Old Year, New Year

What do you think about the winter so far, Mr. Mustache Cat?

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Yeah, me too. Wet and warm. Feels like summer to me!

I’d build a fire inside but it is too warm. So I’m sitting out beside a bonfire I’ve been trying to start for an hour. Where there is smoke there is fire? Not so here. So far, all I’ve got is smoke. I’m here to have quiet so I can “find” my theme for the new year and contemplate the 3 things I always like to think about when one year becomes another. I hear chickens squawking and glance over at the chicken house and run. The Mustache Cat, the feral cat, the one who now lives in my house and yard and is no longer wild, is up on top of the chicken house. I think I saw him licking his lips. I will be right back…

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  1. Cindy says:

    Great post! Savor every moment! And you are right ! You are never done with the farm life! There is always something! I have the same approach with my horses! Al least I can saddle and walk around ! Good enough for me too! Aren’t horses magical !!! I love all our farm animals and fell very blessed! Great health and being moe generous are my goals! I want to be filled with love and not sweat the small stuff which can consume you!! Let it Go!! Hoping all is well! Happy New Year for all of us! Cindy

  2. Diane Van Horn says:

    Happy, healthy and adventurous New Year to you and yours! I hope you get some snow soon. I know how much you love it. Up here in Wisconsin it has been a mild winter also. Finally snowed over 8 inches and I am loving it! My dog Molly and I went hiking in the State Park that is just a half a mile from my cottage. Something so quiet and peaceful after a heavy snow. Molly came home wearing golf ball size snow balls in her fur. She is definitely a snow dog. It is so nice to have a little, cozy cottage after the last couple of years of traveling. Looking forward to gardening and getting some chickens in the spring. I am not making any resolutions this year, just plans. I look forward to your posts and adventures of 2016!

  3. denise says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts! I hope for all of us that the stinky parts aren’t as many or as long so happy 2016!

  4. Rebecca says:

    For Christmas this year, my husband signed me up for guitar lessons. YAY! I’ve always wanted to play and have a really nice guitar, but can’t seem to get the hang of it on my own. So I’m looking forward to learning some chords and eventually be able to play some songs. I’m still working on embracing the journey of life. I want to, but my mind is constantly rushing me to the next thing on my list. Maybe this will be the year I learn to enjoy the moment. May you and your family have a happy and blessed new year!

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