Wherefore Art Thou, O Autumn?

That sneaky Autumn. Playing hide-and-seek with me.
Autumn knows how much I crave it, how I long for it each year.
I long for its cozy, crisp evenings.
I long for its breezy, colorful days.
I long for its smell of simmering soup and wood smoke.
“O Autumn, O Autumn, Wherefore art thou, O Autumn?”

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What Does Simple Mean?

What does it mean? The “simple” life?

I’ve been using that term for years. If you know me, or have sat beside me at a dinner party, or made conversation with me in the grocery store line, or if you’ve been reading this blog, well, you know that’s what I say. “I’m after the simple life.” 
Yes, yes, but truth be told, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I don’t even know what that means.
Can you enlighten me? I’m asking you, dear readers, the experts, the ones who know this stuff so well. Y’all have done it, or are doing it, or are dreaming about it. Tell me.
What is the “simple” life to you?
I thought about all of this as I worked with the grapes.

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