Peace, Man, Peace

Farmlife has provided me with more opportunities to think about things. I spend a considerable amount of time using the muscles in my arms or legs, rather than my head. That leaves my head muscle “available.” Available to ponder and contemplate and think things through. Like, when I shovel the manure out of the barn-thinking time! Or when I drive the tractor through the hayfield-thinking time! Or when I weed-eat-thinking time! If you’ve hung out with me for any period of time here, you know that PEACE is one of my quests. For me, for the tiny corner of my world, and for the whole world.

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Three Bucks

I’m wondering about YOUR best three dollar purchase? A cup of coffee can cost $3 these days, you know. So, what’s YOURS? What is your most favorite thing you’ve gotten for three hundred pennies?

Who, me? Well, the other day I’m at a thrift store.

And I see something that I simply must have.

“How much is IT?”

“Three bucks,” the clerk answered.


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