Stuck Like Glue

This spring, I’m stuck like glue to my Farm.

And I’m okay with that.

Don’t ask me to go on an overnight hiking trip. Don’t invite me to make a presentation at a conference. Don’t even ask me out to lunch right now.

Because I’m stuck like glue to this Farm. There is so much going on, I can’t slip away even for a little while.

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You Can’t Never Tell

You just can’t never tell.

That’s a southern saying I’ve heard my whole life. I hadn’t used it very much until I moved out to the country. Now I rather like it. It just fits some things. Like…

Spring has really sprung around here.

I find myself basking in the warm sunlight, thinking of where to plant a garden, NOT MISSING the SNOW!

What?! Me? NOT missing the snow?! That’s crazy talk.

But true. I’m not. It was wonderful while it lasted. But I’m okay with the arrival of warm spring weather. Even my daughter and Blue, the dog, were out in the front meadow spinning and dancing with joy on our first warm, sunny day. (Can you see the flower headband around her head? My flower, hippy farm child.)

See? You just can’t never tell. We loved our first winter here at the farm. But looks like we’re going to love our spring too!

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