So, What’s Your Story?

Yes…yes, it was. The Creative Connection Event was indeed wonderful. I enjoyed absolutely everything about it. One of my favorite parts was getting to visit with MaryJane. Could I love her any more than I do? Nope, I don’t see how. She is everything you think she is, and more. And Meg is as precious as she seems. I was so happy to finally meet her. She’s a doll.

And you wouldn’t believe the creative talent and energy buzzing around the room. Such remarkable women. But, you know the thing I liked the most about attending?


I sat back and listened intently to all the stories the women there shared with me. Treasures.

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Hard Harvest Moon

The moon last night. A total wow. How fitting for 9/11. A full moon, low in the sky illuminating the earth, illuminating our hearts.
Last night’s moon was the last full moon before autumn’s official arrival. That makes it the “Harvest Moon.” It was named “Harvest Moon” because this time of year is crop gathering season for many farmers. And that big, bright moon gives them extra time to harvest their produce.
I don’t know about you. But I wasn’t bringing in any crops. My garden is quite bare. Sadly bare. My major harvest this summer was tomatoes and basil. They are both long gone now.
But being a “harvest” moon and all, I knew I should harvest something. So I got rather loosey-goosey with the definition, as I often do. I’ll tell you what I’m harvesting in just a minute, but how about you? Did you harvest anything? Either in your garden, or in your career, or in your home, or in your family, or in your head, or in your heart?

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