Hello Farmgirls!

Thank you for your patience since my last post. The main reason I missed it was because my amazing, kind, wise and witty grandfather passed away.  It wasn’t a surprise, but it was shocking to face a world without his presence.  I wrote a post about him that never officially made it up, but you can see it in my chain of posts if you want to know more about the OG Alex!

Since then, I’ve grieved a lot, worked a bit, adventured with kids and most recently reveled in the lovely goodies mother nature has already offered up for our taking.  We are only a few weeks into no-snow weather, but the foraging has been plentiful and pretty easy!

Springtime and the living's getting easier.  Time for sun hats and no snowsuits at the playground!

Springtime and the living’s getting easier. Time for sun hats and no snowsuits at the playground!

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  1. Theresa says:

    God bless, wonderful post

  2. Lisa says:

    So very enjoyed your article. I found some stinging nettles in my strawberry patch and
    have enjoyed eating fresh from the yard dandelion leaves.

  3. Marjorie A Klein says:

    I learned to eat dandelion greens when I lived in Greece. They are an incredible prebiotic, so full of life-giving nutrients and yet folks spray them with weed killer! I cut off the leaves and pop them into my big salad. I haven’t tried the flowers but I will. I love the way they brighten up the look of my yard with their cheery yellow blooms.
    Funny how if you call something a weed, people automatically hate it.

  4. Marilyn says:

    What an enjoyable post. Your girls are beautiful.

  5. Swan says:

    Lovely. I have been weeding grass to plant some new herbs. Now I want to pick a patch with dandelion and try those muffins.

  6. Rhonda Cavaliere says:

    I recently researched the dandelion for our herb club. Wow was I ever surprised at it’s benefits. I made myself some dandelion salve it is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I’m adding the recipe to my presentation folder.

  7. Margaret Hofknecht says:

    I haven’t ever eaten a dandelion but I do enjoy seeing their bright yellow heads swaying slightly in the wind over the grass below. I know folks see them as nuisance plants but I don’t. I still remember picking a dandelion after it has gone to seed. Wishes! Waiting for me to take a deep breath and blow…..scattering all my wishes.

  8. Amanda says:

    Hi there! Your post made me hungry! It’s way past dandelion season here in PA. We enjoy the leaves (before they have flower buds) as a salad with hot bacon dressing. Hmm, I think the dressing kinda takes away from the health benefits. But it sure is tasty! Enjoy your wild edibles!

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