Sparkling Like a Million Little Suns

There isn’t much I love more in the world than brand new snow.  After falling asleep in a world that is largely brown and barren it is such a treat to wake up to a glittering, sparkling snowfall–reflecting a million little sunrises back at us.  “Isn’t it beautiful?!” I gasp and ask my children.  This time of year can be a gift with the first few snowfalls often melting between each event.

The girls admiring the morning snow fall.

The girls admiring the morning snow fall.

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  1. Laura R. says:

    Hi ! Your girls are so sweet, nature-loving, fun-loving cuties !!! I live in the Northeast and have not had any snowfall as yet, and even my first killing frost came in November. Snow does bring extra work, but I always was happier in the winter with a ground cover of snow. And thanks to your insight, I am looking forward to the magic of winter snow. Whenever it comes !!! Happy Thanksgiving !

  2. I’ve been making homemade marshmallows thus last month. They are divine!! Can’t wait to try your hot chocolate 🙂

  3. Peggy Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing your snow and stories. I also love snow but live in Southwest Missouri.
    We rarely see even snow flakes. I truly miss it being from Northern ILL.
    I read christmas books and watch Christmas movies to enjoy snow.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. MS Barb says:

    I LOVE the snow! (don’t care for icy roads though!) Thank you for sharing your healthy hot cocoa recipe! (Have you read the ingredients on the boxes of the commercial hot cocoa? scary!) THANKS again!

  5. Angela F Hajzak says:

    Thank you for sharing your snow stories. I have always loved snow and sometimes I feel that I am the only one who has appreciation for it. You made my day!

  6. Marilyn says:

    Your girls look so happy playing in the snow. Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  7. Joan says:

    Super fun posting! God Bless

  8. Marilyn Berger says:

    What a beautiful homage to Winter! In Mt.Shasta, California , the mountain is covered with snow and we are waiting to it to fall below 5,000 feet on this warm and windy Thanksgiving morning.
    An hour a day in outside activity is a great idea!
    Thank you much for sharing your receipents! I’ll use it as a reward in reverse: go outside for an hour and then I can have cocoa!
    Old Edgewood Farm

  9. Sandi King says:

    Today is Thanksgiving Day no snow! sunshine! 56 degrees! Air is on cool side, sort of brisk. Maybe by Christmas we will get snow, some anyway. I don’t expect we will get very much again this year. We may have really cold temps tho. It has been in the low 20’s at night here in Kentucky. Anyway, love your snow, your children are adorable. My home state of New York has gotten snow already according to my family there. Lucky guys! Waiting to see a snowman on your next blog. Love that idea—– of making a snowman!

  10. Krista says:

    I am another snow lover and you said it perfectly. There is just something about when it snows that’s so peaceful and perfect. I have been snowboarding in the past when it’s snowing and I love sitting at the top of the mountain and just listen to it snow. It’s crazy but you can really hear snow falling and it’s so calming. We haven’t had any snow yet and I’m actually upset about it. After eating our Thanksgiving dinner last night, we went outside to play. Let me just say, we have never been warm enough to go out and play with out jackets after Thanksgiving. I have also been keeping my windows open because it’s still so warm. It’s throwing my holidays off. I’m ready for the snow! Enjoy it for me!

    • Alexandra Wilson says:

      Ah! that sounds so odd–to go outside after a Thanksgiving meal without jackets. The sound of snow falling is a magical sound, in a way. I hope your snow comes soon!

  11. Susabelle says:

    We have had snow five times, but we also have had 70-degree days. Winter is confusing this year (I am in northern Colorado plains just along the Rockies). I’m ready for real winter. Winter is when I read, catch up on sit-down tasks. I run run run the rest of the year, and until winter truly arrives, I will keep running. Spent a week in the midwest with family and brought back a cooler full of frozen venison…spent the day after I got back making loads of meatballs and meatloaves to put in the freezer for later. It was 77 degrees when I did it, which explains the run-run-run! Winter needs to get here already!! I’m tired!

    • Alexandra Wilson says:

      I hear you Susabelle! I think it’s in our true nature to keep going while the sun shines. Venison meatballs and meatloaves sound so yummy! I hope real winter comes your way soon.

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