Oh, Nuts, How We Love Thee.


Autumn, Sweet Autumn.

Where have you been hiding, My Friend?


Oh, how I’ve been longing for you on these hot summer-like days.

And now you’re here.

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  1. Mary Pitman says:

    Hickory nuts ARE good to eat! My MIL used to make a ‘hickory nut pie’, just like pecan. But we always had to be careful, because she couldn’t see really well and we’d get the shell pieces in our pie! Great memories.

  2. Ramona Puckett says:

    We have pecan trees on our property. They don’t produce every year, we’ve heard they have a bumper crop every 7 years! Talk about faith! I haven’t seen any but it’s early here, in NE Oklahoma. Love your descriptions and pictures oh and the new kitty is beautiful! Have a blessed day!

  3. My favorites are cashews. I keep some in a jar ready to pop a few in my mouth when I’m hungry for a snack so I don’t reach for the cookies instead (well, most of the time). P.S. As a cat lover, all cats are beautiful to me!

  4. Peggy Tackett says:

    I wish I had your hickory nuts. My sisters and I when we were little would sit and crack these for our older sister to make fudge with. They are very good. You should try them in some fudge and you will see. I love your blog and will continue to read. I love cats even though I don’t have one at present but the one in the picture reminds me of a cat I had and I called him Prince. He thought he was a prince. lol

  5. Rhiannon Carlton says:

    I have a question, you mentioned that you buy nuts in shell from produce department and you roast those. Can you tell me about that? Thank you!

  6. Diane Van Horn says:

    I love all nuts especially cashews but like you, I avoid the Brazil nuts. That black cat is gorgeous and arrived just in time for Halloween!

  7. Vivian Monroe says:

    My favorite….Walnuts, Brazil nuts, then almonds… 🙂 I think the long skinny pecans, I say Pa Cons too, are considered Native Pecans…I think…thanks for sharing the recipes…I’m gonna try some. Be Blessed. Neta

  8. Doris Hall says:

    Hickory nuts are so good in homemade fudge. When I was little ( in the ’40’s) Dad would crack the nuts and I would use an embroidery needle to pick out the nut meat then mom would make the candy.YUM YUM!! I always love your post and look so forward to them.

  9. Marlene Dotterer says:

    Pecans are my favorite, since forever. I’ve never had hickory nuts. Everything else can line up in whatever order, just behind the pecans. I love nuts. ALL of them, even walnuts, which it turns out I’m allergic to. So I can’t eat those anymore or I’ll get blisters all over my mouth and throat. Is that an allergy or a “reaction?” Dunno, but the result is the same – I can’t eat ’em.

    That’s okay though, because pecans are the perfect substitute! BTW, I say pa-cans, too. And while they are my favorite, there is no doubt that I eat more peanuts (as in peanut butter) than any other nut or legume. I buy the bulk nuts at Whole Foods and grind them in the store. No salt, sugar, or extra oil that way, which is essential for a husband with kidney disease. Not that I need any of that stuff either.

    I’m so glad it’s autumn! Time for pa-can pie!

  10. Sandi King says:

    Rebekah, where I live now the trees surrounding the house are Hickory and Acorn so we have both kinds on the ground. Our neighbors come and pick up the Hickory nuts and they are huge. I hate getting hit by them when they start falling. They hurt. Our squirrels love them and you can watch them scurrying around burying them for future eating as well as digging some up to eat at different times of the year. They have dug up some of my flower bulbs in the process, but the young ones that are born are so much fun to watch because they play a lot too. We have never eaten Hickory nuts and probably never will. My favorites are a can of mixed nuts; my son loves all nuts, but pistachios are his favorite. I love cats and have 6 now; 5 indoors and one outside. We had 3 adults when I rescued two young kittens from a cat killing dog and they are males and beautiful. They go to the vet on Nov 1st. Our backyard has the acorns on the ground and I picked up a lot of them one time, searched the Internet about them and found they had to be baked in the oven before eating for a certain length of time; I didn’t, and threw them back on the ground. I would rather trust the store bought ones more than what I would do to them if I had to process them. Black cats and Halloween are a given and wonderful. They also are great for keeping the mice population down. Our outdoor cat catches moles, voles, mice, and some birds and one time a squirrel. Must have been an old squirrel as I know they are quicker than a cat. Well until next time have a great Fall and Winter. I too look forward to a colder and snowier winter this year.

  11. Brenda White says:

    I’m a nut for nuts! My all time favorite are cashews, salted of course. We have a local peanut shop downtown. And they sell broken cashews at a discounted price. If we’re buying for ourselves we go for the broken ones. They all taste the same,right? And your new kitty is beautiful! We have a black cat that looks just like yours whose name is Binx.

  12. Dianna Hauf says:

    Oh how I love it! We had a small 14 acre pecan orchard we sold back 4 years ago. I’ve TOTALLY missed the harvesting AND eating of our pecans!! We even had our dog trained to help sniff out those we missed on the ground! His reward was a wee taste of the devine meat! I still buy PA-cans during the fall months and toast them as well as make sugared pecans for the family! Enjoy extra for those of us who love them as well! They, along with hazelnuts are my fsv’s!! Oh yes, Mr or Mrs “It” looks just like my Cassanova! Happy Fall y’all!!

  13. Denise says:

    I love love nuts especially cashews, peanuts – honey roasted with salt ..mmm, walnuts. Almonds don’t sit so well with me unfortunately tho they are very good fir you, as are Brazil nuts tho I always go fur my favourite nuts over them each time.
    I find it difficult to find the bags of nuts at the store over here these days, but do buy them and love them when I do find them. Your receipes Sound awesome and I’m going to make them with store bought raw nuts, I’ll let you know how they turn out.
    Black cats and Halloween … purrfect timing .

  14. Cathy R says:

    Thank you, your post brings back a lot of memories from growing up in the south. PA-CONS are my favorite, but like eating all nuts, especially the whole ones in a bowl to crack at Christmas! My mother made a delicious hickory nut cake and lucky for us our Dad enjoyed collecting and cracking them. The cats are in heaven when they show up at your farm! Blessings for a delightful fall and winter!

  15. Marlene Capelle says:

    Any nut sitting in front of me ready to eat.

  16. Judy Kennedy says:

    Oh I love all nuts, I think Almonds are my favorite. I love Hazelnuts in desserts. I didn’t used to like Brazil nuts but lately I think they are a good alternative to Macadamia nuts which are very expensive.
    When I was young we had an English walnut and a Black walnut tree in our yard. I agree the Black walnuts are a pain to shell but how I love the maple syrup flavor they impart. I remember eating tons of the English walnuts and the dread of having to help shell them for holiday cooking projects as well as homey gifts to give. My mom would “put up” jars of jam and apple butter to go along with the nuts.
    I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for the memories.

  17. MB Whitney says:

    I’m not a big nut fan overall but I love making things with nuts. If I’m eating them plain cashews are the way to go. I love candied pecans.

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