Put Down Some Roots and BLOOM



First Sweet Peas to ever bloom in the Dandelion House cutting garden! ‘ Spencer Ripple ‘

Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions took over your mind. The real you is loving, joyful, and free. The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like the ocean, just like the sun. Don Miguel Ruiz

Dear Sisters,
Happy Summer! I hope this note finds you all immersing yourselves in the wonders of the season. I’m digging into my sixth year of backyard flower farming and growing more comfortable with my new title, Farmer/florist. The deeper I go the more I realize that no matter where you are in the world, and whatever you’re passionate about you will find joy, peace and happiness when you put down some roots and let yourself bloom! It’s planting time at Dandelion House. Grab your garden gloves and a notebook, I’m sharing this season’s plant list!

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Spring-boarding into Spring ( Farmgirl Style)


Dear Sisters,

I hope this note finds you all a little warmer than the last time we visited. The sun has finally decided to come out ( and stay ) here on the northern seacoast. After such a long, cool period of planning and plotting for this precious season of all things new, I’m spring-boarding into action with energy to burn! Come on in and meet the newest additions to the farm and be sure to read to the bottom to see who the lucky farmgirl is who won the Wild Bread Giveaway! Continue reading

Cabin Fever Meets Spring Fever and a GIVEAWAY


Happy Spring, sisters!

Well, it may be spring by the calendar but Old Man Winter is still hanging on here in New England. In fact, it’s snowing right now. It’s not as severe as the two nor’easter’s we had earlier this month which caused lengthy power outages for many residents, coastal flooding and some pretty devastating beach erosion. This time around it’s nothing but a few harmless flurries mixed with rain leaving just enough snow behind that it’s necessary to shovel the drive and walkways ( what we hope will be ) one last time. Cabin fever set in here a few weeks ago and spring fever is on my snow-covered doorstep.  What’s a farmgirl to do? Continue reading

Your Vision Starts Here



If I had a ” real cow” of my own I would hug her just like this and we would wear matching outfits. I need to add this photo to my vision board. :)

Dear sisters,

Welcome to the virtual vision board party reveal! Today’s the day I finally get to share a few of YOUR vision boards. Come on in for some farmgirl fortune-telling! Continue reading

My Vision Board Reveal!


Dear sisters,

Welcome to my Vision Board Party! In my last post I invited you to join me in slowly and ever so thoughtfully creating a vision board filled with your hopes, dreams and aspirations for 2018. I hope you’ve been having fun working on yours. If you missed my invite, no worries. There’s still time to join in the fun and send in your boards! I’m revealing mine today plus an additional board sent in by farmgirl, Joan Brown. Continue reading

WINTER WORK~Dream It, Plan It, DO IT!



Dear sisters,

Merry Christmas and Happy Winter! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your most cherished people. Do you find this time of year exciting, inspiring, or tiring? Here we are on the brink of a brand New Year and once again the pressure is on to make resolutions, set new goals, and get organized all before you’ve finished packing away the Christmas decorations. Don’t fall for it! Instead, relax, enjoy this time of year for recharging and when you’re ready to begin a new, chart your own course, at your own pace. In the meantime, I’ve got a few tips sure to put the wind in your sails, once hibernation season is over.

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The Flower Tribe

Fall Floral Exchange 2017 NEFFC 094 resize

Dandelion House Mums

Dear Sisters,

Happy Thanksgiving! By the time this post goes live, you’ll have wiped the pumpkin pie crumbs from the corners of your mouth and packed away the last of the mashed potatoes and gravy. I hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday with your loved ones. We sure did. In fact, I just ordered two pair of leggings ( hip stretchy pants ) online to get me through the rest of the holiday season! This is the time of year when our sense of gratitude heightens and all that we hold dear becomes crystal clear. The obvious and most important of those being family, friends, FARMGIRLS and community. So where do flowers come into play here? I coordinated The New England Farmer Florist Community’sFall Floral Exchange” earlier this month and I’m excited to share the day with you!  I’ll share tips on how to plan a similar event, you’ll go behind the scenes of a dream floral studio and you’ll meet the Flower Tribe! Continue reading

“Falling” Around New England

2016-10-019 resize edit

” Is this not a true autumn day? Just the still melancholy that I love- that makes life and nature harmonize.” George Eliot

Dear Sisters,

I hope this note finds you all enjoying the gifts of autumn. They are many. Here on the shorelines we’ve hardly had any rain this month and the warm moderate temps have been favorable for all sorts of ” falling” around. Another season of “beaching” and “flowering” is winding down, and that familiar feeling of wanderlust which comes over me every autumn has returned, just like clockwork. It’s leaf peeping season in New England! Turn on your favorite travel music and let’s ” fall ” around!

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Posies in a Pinch

2017-09-15 15.52.28 resize edit - Copy (2)

Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful. ~Jim Carrey

Dear Sisters,

Happy Fall! Oh how I love this time of year. The summer haze brought on by excessive heat and humidity has drifted out to sea leaving the air clearer, the skies bluer and my brain a little sharper. Something about this time of year stirs my creative soul like no other. My mind races with new ideas and plans and I feel like I have to hurry and scurry to get everything done before we fall back into hibernation. I always have grand plans and I never get it all done but one thing I can always make time for is creating posies in a pinch! Come on in to see the many ways you can make a basic Ball jar bloom!

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Lessons From The Beach

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My Aunt Nan communing with the sea.

Dear sisters,

When is the last time you stood in front of a large body of water with your arms wide open to the universe and just let out a big… long… sigh? If sea breezes and simple living tug at your farmgirl roots, this post is for you!  We just returned from our annual family vacation at the cottage and I brought back some pearls… Continue reading