Water… That Vital Source of Life

I’m still here in New Mexico with my parents. We’ve been talking a lot about the old days of ranching in the West and some of the things that stood out in my parent’s minds as vital to survival, not only for their own families but also their livestock. Of course one of the most important was water.   This was where that most amazing invention came into play – The Windmill.


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Going “Home”!

This is my childhood home. The place where my parents still live. I love how it is tucked down in those trees.

It is such a beautiful place.

Every Farmgirl needs to go “home” sometimes. Even though my own home is almost 2000 miles from here, this is still home to me and that’s how I refer to it!

Do you do that? Do you still refer to that significant place in your childhood as “home”?

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