You have embraced motherhood to the fullest, thank you for sharing! I remember when Zach and Nicolette were in their wonder years, glad to know those years don’t stop.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!
    Love, Cousin Teri

    Hi Cuz! I know your three keep you running… But that’s what they are supposed to do! 🙂 Motherhood rocks… it’s not glamerous, but it rocks! Love you all!


  2. Dolly Sarrio says:

    I am so glad you wrote this and I enjoyed it very much! You have a beautiful family Deb and you are a wonderful mother…I can tell. Happy Mother’s Day dear friend!

    Thank you Dolly! I do cherish my little family! I am blessed… Thanks for the note today… xo  Deb

  3. AWWWW!

    Thanks Becky!!! xo Deb

  4. bonnie ellis says:

    Deb: Your family is truly loved and YOU deserve a great mother’s day! Thanks for sharing.

    Awe, thank you Bonnie! I’m hoping to get my husbands waffles for breakfast! Thank you for the note! xo Deb

  5. Jan says:

    Yes, Deb, you are truly blessed! It is nice to hear from someone that appreciates and respects her children like you do. You speak with pride, too….Very refreshing!
    I love the story about the haircut. I think that it turned out extra cute! My mom used to tell the story of me cutting my own bangs. Pretty much down to the roots, though…

    Have a wonderful SPRING Mother’s Day!

    Hi Jan! I’m telling you… kids and scissors!!! I think it’s okay to be proud of our children!  After all  they are doing the best they can growing up in this nutty world… Someone has to be on their side!!! Thanks for stopping by today! xo Deb

  6. Emma says:

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful mom moments. Your family is very fortunate to have such a wonderful Mother to share these moments with. I have 4 wonderful children myself and a mom to many more over the several decades that I have lived. Those memories are so grand to go back to and share with friends and smile with. Thanks again for sharing.

    Dear Emma,

    Thank you so much for sharing your mom moments with us…Mothering never really stops, it just changes.. and we grow so much from it… Happy Mother’s Day! xo Deb

  7. Raynita says:

    Beautiful pics. Beautiful words. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing. Happy Mother’s Day Everyday!!!…Raynita, a homeschool mom of musical children too. Isn’t it fun? lol

    Hey girl! Happy Mother’s Day and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a note! It is fun to have all that music in the house! I hear a lot of piano  during the day which I love… Happy Mother’s Day Raynita! xo Deb

  8. KimberlyD says:

    Your purse looks kind of like mine, just make yours black and white zebra stripes and two side pockets. I love The big flower on it and I love mine!
    I miss my mom, she died 10 years ago, I’m planting flowers on her grave for mothers day/memorial weekend. I was close to her, we never had fights like you hear about mom’s and daughters. I am her only daughter and youngest and she has four sons, two alive and two dead and two miscarriages. She always put us first, clothes, food, what ever it may be that we needed or thought we needed. I can remember when I was little sitting next to her and coloring, one of my favorite memories. I’m tearing up as I type this. She was such a beautiful lady! There are times still I wish I could call her and hear her voice and tell her something, tell her anything. If heaven had skype I would be using it everyday!

    Happy Mother’s day to you Deb! And Happy Mother’s day to everyone!

    I have no children, but I have this young girl who I use to teach in Sunday school who sits with me every Sunday. Her parents and I joke around, that I get custody of her every Sunday morning. Her mother gave a talk one time on mother’s day and it was about mothers and she said I was another mother to her daughter Kjersti. (its Swedish).

    Dear Kimberly,

    You know, I was hoping to hear from a farmgirl who " didn’t have children" but fills that role for a child. I think that is one of the most special calls a woman can have.  Your mom sounds like a lovely person and a great mother…You were lucky to have her and she you I can tell…Keep talking to her… I bet she hears you! 🙂 You know moms, we hear EVERYTHING!  I can’t imagine it would be any different in heaven! Thanks so much for sharing your mom moments today Kimberly and Happy Mother’s Day to you… and your mom….xo Deb

  9. Merrilyn B says:

    Okay, Now you’ve done it and I thank you very much. So many wonderful memories came flooding back of my girls when they were young. What is it with kids and scissors?! Oh my, I remember when my granddaughter cut off all her beautiful blonde curls. Now I am building lots of grandma memories as I near my 64th birthday. I am so grateful for my family including my many sisters. It’s good to be reminded that every moment is to be cherished even the hide in the bathroom times! Which we have all had if we admit it. LOL Thanks again for another super post.

    Dear Merrilyn, Yes, kids and scissors… we had some of those very short bangs too… I think Zach cut his own hair as well… I love hearing about your mom and grand mom moments!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us and Happy Mother’s Day!  xo Deb

  10. Terry Kline says:

    My biological clock starting ticking late in my life and you know what? I am so very glad it did. My daughter is a teenager now and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a day when I think about the happenings of her childhood, the mischevius smiles, the laughter, the broken arm (jumping roping over a ball!!) the school years, hugs, tears and of course the arguements!! Even though life can be difficult raising a child alone there is nothing in this world that I would trade for it!! She doesn’t have my love of gardening but when she tells me how pretty a flower is I know she appreciates my mental outlet and will one day give it a try. We are so different, she’s a sociallite and me a bit of a hermit. I sometimes wonder "Is this really MY child?". My greatests moments? When her friends call me mom and say "You have the coolest mom!" My heart swells with love for my daughter and all of her wonderful friends that make my family extended!!

    Dear Terry, What beautiful sentiments about being a mom you wrote here today. Through all the ups and downs of child rearing it most certainly is worth it…I love how your daughters friends say you are the coolest mom! I’ve been dubbed Momma Boz or Momma B by our kids friends… I love it! Teenagers get a bum wrap too..  They all make mistakes, experiment, and ARGUE… But, that’s not the time to throw in the towel. They need us more now than ever I think…! Thank you so much for sharing your " mom moments " with us! Happy Mother’s Day! xo Deb

  11. Pam deMarrais says:

    Hey Deb! You are a wonderful mom! Allowing your children to be creative and develop their own interests is so important! My kids are grown, and I have 6 grandchildren now, and I am reliving my memories of when my two girls were growing up as I watch the grandkids grow. I loved hearing my granddaughter call a butterfly a "flutterby", and a dragonfly a "flagondry". My grandson just begged us not to sing Happy Birthday at his 5th birthday. He said as he covered his ears, "Don’t sing that song! I hate it!" lol Thanks for reminding me of the little things that make me smile. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    Howdy Pam! Oh, I love those funny pronuciations children come up with… We still call catapilars CALLAPIDERS! Kids are the best! Happy Mother’s Day! xo Deb

  12. Laura says:

    Thanks, Deb, for sharing your beautiful family. I also have 2 teens(boys). One is heading for college in the fall. I remember clearly those early days, when yes it was kinda stressful but my heart was full in a way I had never experienced. And continue to experience. As they grow and start new things, (driving, following their dreams as they make choices about their future, etc.) I find myself feeling that same excitement they are going through. Where they are now, I have distinct memories of being at same age. As a mom, I support them with all that I am, with only the hope they find all that they are…
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    So beautifully said Laura… Happy Mother’s Day to you and thank for your mom moments too! xo Deb

  13. Karin Thomas says:

    Thank you for the mom moments Deb. You are blessed with a beautiful family and they are blessed to have you. Being a mom has been the greatest, craziest, most beautiful thing in my life. The best thing I have ever done are my son and daughter. And now I have the joy of being Gram to the three most precious, adorable little people in the world. It doesn’t get any better.

    Happy Mother’s Day Karin! Congratulations on your beautiful family too " Gram" !

    It really doesn’t get any better….Thank you for the visit! xo Deb

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