Life Scapes I

There are two postings to this. Life Scapes I. And Life Scapes II. I don’t know which one will pop up first, so just to let you know: there are 2. 
I got to church earlier than usual on Sunday. I sat there in peace and quiet contentment.
Soon I heard a family coming down the aisle beside me. They scooted into the pew in front of me.
I looked up from my solitude.
It was a white-haired woman. Her husband, with matching white hair, had taken his seat beside her. They had two grown-up sons with them. One son had on blue jeans. The other had on dress blues.

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Life Scapes II

Here’s Life Scapes II. Life Scapes I is in a separate post, either before or after this one.

Life Scapes II is altogether different. Light, breezey, airy. No choking up. Maybe they’ll be a Life Scapes III too. Who knows? 

I’ve decided that life just doesn’t get any better than this.
I touted the grandness of ramps in my last post, right? How I wanted to be the Ramps Queen?
Well, the end to ramp season arrived. (Their season is far too short for me.) As I ate the last of my ramps, I savored every last tasty bitey-bite. It will be next year before ramps come back. But, don’t you worry. I’ll be wearing my crown all year long.
But before I had time to even contemplate the end of ramp season, what did I notice? Before my breath could recover from the “ramp breath” of recent weeks, what did I find? Right in my garlic patch?

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