Autumn Magic ( and a GIVEAWAY )

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It must be September. The goldenrod is in bloom!

Dear Sisters,

Happy Fall!  I just love this time of year, don’t you? After all, what’s not to love about no humidity, cool, crisp air, the turning of the leaves and for us beach farmgirls, that also means less crowds on the shorelines. Why it’s almost as refreshing as spring except that instead of chomping at the bit to get outside, the urge to turn inwards is beginning to take over. Are you feeling the magic of Autumn, too?

When do you start to feel the urge to nest? It’s usually around mid-August for me. All it takes is that first whiff of fall in the air to send me into nesting mode. I’ve already stocked the pantry with dry goods so I’ll be ready to bake when the spirit moves me.  In the meantime I’ve been enjoying the off-season at the beach and flexing my farmgirl muscles at the Garden Shop where I work ( eh hem, play) part-time.

*Remind me to write a post sometime about how important it is to work at something you love. It’s truly the best medicine in the world!


I always look forward to the subtle changes of my local surroundings in September. As summer sails slowly into fall, the marsh grass turns from a lush deep green to sunkist golden-yellow.

2016-09-17 11.50.51

The road to the cottage is less active now making it easier to capture pics of wildlife and wash ashore lobster pots.


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The dune grass slow dances in the sea breeze. I could watch that dance all day. Something about it is very hypnotic.


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What could be better than being nestled under a favorite throw or quilt sipping something hot while watching the fog roll in or out depending on the weather? Those beautiful daisy flowers pictured above are called Montauk Daisies. They bloom in late September giving your landscape a last hurrah when most other perennials and shrubs are through flowering.

Speaking of flowering. Let’s head on over to the garden shop. It’s looking and feeling mighty magical right now!

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Are you a fan of the white pumpkins? They’re very popular here for beach-y fall decorating.

2016-09-029They go just perfectly with seashells and the washed out tones of coastal decor.


Or how about these pretty Blue Pumpkins? They look like magical pumpkins to me! The kind you might see in a fairy tale illustration or garden book. They mix well with the white and orange pumpkins too.

2016-09-22 17.50.41 resize edit (2)The Cinderella Pumpkins make for a fun fall statement when stacked on top of each other in a planter or front step.

2016-09-22 17.19.23 resize edit (2)

Gorgeous mums, kale, and grasses galore!

The outside of the garden shop is in full fall mode and the garden girls and I have been very busy inside the shop merchandising new gift items for the upcoming holiday season.


Gretchen and Bridgette farmgirls at heart.

It’s starting to feel like a cozy, country store and it smells like fall too! Bags of cinnamon pine cones piled into a bucket make the whole shop smell wonderful and we keep the pumpkin spice coffee hot all day now.

2016-09-034 resize edit2016-09-031One of my very favorite things about the shop is the wood stove. Temps dipped down into the 60’s this week. It’s almost time to fire her up!

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It’s been so fun to play with merchandising as new locally made products arrive. And I’ve dusted off my handy-dandy paint brushes too! I gave a dated brown hutch a warm and wonderful makeover with Annie Sloan’s ( featured in a recent issue of MaryJanesFarm ) Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint on the outside and Old White on the inside.


It’s the perfect complement to maple products from The Warren Farm and Sugar House.


(Shameless plug coming ) And guess who’s seasonal cut flowers you can find there? That’s right. Yours truly.


Dandelion House Cut Flowers.

All in all it’s a magical FARMGIRL fall! So magical in fact that in the spirit of farmgirls everywhere I’m giving away one MaryJanesFarm Magazine Subscription to a lucky reader.


Leave a comment to enter and tell me, what’s the most magical thing about Autumn to you?

Until our next shoreline visit~ Make some Autumn magic!  Flex your farmgirl muscles, create beauty, celebrate friendship and fellowship and encourage each-others talents. You’ll just feel better, I promise!


Deb ( The Beach Farmgirl









  1. Stacey Mitchell says:

    The magic of the leaves turning.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year, so it’s difficult for me to pick just one thing. I love raking leaves, the fall smells, and the colors of fall; long walks in the cool air and the wonderful cozy feeling of coming home.

  3. Mary Rauch says:

    You ask what is most magical about Autumn…For me it is a toss up between the colors and the smell in the air that just send me into dreamland. I could perch on a boulder and relax and reflect all afternoon by myself and be perfectly entertained.
    Absolutely my favorite season here in Ohio.
    It would appreciate your gift of a subscription to Mary Janes Farm.

  4. Krista says:

    Your switch into autumn is simply perfect! Oh how I wish I could experience the switch to autumn from a beach perspective. Even the fog looks fascinating. I would also love to haze a few blue and white pumpkins for my decorations. Here we mainly have orange pumpkins and then “ugly” pumpkins. They have many bumps and twists and turns. The uglier the pumkin the more it’s desired! I would have to say the most magical thing about autumn for me would be how the weather brings the family together. We always have more family parties with yummy smells and delicious food! I wouldn’t change this time year and I’m excited to share it for the first time with my son.

  5. Claudette says:

    My husband and I’s favorite season is fall! Next is spring. We both love the blustery weather, having a fire, and just settling in with our 6 cats. Yep 6!
    Thank you for the giveaway!!!!

  6. Joanna T. says:

    The most magical thing about autumn is the whimsical colors of the trees! As a landscape photographer, it’s my favorite time of year to capture nature’s beauty, and she definitely puts on a show!

  7. Fall memories…….spending the day with a dear friend at a great country sale or herb festival…..bringing home lovely and lasting memories of a time long ago…missing my dear friend and kindred spirit….RIP Vickie ……

  8. Sharee says:

    The crisp air!

  9. Sandy Minnich says:

    Autumn is so beautiful, I look forward to the cooler temps and the changes in color. The countryside is so gorgeous.

  10. Teri says:

    I love the colors, smells and feeling in the air. The fall harvest of apples and pumpkins. Especially like apple cider and apple cider donuts. 🙂

  11. The warm autumn sun basking on the vibrant colored leaves,& the crunch of leaves beneath ur shoes as u walking enjoying it all.

  12. The warm autumn sun basking on the vibrant colored leaves, the crunch beneath your feet, soaking it all in.

  13. Kathy Beachy says:

    I love fall. All of fall is magical for me. Red, yellow & orange leaves, drifting all around. Like fairies dancing in the wind.
    I clean up all those house plants that have spent their long summer playing outside. I re-pot those that had a seasonal growth spurt.
    My chickens are all beginning to loose their pretty thick feathers (why do they loose their feathers just when they need them most?).
    I’ve bedded down my garden with a thick covering of compost and leave it to dream of next year’s new garden.
    But mostly I can’t wait for quilty nights, thick socks, and nice warm fires in the wood stove.

  14. Nancy Couden says:

    Let’s call it Harvest season–because that is what I see with the farmers busy in their fields and the last hurrah for our gardens and fruit trees.

  15. Cheryl OMara says:

    What I find the most magical about autumn to me is the falling leaves. I love to walk through a shower of leaves falling off the trees in our woods. This experience only lasts a day or two out of the year. It’s so calm and peaceful.

  16. Rose Ann wong says:

    The most magical thing about Fall is the scents – the woodsy smell of the piles of raked leaves, of a Bon fire on a crisp Fall night, of cinnamon laced treats wafting from a kitchen, and the aromas of comfort foods baked in the oven like roasts, pies, squash, and pot pies.

  17. Missy says:

    I love Autumn so much I named my daughter (now 35yrs old) Autumn! What I love most about this season is…..everything.

  18. Sheena Dorak says:

    Aside from the smells and the colors, the most magical part of autumn to me is that it is the time of year when my imagination really kicks into gear. The atmosphere seems to carry a lot of spirits in the fall.

  19. Marjorie Klein says:

    I love the crisp cool air and the gorgeous colors. It is my favorite time for hiking and the bonus is no mosquitos or deer flies.

  20. Judy McI says:

    Taking the time to take a day long road trip through the White Mountains in NH, just to soak in Mother Earth in her glory…of course packing a picnic of fresh locally grown apples with a block of cheddar, having a cup of apple cider and finishing off the feast with apple cider donuts adds the finishing touch to the fall adventure.

  21. First your pictures are fantastic which takes me to the most amazing thing about fall, the color that fills the air, it’s simply the best. Cooler temperatures for us down south is also wonderful – we’re finally in the 80’s – Yep that’s a cold front I can wear jeans again.. Have a great weekend Deb Enjoyed!!

  22. Sue says:

    Today my answer to your question about my favorite part of Fall is COOL weather. It finally came today and it makes me happy!

  23. Jinx Taylor says:

    Fall is my most beloved season and I cannot think of one thing about it that doesn’t bring me joy. If I had to chose the most special thing it would be driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway in N.C. when the leaves have changed color and having them falling over the road and floating in the air. It feels magicical and always makes me happy.

  24. The air is filled with magic. The Harvest moon rising in the Nevada sky.

  25. Doris says:

    Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love all the smells (pumpkin spice, apple,etc), the cool temps and beautiful colors. I love going to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard with the grands and great-grands. I feel fulfilled and ready to hibernate for the winter months, well for a short time anyways before I start enjoying all things winter 🙂

  26. Tracy says:

    I love the gorgeous colors of the mums in my Fall garden!

  27. Diana says:

    Autumn is nesting, gathering and coming back inside our homes after being outside all summer. I love the fall season

  28. Cathleen says:

    Iam such a coastal farmgirl……now to dream my own home, near the big waters, with lots of trees around my house……garden growing abundant. Love the tip on the Montauk Daisies!!!!

    Apple Cider Puckers!!!

  29. Cheryl Smith says:

    I love when the nights are getting colder, but the days are still warm enough for short sleeves. Cleaning the last of the garden, transplanting, removing the things that need to be stored for winter. Collecting apples for pies & sauce. Getting more accomplished with this warmer than normal fall.

  30. Sandi says:

    Hello Deb! Your seaside pics are wonderful and I agree, living at the beach in Autumn is magical (mostly due to the crowds gone!) I love the Montauk Daisies! I wonder if other parts of the country have them? This season is so special to me as I was born under the glory of fall and am drawn to all the colors of the season and the low lights of campfires, indoor fires and candles. It truly marks the beginning of the season of lights. My home is full of the smell of ‘Sweet Annie’ one of my very favorite seasonal plants. Do you grow it? Until the next visit….happy fall y’all!

  31. Sara says:

    Autumn Magic comes at a time when tree leaves explode into spicy colors of cinnamon, pumpkin, and squash in crisp air to breathe in. Time to cozy up to burning bonfires with hot cider drinks and s’mores.

  32. CJ Armstrong says:

    Oh, the magic of cooler temps, the smells of fall, the changing colors . . .it’s my favorite season.
    I need some of the white and blue pumpkins to go with my beach-y decorations! I have lots of shells, sand samples from different beaches I’ve been on and lots of framed photographs of beach scenes that I’ve taken. I live in southwest Colorado and no seaside retreats here!
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Marion says:

    Fall is the best season with its beautiful ,vibrant colors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. Joan says:

    I love the Fall season. The air is crisp, and cool,good curling up with a good book weather. Thank you or this giveaway.

  35. Marilyn says:

    Fall is so refreshing with the comfortable days and cool nights. It seems nature just busts out with its beautiful colors. Thank you for this generous giveaway.

  36. Reba says:

    I love the view of the mountain from my front porch while sitting with a cup of coffee and wrapped up in a quilt. You can watch the leaves change into such vibrant colors that reflect in the sunlight!! It is amazing!!

  37. Jennifer says:

    I love going on long drives through the mountains and looking at the beautiful colorful leaves.

  38. Jessica says:

    Leaves turning and hand knit scarves with soft flannel.

  39. Sharon Elaine says:

    Apart from October being my birthday month – presents please – I love sweaters, shawls, throws, bonfires, canning apples, football, colored leaves, pumpkins, gourds and mums.

  40. Carol says:

    The best part about fall is the smells. We don’t get much of the weather and leaves and other indicators in Florida, but in my mind and in my home, I can bring in the smells of fall. The pine needles, leaves, spices, camp fires all create a sense of “aaahh.”

  41. Penny Ray says:


  42. Daizy says:

    Hay there,

    I suppose the most magical thing about fall is the amazing colors, and the subtle nip in the air. Its like a cool crisp quilt that our Creator has tossed on to the landscape. The aroma of each season is so different and autumn is unique and earthy and yet robust and light. I, too, feel the need to nest at the slightest hint of fall. Love your writing….keep ’em coming!

    Hugs and prayers,
    Daizy #1093
    Poor House Farm Girl

  43. Lisa Rollins says:

    The aromas of autumn are so pleasing and homey feeling. A fire in the woodstove, soups and stews simmering on the back of the stove, Apple crisp and pumpkin bread in the oven. The crisp breath of fresh air in the morning. The smell of decaying leaves in the evening. Autumn is all about the aromas for me.

  44. Gwen says:

    Everything looks so cozy! Thanks for helping us get in the Fall spirit!

  45. Cathy R says:

    I adore all things fall! Cool weather, geese flying south, the awesome colors and evening fires in the fire pit with marshmallow roasting of course! LOVE your pictures and post! Thanks for the giveaway! Fall blessings to you!!!

  46. My favorite day of autumn is always the day that our family including the dog goes apple picking to an orchard in Indiana. It is the one day of the year when I feel like a real farm girl as I climb trees, pick fruit and sit on a hay bale on a horse drawn wagon. I have a scrapbook of photos of apple picking over the years showing the kids getting older and the dog getting fatter. The promise of a bubbly home baked apple pie (mine) and sweet stove top simmered apple sauce (my husband’s) makes the ride home as ripe with excitement as the ripe apples we are toting home. We have gone apple picking on sunny seventy degree days when we wear tee shirts and in freezing forty degree days when we are in parkas. No matter what the weather I am farm girl happy that magical day in autumn.

  47. Judy says:

    Autumn is here. My birthday is over for another year. Warm, lower sun; a crunch underfoot; scent of burning leaves in my nose. Yup. It’s transition and a cup
    Of fresh pressed cider helps me make it

  48. Judy says:

    Autumn has a feel to it like warm apple cider or logs burning invitingly.
    Just a walk down the path tells you
    Autumn also has a feel to it- the crunch of leaves underfoot. Memories of Shay once was green and soft underfoot.
    Then there is the Autumn moon that
    brings scents to our centers- blackberries ripe for picking and burning leaf piled that invite us to folllow them with our sticks and marshmallows.
    Autumn is ours for the feeling.

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