New Year, New Possibilities

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I have yet to decide how I feel about New Year’s resolutions. Yes, I think we should be decisive about how we want our lives to go, and it seems that the first of each year is the perfect time to do so. Yet, I have given up on making plans to do things I know that I probably won’t really do…resolutions I’ll feel guilty about when I’ve already let them go within a week.

I have made subtle changes in those things that I plan to achieve in 2010, leaving an open window for opportunity to lend me a hand. I know myself well enough that if I say I “have” to do something, it is similar to shaking a red cape at a crazed bull. Let’s just say, I tend to scratch the ground with my feet, blow smoke from my nose and aim my horns for said target. Not a pretty sight unless you are into bullfights, I suppose.
One of the things that I know I will do as I welcome in the New Year is to rebuild my dream board. A couple of years ago, I was having trouble staying focused—keeping my dreams and goals front and center in my life. Being a visual girl, I needed to find a way to keep these things in the forefront of my priority list instead of letting them fall off the stove entirely. For me the best way was to start a board. So, I sat down with a handful of magazines and a pair of scissors, found a spot on the floor and started thumbing through the magazines cutting out everything that triggered or represented one of my goals. This system worked for me; when I recently took down last year’s board, I found that I had met all the goals that I had represented on the board. I find it amazing what we can accomplish when we choose to live with purpose. I can tell you, I absolutely shocked myself.
My goals this year are bigger than last year’s goals, but they are still within the realm of possibility. I have come to love that word, possibility.
Accepting that all things are in the realm of possibilities led me to one of the things that I have placed on my year’s board – my goal of working with mixed media. Recently, I discovered an artist whose work just makes me happy. Her name is Kelly Rae Roberts, and she has titled herself a “possibilitarian.” What a great word! The word represents not just someone who thinks that all things are possible but one who BELIEVES that all things are possible and chooses to live in the world of possibility. If you want to see Kelly’s work, go to (and tell her René Groom sent you).
I used to be disappointed by my failure to meet specific goals…goals that I set for myself like I am going to lose X amount of weight in x amount of days. Now I choose a picture of a healthy-looking woman, one who is active and vibrant, and that is my goal. While some may think these goals are the same thing, they are actually vastly different. One goal you can meet every day, but the other doesn’t allow you to see the payoff until too far down the road. The results are the same, but the one that gives me a daily gauge seems to be easier, sort of like eating an elephant one bite at a time.
I look forward to the New Year and to the challenges that it will bring with it. In and of itself it is like yet another gift under our tree just waiting to be unwrapped.
However you choose to deal with your New Year’s resolution, I hope that you choose to live 2010 as a year of possibility.
(the pictures of samples of art by Kelly Rae Roberts, in which I am the proud owner of four 🙂

  1. Rowena from Rainbow says:

    Rene, I have never answered a blog before and I am new to Mary Jane’s Farm. What a great idea to put cutouts of your goals for 2010 on a poster! I will ask my kids to do this. I do something similar. I cut out pictures of dreams and wishes for my family. For example, when my children were younger 8 and 2 I cut out a picture of a wooden swingset and slide and stuck it on our cork board in the kitchen. I then asked God for it. The neat thing is in His timing and in His way, He provides! Thank you for listening.


    How fun to include your kids. I think that we are never to young to understand that when we live with purpose we can conquer the world. I would love to see them. If they send me pictures I will post them… Happy New Year to you and to yours.

  2. Donna says:

    Happy 2010 Rene’, "Solutions" is the word I’m using instead of the "re" word, it projects a better understanding. Thanks
    for sharing your life, Luv the way you write! Sunny Florida!

    Thanks Donna,

    I love the "Solutions" very clever. Happiest of New Years.

  3. LOVED your idea of the dream board, Rene! I’m sure it will be a genuine motivator for me this year. I don’t know why the idea never came to me as a tool for personal inspiration and goal setting-dreaming. Several years ago when we were fixing up our house for sale, I put together a 3 ring binder with sections for each room in which I stapled/taped cut out magazine photos of ideas and resources. It was a great help to me in bringing my dreams to reality. I found that I could "show" better than "tell" my husband,too! What a super idea for ME for 2010! Thankx!

    Thanks Joan~ Here is to great things in 2010

  4. Reba says:

    The term "resolution" brings the same feelings to me that the term "diet" brings. So I have found a different way of looking at the New Year. This year while contemplating hearing about resolutions, I have decided that the New Year would be a year of "revelation." I have had dreams yet to be fulfilled and more room to dream more. So I hope for my dreams to be revealed this year and "revelation" for new dreams. Either way it is a life filled with purpose, hope, and peace for the future. Have a revealing New Year!!


    OH  good one, Reba… I love that. Revelation…. even the word envokes power. Thanks! Happy New Year and may your Revelations birth New Dreams.

  5. Valynne says:

    Dear Rene, Are you going to post your dream board? Would love to see it! I think it is amazing what we accomplish/receive when we take the time to find out what it really is that we want : ) It is so easy to get busy running around in those circles…

    I posted my vision board on my blog this year and am enjoying peoples responses to it. I have some vision board, or dream board, or whatever you like to call ’em board stories that have made me a believer…plus how fun it is to spend a day sifting through magazines for images and words that catch your eye and sometimes even speak to you!

    Thank you for sharing kelly rae roberts with us – her TTV contraption is so cool! And I love the art you have chosen for your personal collection; especially "believe". Happy, Happy 2010 to you and yours, V

    OKAY, I will take you up on the challenge and post mine.. keep watching.. thanks… Much happiness and may all your dreams come true in 2010.

  6. Paulette says:

    Rene, I love this, and I love Kelly Rae’s artwork. I even quoted you in my newsletter. Shine on, sister!
    May your new year be full of possibilities!


    My little gypsy girl. SO great to hear from you. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that you like here work… we are sisters for sure. Happy New year!

  7. Thanks for the mental ‘push off the couch’, I needed a different way to look at my resolution approach. I generally don’t set much ‘ump’ in resolutions this time of year but I like the visual use in this plan. Thanks for the idea, I see pics of an old lady (in her prime) lifting that toddler up and giving him a tight embrace, or doing the heavy yard work, etc. All these strengths seem to be
    slipping away. (This happens when we get old, dog gone it.) So I think I am off to start adding pics to my Wish Book.

    Karen, Happy New Year. Here is to a full and rich 2010~~

  8. Grace~katmom says:

    Oh Rene’
    I use to be so hard on myself, trying to live up to others expectations…..I would measure my worth by my accomplishments and so my N.Y. Resolutions were geared to meeting others expectations of me…academics, physical, and accomplishments…..
    Thank goodness for the wisdom of age!
    Now my N.Y. Resolutions are simply to have an "attitude of gratitude"…

  9. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for your thoughts about New Year’s resolutions. Isn’t it amazing how if we change our thinking in just a small way, that what seems insurmountable and leads to disappointment, can lift our spirits to meet new goals. I’m going to make a dream board….what a great idea.

  10. Meme says:

    Rene’, I enjoyed your post very much as well as the others who responded. I am new to being a farmgirl moving from Tampa to very rural Mississippi. I have 25 chickens and we raise rabbits for meat. I am trying to "live off my land" more. I will be accomplishing a huge dream on January 18 by finishing a Master’s degree, but my heart wonders what will be next. Your dream board is a great idea. I am looking to start with milk goats soon. I have read of so many women following their passions and I think this year I want to do that as well! Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

  11. Cindy says:

    I have created "vision boards" over the last two years, (in fact I teach a class about how to do these….fun, fun, fun), and they are absolutely the most wonderful tool for realizing your dreams. Cutting out pictures in magazines of everything that resonates with you is the perfect way to start…and very powerful. Don’t be surprised when you’re cutting out pictures that you start finding things appeal to your senses that didn’t interest you before at all! This is your inner free spirit taking over…go with it! I have seen many, many dreams come true this way, and this year I am working on a finding just the right new home for us. It’s exciting! Happy New Year to everyone and to you Rene!

  12. Debbie Dehoney says:

    Rene thanks so much for your thoughts about resolutions and dreams. It seems as though I have read so much lately about clearing the mind, detoxing,making affirmations, etc. I’m not sure what I’m doing. But I’ve made a dream board before and thanks for reminding me how powerful it is and easy! Just looking out the back window to the pasture and seeing the animals against the backdrop of a snowcovered mountain easily clears the mind and it’s so simple to do. Thanks again. Debbie

  13. Theresa Kelly says:

    Rene’, I am new to the farmgirl life but I always knew it was where I belonged. We moved from Las Vegas to a Very Rural KY town and I LOVE IT! It takes me 15 min to get to our small town and even tho there are times I miss the convienience of the city (craft and fabric stores) I wouldn’t change a thing. I also like Kelly Rae Roberts work, and not to take anything away from her, You need to check out another artist who is pretty similar to her work. Her blog is Andrea T Designs if you google it. She sells on ebay and etsy but her work is beautiful also. I think you’ll enjoy it.
    My only resolution for the New Year is to "CREATE" more. At least one thing a month. If I get more done that will be great but I know I can at least get one thing done. Looking forward to seeing your board, hope you post a picture.
    Well have a Blessed and Wonderful New Year and looking forward to a new year of Inspiring Stories. Thank You

  14. carol branum says:

    Hi Rene,Sounds so much better than writing it in ink pen on the back of your hand,which is what I’ve been doing all week,lol.guess,I am getting a little too old for that,but,it gets a big laugh from the ladies at the salon.Seems like I do ok for a few days,and then completely backslide and forget my goals.My weight is also a problem,but,I have decided that I would be thrilled to just be a size 14 again,or a loose 16,I don’t care about being thin,I just want to be healthy.I will graduate for the second time Feb 15 from square dance lessons,I went the first time 10 years and forgot how.It is wonderful excercise and so much fun.I Love it!I really want some angora goats someday,but,need to concentrate on makeing money right now,so I can achieve all of my deams,so I have settled for a bunny for now.Thank you for helping me stay focused on my dreams,loved everyones comments,and your blog.Happy New Year!blessed be,Carol Branum,Lamar Mo,

  15. Rowena from Rainbow says:

    Rene, thank you for responding. I will ask my children. I have a question. Are we able to respond and interact with the ladies that write to you? Thank you for your time.

    You can always chat with the gals on the farmgirl connection on this website. then click onto chat with other farmgirls.

  16. Margarett says:

    Great idea, a Dream Board. Life on the farm is a lot of work. But the pace is so much clearer. Feed the chickens, gather the eggs, change the water, hay the coups. Then, stand and watch: as one chicken chases a bug, another joins in the frey, then they’re all chasing and diving until the sumptous morsel is ingested. As the family settles down, a hen with some age and weight informs a younger hen of "pecking order". When this young hen jumps out of the way she ignites a desire to chase from the rooster. He follows, sliding and throwing dust as he reaches the young hen, he decides to show her how handsome he is and then the chase starts over again, as the frightened little hen doesn’t agree with his advances. After this slice of chicken life, I smile and walk away, amazed at the organization of this little world of chickens. And how simple life is, eat, socialize, communicate and know your place.

  17. Rowena from Rainbow says:

    Thank you Rene. Have a wonderful day!

  18. Sunflowerfairy says:

    I am inspired to make a "dream board" of my own! What a wonderful idea! Sometimes my dreams and visions get clouded by the busy-ness of household, husband and three teenage sons…I think a dream board or notebook will be a fantastic way to place my goals and my hopes in my line of sight…for inspiration, meditation or just plain old-fashioned daydreaming! Thank you for sharing the idea.

  19. Karen Muccillo says:

    so inspiring! thank you, thank you!

  20. DebbieSue says:

    I am delighted to read about a ‘Dream Board’….I had just bought a 3 ring binder 2 weeks ago then decided I did not want to use it for another project I had on my mind. However, I now have the perfect plan! I will cut out pictures of my ‘Dreams’ and put them in this notebook! Thanks for the idea Rene’…. Blessings!

  21. Gary says:

    Hi Rene’…!
    and a belated "Happy New Year…!"
    I missed this Bloggie… was in the Hospital a couple of days… for tests and med adjustments… all is well now.
    New possibilities indeed…
    Your ponderings ring familiar bells with me… seems I didn’t reach all my goals and Dreams last year, and I can really relate to the weight. On the bright side, I did make significant progress on all my goals… even the weight.
    Weight loss is unlike any other effort for me, and to make progress, I have to take it a day at a time, because I love to cook and eat yummy food. So…
    Happy New Day and all it’s possibilities ‘eh.
    GodSpeed to Y’all…!
    in Tampa

    Gary, You were missed. I am glad that you are doing better. Blessings to you in the New Year.

  22. Linda Rogers says:

    Hi Rene,
    I am new to MJF and I am new to learning my way around this site, I love your dream board, sorta like my Idea Book I keep and built me a house out of, also things I want to do and make. I live on 15 acres, and currently have no animals, my husband has had 4 heart attacks, and now has a defibilator, so I had to go to work, now work is slowing down and I am going to start with chickens again, then some goats, I have to keep my chickens in a covered pen because of coons and the big ole hoot owl. Also, have a problem with fox. I am excited about being apart of farmgirls, also learning from you and others.

  23. This is my first time visiting here and I was a bit unsure of being here until I saw this post with this pic and I knew I was in the right place as I have followed Kellie’s blog for several years and totally love her. I can’t wait to snuggle in here and read some of your posts.

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