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Hello Farmgirls!

I hope this finds you well as we all continue to dive deeper into the green of spring and heat of summer.  I am in the second half of a whirlwind visit to the Midwest with my family and have been enjoying watching the bright new greens transform into their slightly more permanent, deeper hues.  The trip started with beautiful blossoms on the apple, cherry, plum and lilac trees and is finishing with some of the most lusciously green and huge-leaved maples and oaks I’ve seen in a very long time!  When we get back to Alaska, we’ll get to experience it all again.  How lucky are we?

Country road, take me home...(driveway to my mom's farm in MN)

Country road, take me home…(driveway to my mom’s farm in MN)

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  1. Krista says:

    Thank you for sharing some nice pictures of spring and the great outdoors! Hopefully you will be able to continue finding ways to be outside and get back to your inner country. I bet it will be a lot of fun checking out all the parks. I wish we had that many parks here. I have been enjoying the outdoors myself. Twice a day I go out to check on my garden, to water some plants, and push my son in his swing. I can see a difference in both of us just getting out of these concrete walls. Amazing how that works!

  2. Dori Troutman says:

    Hi Alex! As always, I loved reading everything! And those darling little girls of yours. Sigh. (Because I have two little grand-daughters I think I am naturally partial to two little sisters!)

    I was excited to see the picture of Ava bird watching… I’ve been to that exact spot!!! My husband’s family lives on the hill there overlooking the inlet so we would bike that boardwalk and birdwatch. I really need a trip back to Alaska! 🙂

    And Opal in her little overalls? So precious and wow she is growing!

    I was sad about the Yurt. I miss your Yurt days!

    Big hugs to you; happy you are enjoying your trip “outside”.

    – Dori, the Ranch Farmgirl –

  3. Cheryl says:

    I am a country girl stuck in the city also but I find ways to keep the country in my life ..I read blogs and country magazines ( I love Mary Jane’s farm ). I plant something every spring even tho I have to plant in pots..I look for good old country recipes like vinigar pie. I take drives in the country…one time I just HAD to see a cow so I loaded up my boys and we drove out to the country to find a pasture full of cows…I got to pet one..that was good therapy for a city girl missing the country life.

  4. Joan says:

    I am living – not on a farm BUT I try to make my yard a farmish setting, the neighbors love it. We have rules for the front so they all are surprised when they open the gate, does make me feel good. It’s getting harder as I get more into my 70’s and the arthritis settles more into my titanium re-enforced spine but on I go and thank God for every inch of the rural feel. Your girls are so precious!!! God bless.

  5. I always enjoy reading what you’re up to. In answer to your question, whenever I’m in a place with a lot of concrete like NYC, I go to great lengths to stay where there is at least one window I can open–hard to find actually. I love an open window because often there’s a breeze that will move the curtains ever so slightly, or perhaps a bird that will sing. It connects me somehow to home and instantly comforts me.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  7. Very Cool Pics!

    Farmgirl Hugs,

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