I Doubt It

It had already been a long, hard week when my husband called me from his cell phone to tell me that he was sitting on the tractor we borrowed and it was stuck in mud. Could I come and help get him out? he asked. I laughed. Not because he was stuck, but because he actually thought I could be of some help in the situation.

Me? Help? Really?!! What in the world could I do? I wouldn’t know where to begin to get a tractor un-stuck.

Well, there was one thing to do: call a neighbor for help.

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Gifts That Don’t Come Wrapped In Bows

I keep finding myself showered with gifts.

Not the kind that come in a box, or wrapped up in bows.

But the other kind. You know, the kind that matters the most.

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My Little Secret

Oh yeah, I’ve got one, a secret. Do you?

Are you someone who can be trusted with secrets? I can. My lips are sealed tightly. My grandmother used to say, “Now, don’t you tell it…” (I hear her voice saying that now as I write it.) I learned not to. I did NOT tell it. Now that I think about it, it’s kinda funny that I blog because I’m actually a very private person. I think I feel safe because Farmgirls are such a sweet, supportive, loving group of women. Aren’t we!

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