All Grown Up

Dear Sisters,

I hope this weeks post from the shorelines finds you all in good health and high spirits! Can you believe we are already midway through January? The month of January is a month to celebrate in our household because it’s the month our first child was born! And this year is EXTRA- ordinary because our son turned 18 yesterday! Join me as I honor and celebrate this special day in a Happy Birthday letter to our son Zachary, inspired by Alex’s (the Rural Farmgirl) welcome Baby Wilder post, which I blubbered all the way through…

I knew this milestone day would come. All mothers know it’s coming yet, it’s still so hard to believe when it finally gets here. And what mother doesn’t like to relive each childs special BIRTH day? I love to tell my kids their story about the day they were born with out the gory details of course! I don’t want to frighten them away from the miraculous event of becoming parents some day! Thank God our kids aren’t too curious about the literal moment they arrived on earth, but rather the cherished memories that went along with it. Here’s how I remember the day Zachary was born and some thoughts on how he changed my life for the better.

Dear Zachary,

WOW! Happy 18th Birthday! Can you believe it? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was rocking you to sleep, changing your diapers and singing you silly little made-up songs ( off-key ) before tucking you in at night?

It’s been a big year for you! You’ve been at full sail all year heading straight to the finish line on a bunch of things that needed rapping up! Including YOUR Rap Music. You’ve recorded your first mixed tape and started your second, performed in front of your music peers at local shows, snagged your first girl friend, started your second year of work, finished your driving hours, became an Eagle Scout, and graduated from Dandelion House Homeschools ever changing eclectic and evolving curriculum; Art and Lessons in Life Learning. I couldn’t be more pleased, proud and excited for you! You’ve accomplished a lot and now the decks are cleared for the next big wave, the FIRST chapter of your adult life. I guess it’s safe to say, you’re all grown up!

Did I ever tell you that I always knew you were going to be a boy even before you were born? I guess that’s why we could never really settle on a girls name when we were choosing baby names. Back when I was pregnant with you Dr’s could tell parents the sex of the baby by doing a simple x-ray called an ultra sound. Dad and I wanted to be surprised and wait for your birth ( which we did ) but I always knew you were you! I think Dad did too.

I remember clear as a bell the drive to the hospital the day your were born. As your father drove along I stared out the window at the snow covered mountain tops of the Sierra Nevada’s praying everything would be alright with your birth because you had decided to arrive three weeks early. You gave me my first glimpse into who you were ( and still are ) that day and you also taught me my first lesson in parenthood. I learned that you do things in your own way, in your own time, period. I’ll admit, it took me a while but I finally got it” and integrated that information somewhere in your 8th or 9th year. You were working on a school lesson and I thought you should be moving along more quickly. I’m sure your sensed the tension in my voice  as I tried to speed up your process so you simply told me to take a deep breath, which I did. You’ve always danced to the beat of your own drummer and no amount of “drumming it in” from me was going to get you to move at any pace other than your own. Once I understood that our days ran much smoother. I learned to let go of old- school ideas and trust the journey you and I were on together.  You are my Zen baby. You reminded me to breathe when I would unravel over trivial things that weren’t worth unraveling over. It’s because of you I have more peace in my life and I am forever grateful for that lesson.

We got settled in to our room around 7:30 am and the day moved on. Nurses came and went, my Dr. visited off and on, Grammy came to stay and offer support and Dad was there of course wearing his work clothes that he put on that morning. He still had his tie draped around his neck. What was he thinking?

As the sun went down we watched the beginnings of a mild winter storm building out of the large picture window. I breathed and rested in between contractions and at 8:40 pm you arrived on the scene almost as calmly and quietly as the gently falling snow outside. Your birth changed everything about our lives in the BEST of ways!  Dad and I witnessed a true miracle the day you were born. Being your parents has given us hope for the future, deepened our faith and made us better people than we were before you made us a family. It’s also made us a little chubbier and grayer, but that’s okay because we wouldn’t change a single minute of our life with you.

As you move forward ( at your own pace of course) know that you are more than our son. You are also a brother, nephew, friend, an artist, a certified life -learner, an employee and an inspiration to others just by being you! And, I’m not just sayin’ that cuz I’m your mama!

Continue to polish that little diamond inside of you until it shines so bright you can’t contain the light anymore. Be a lighthouse for others in times of need and in times of celebration. Give life your best and it will give you more.

If anyone can ” bring the awesome” you can! Cheers to the next adventure!

I love you to infinity and beyond,

Mama B


Who else has a hatchling ready to fly the coop? I want to hear all about it!

Until our next shoreline visit!

Hug your babies ( even your big ones ) tight and lovem to pieces!

Beach Blessings and Much Love,

xo Deb

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  1. My one and only turned 18 a few short weeks ago. A newly blossomed maturity came almost simultaneously with her birthday.
    She also accomplished a lot this past year, fulfilling her goals, and getting ready to start college in July. (yes, July)
    I take comfort in knowing that even though she is not a child, I can still be her guide.
    Blessings to your son – may he grow to be a strong, prosperous wise man.

    Congratulations Rosanne!  It’s a wonderful feeling to know we got them this far isn’t it? And, that we will still be their guiding light as they continue to grow… Many blessings to you and your daughter as she begins a new life in college!

    xo Deb

  2. Nicki says:

    Hi Deb! Congrats on your son’s (and your & your husband’s) milestone! My firstborn was also born in January along with my youngest. In fact, one is twice the other’s age (13 and 26)!


  3. Joan says:

    Congratulations to Zach and you and Boz, a huge milestone for sure. It’s been 25 years for me but I remember it like yesterday, enjoy it and love each second. Thanks for sharing. God Bless

  4. Pam deMarrais says:

    Hey Deb, what a great post about parenthood and its marvels. I love to celebrate each new milestone for my [now grown] children. They will always be my children…so don’t feel like this is anything but the end of one chapter of your lives.
    You have so much to be proud of, and you can must feel an extra sense of accomplishment from home schooling Zach. Way to go, farmgirl sister!

  5. Merrilyn says:

    It’s wonderful and awful at the same time when they grow up. We’re proud and scared at the same time. How can that be. And I’ll tell you what Deb, they never stop being our little ones. Look at the age of mine and I still want to take of them. You know what I mean. You must be so proud. His journey is just beginning. Lots of hugs to you on that one girl.

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