Five Words

I got an email from my husband the other day.

It had five words in it. Just five. And a picture.

“City Farmgirl be real farmgirl. oxo” (five words)

(We use that “be” thing a lot with each other, just so you know. Like, “I be in love with you.” Or “I be so happy.” Don’t ask me why; it’s just something we’ve always done.)

Here’s the picture he sent.

What is it?

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Not All Peaches

It can’t all be Peaches and Cream. Right?

There’s a school of thought that says without the bad you wouldn’t appreciate the good, without death you wouldn’t appreciate life.
Me? I’d like to give it a go. No bad; no death. Would suit me. Everything wonderful all the time sounds pretty good to me. I wouldn’t mind trying it and letting you know.

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