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From Trash to Treasure

“One man’s trash is another’s treasure”. I think breathing new life into something is an art! Lately, I’ve been lucky, finding fantastic items to restore and repurpose. Last week, I found something I’ve wanted forever, that’s got me giddy like a little kid on Christmas! Little did I know, this item wouldn’t just speak to me, it would tell me its history!


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Cottage Days

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Dear Sisters,

I hope this note finds you all healthy and happy for the upcoming Memorial Weekend holiday. A farmgirls work is never done, even on the holidays. There’s still plenty of feeding, planting, milking, cleaning and caring to be done but that can wait a few minutes! I’m reminiscing about Cottage Day’s to come and I’d love some company! We’ve got so much to be grateful for and the beach is the perfect place to find some quiet and remember those who have fought and still fight for our luxurious freedom every day. Come with me and we’ll clear our heads together at the beach! Only one condition. Check your cell phone at the cottage door! No selfies, snap chats, tweets or tumbles allowed!!! Continue reading

Taking Pause

How are you doing?  Have you recently taken a moment to stop, breathe and just be? Often, these moments are too few and far between.  This is especially true during this time of the year.  With spring showers (or snow…or even drought depending on where you are!) comes a deluge of other to-dos.  There’s the proverbial spring cleaning that seems to drag on and on; there are seeds to spread, seedlings to pot up and plants to get in the ground; there are lawn mowers to tune and bicycles to clean up; and there is always, ALWAYS, something to re-organize.

Busy workers hilling potatoes.

Busy workers hilling potatoes.

During the spring there is definitely a lot of do-ing.  It seems like we reserve the winter for our times of reflection and pause–and it makes total sense!  It feels right and natural to take time to reflect and meditate on life when the do-ing is lessened.  However, I believe that we should aim to include these moments throughout our days, weeks, seasons and lives.

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The Thing About Spring


Springtime on the Farm

I was just about to plant my tomato seedlings last week when I struck up a conversation with an elderly man at the store. He said, “absolutely not, do not plant your tomatoes yet. You’ll be sorry.” You gotta be kidding me? It’s mid-May!

He was right. Here’s my lawn this morning. May 19th! Frost. I’m not complaining; I love the chilly mornings! On my birthday a few days ago, we had a fire going in the fireplace all day. I enjoyed it BIG time! I think mainly because it was so different from the birthday weather where I spent most of my life.



I’m so glad I chatted with that fellow. My tomatoes are still safe and sound inside.

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Little Changes for a Natural Lifestyle

When an issue of MaryJanesFarm arrives, I can’t wait to read it! I’ll browse, go back, and finally devour it page-by-page. One favorite feature is MaryJane’s column “Seven Wonders”.  This post has seven little changes I’ve done that are often overlooked.

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WANTED: Mom’s for Hire. Apply Within

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Dear Sisters,

Do you ever wonder how many of us would become mother’s if we had to apply for the job like we do other kinds of work? The job description might go something like this:

WANTED: Mom’s for Hire. Apply Within

Must be 25 – 40 ( give or take a few years ) and healthy. NO DRUGS, BOOZE OR TOBACCO

Woman wanted for the high-ranking position of Motherhood. Must be ambitious, smart, sensitive, funny, compassionate, flexible, domestic, career minded, spiritual, diplomatic, tenacious, creative, discerning, intuitive, energetic, a good cook, handy with a butter knife, able to operate on disturbed sleep ( for the rest of your life ), have a strong stomach, and willing to work long hours.

No retirement. Guaranteed moments of sheer ecstasy and pride, joy and terror, heart-break and confusion, laughter, comfort, amusement, and, and, and…

Come on in and help me add to this list of ” reasonable, eh ehem,  Mom  requirements ”


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Hashtags.  I don’t really understand them….Well, I understand them on the basic level. People add them to the end of social media things so that they can later be searched for according to the hashtag used.  It’s simple, really.  I guess it could also be useful for some things–like major breaking news in countries with strict media laws or whatever.  However, their pervasive overuse on social media has long ago surpassed ridiculous and is now comical.  I read a funny thing the other day that went something along the lines of this: “I just saw an old phone from the nineties and it had a hashtag on it!  Why would an old phone need one of those?  Hashtags didn’t exist back then!”  Haha.  Silly teenagers who don’t know what a pound sign is.

Anyhow, I digress as per the usual.

On New Year’s Eve, my friend stayed with us and applied the hashtag #yurtlyfe to the pictures she took that evening.  We thought it was clever and amusing; we had a good laugh. Well, I searched the internet with this hashtag and it turns out she is not the first one to use it (sorry, Emma).  #yurtlifebestlife didn’t bring up any Google hits, so what does that say?  Perhaps I’m a social media word genius…or maybe, just maybe, yurt life isn’t really the best life…

You know you're in a yurt when every picture has a lattice in the background!

You know you’re in a yurt when every picture has a lattice in the background!

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Tiny Steps Lead to Grand Things

I’ve always found that the first step is the hardest to take.

And so, I issued a challenge on FaceBook. And now I’m challenging you too.

Move yourself up on your priority list. Do something just for you.

Walk everyday for 31 days….for YOURSELF.

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