Who me?

Who me? A Farmgirl?
I guess it’s about time we talk about this again. Head on. About me calling myself a “Farmgirl.”
Well, I am. And you can be one too. Or “Farmguy” for that matter if you’re a guy. (I try to be gender-neutral, but for ease here, I’m mainly going to be referring to “Farmgirls.” Just know I’m including “Farmguys” too.)
MaryJane Butters founded this Movement some years ago. It is an important one. And it is one that can positively impact everyone.
This movement is all encompassing. There are no requirements for membership. There is no oath or creed. It does not discriminate against those who are farm-poor. Or farm-rich. It does not discriminate if you live in the city or in the country or anywhere in between. All are invited…

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