The Beach Farmgirl Goes To Work ( PLUS our Egg Apron Winner)

12974396_1117904124899411_3469930260486112737_nDear Sisters,

After 16 years of being a professional domestic engineer, (homemaker) I’ve joined the outside work force once again and I am loving it! At first, I didn’t like the idea very much mostly because it marks the end of a very special chapter in my life. Our youngest turned 18 this year and suddenly this stay at home mom was out of a job. I’ll admit there have been more than a few tears during this transition, but the joy of seeing our young adult children finding their way in the world and meeting their adult responsibilities helps to ease the sadness I was feeling. I just bet some of my farmgirl pals can relate. While we don’t have an empty nest yet, they certainly don’t need mamma like they used to! Have you guessed what I’m doing for work yet? Come on in and see if you’re right! Also, be sure to stay with me till the bottom of this post. I’m announcing our winner of the Fluffy Layers Egg Collecting Apron Giveaway! Continue reading

An EGGstraspecial Spring Giveaway


Enter to win this full apron with ten mini egg-sized pockets!

Dear Sisters,

Happy Spring! And, Happy Easter! Isn’t it great to see the greening of the earth again? While that might just be my favorite thing about spring, the next best thing is gathering fresh eggs straight from our backyard coop. I still get a rush at the sight of the first FRESH eggs of the season. And what better way to collect them in than a fashionable Egg Collecting Apron from Fluffy Layers! Tara J.Grier, founder of Fluffy Layers is giving away one or her darling aprons to a lucky farmgirl! Come on in for a chance to win!

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Beach Fever


Dear sisters,

Have you had enough of winter or are you still in hibernation mode? I love winter. I really do.  I’ve learned to sink into it and relish the quiet and the cold. But come this time of year my biological beach clock starts ticking letting me know that spring is just a few short weeks away and not only will it be time to set my flower farm plans in motion, but our annual ritual of returning to the beach will begin again too. BEACH FEVER is setting in and it’s contagious! Continue reading

There’s a Garden in There Somewhere (A Garden of Love )

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Happy Valentines’ Day from the Beach Farmgirl.

Dear sisters,

Happy Valentines Day! The ” love “ holiday isn’t just for googly-eyed couples. It’s for everyone, ALL AGES, every moment of the day if you are willing to keep your heart open. Come on in for some seeds of happiness you can sow in your garden of love. Continue reading

Difficult Chickens with Sarah Rosedahl and a Coloring Book Giveaway!


Dear Sisters,
Have you noticed how many adult coloring books have appeared in the marketplace lately? Just about every subject possible is available, but, it takes a very special artist to understand the beauty of chickens. More precisely, Difficult Chickens. Sarah Rosedahl is the artist and self-published author of the Difficult Chickens Coloring Book and she’s giving away a copy to one of you! Come on in and meet Sarah, and enter the giveaway!

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Welcoming in the New Year with Antique Botanical Prints


All botanical prints featured in this post are courtesy of The Graphics Fairy Blog Check it out for FREE printables!

Dear sisters,

A fresh NEW YEAR is laid out before us perfect as a freshly plowed field waiting for the first planting. I can’t think of anything more symbolic for ringing in the new year than celebrating the world of things that grow. The very essence of life pulsates through every living, growing thing. Like plants, we are programmed to do certain things, at certain times, and in the right conditions we flourish and inspire. What kinds of seeds will you sow in 2016? Creative seeds I hope! I just happen to have a fun decorating idea to share sure to help you welcome in the new year. If you’re in the mood to re-do a wall or two you’ll love how easy and fun it is to create beautiful wall art with antique botanical prints you can print from home. Come see!

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A Rootin, Tootin, Rustic Christmas

Christmas 2015 2015-12-13 020

Dear Sisters,

Maybe it’s the flower farmer in me, but I just couldn’t buy into all the over the top glitz and glam of the holiday season this year. But that doesn’t mean I’m not feeling festive or like celebrating. No sirree. My heart was yearning for a more down to earth holiday vibe with a farmgirl kick so my handsome Yankee and I took to the woods where we found the beginnings of our rootin, tootin, RUSTIC Christmas! Continue reading

Canning Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments


Dear Sisters,

Howdy and happy holiday season!Can you believe it’s December already? You know what that means. It’s time to get crackin’ on Christmas! Have you started your Christmas crafting yet? I kick started mine this week. Come on in for a quick tutorial on how to make my canning jar lid Christmas ornaments! That’s whats round and silver with a hole in it, but not for long! Continue reading

Deb’s Autumn Note Card Giveaway


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To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.~ Phyllis Theroux

Dear Sisters,

When is the last time you sent or received a hand written note-card by way of snail mail?

Even with the many ways we can connect and share special moments with our loved ones through modern technology nothing beats the excitement of finding a card or letter in the mailbox penned with love. Your heart smiles at the familiar handwriting before you even read the return address. The anticipation builds as you rush inside to open such a rare treasure. In the spirit of “keeping in touch” the old-fashioned way I’m having an Autumn Note Card giveaway! Come on in and enter to win a set of 10 note cards featuring of some of my favorite fall captures.

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Fall Fury

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Dear Sisters,

Happy November from the shorelines! Fall sure is a busy time of year isn’t it? Nesting season hits hard and before you know it you’re in a fall fury trying to get everything done inside and out before Old Man Winter arrives. Thank goodness there are so many wonderful distractions to help us slow down and enjoy the abundance of harvest season. Fall festivals, apple picking, pumpkin patches and corn mazes call us back to the farm and if you’re lucky enough to live in a hot-spot like New England, leaf-peeping is always a must! Get ready. We’re on fire this year! Continue reading