The Art of Bartering

Farmgirls have long known that bartering is an effective means to an end. Trading goods for fun or in business fosters pleasant relations, trust and a healthy kind of pride in offering up what you have to trade. Money isn’t necessary in a trading transaction.

Bartering was the norm long before money was invented…

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Cowgirl Muse News

Like so many farmgirls, I experienced the feeling of “coming home” when I recently discovered the wonderful world of MaryJanesFarm. So many things I could relate to … then came the adjacent acreage in the area of “common ground.” Inspiration on many fronts quickly followed suit. MaryJane fast became this cowgirl-farmgirl’s muse. As you may know, the Muses were nine spirit sisters of Greek myth, each one presiding over and inspiring the arts and science. Musing is an extension of the word, referring to creative thought that may fuel great ideas or inspire poetic prose. In either case, I felt the word and its many applications fit my mission to a T.

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