Summer Catch-All

‘Summertime’ is a matter of going from one thing to the next in an effort to squeeze all of summer’s bounty into the short span of time we’re given to enjoy the hundreds of things we want to do and need to do. No wonder we’re bone tired at days end … but what a fine kind of weary it is. C’mon in and take a look at my to-do list … and please leave a list of what’all you’ve been busy trying to keep up with.

The above photo was taken when we were moving cattle. Echinacea is in full bloom and it was everywhere!

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SumSum Summertime

The first couple of weeks in July predictably brings the first heat wave to northern Wyoming. The sunny, hot weather is ‘just right’ for curing hay quickly. So, for the next week or so I’ll be bumping along on the prairie, cutting native hay. Climb on up and hop in the cab for a real ‘hay ride’. Not to worry, its conditioned!

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