You’ve Got A Friend

Yes, I know. You want to hear about the roof. My sweet blogging friends came through! Thank you! What excellent taste you all have! And great advice! I loved reading each and every comment and email, hearing what your thoughts are on it. And we’ll talk about the roof in just a minute. But first let’s talk about this, Friends.


What about you? What kind of friend do you enjoy having? Do you have a large circle? Or a smaller, more intimate group? Are they all women? Or are guys in your immediate circle? Do you talk to your buds every single day?

I’ve been thinking about this because of the letters, B and F and F.

I don’t text. I don’t know how to text. I don’t care to learn how to text. Really. N4M (not for me).

(So when the law started this very morning in my state that we couldn’t drive and text at the same time; well, it totally did not impact me in the least. Not a bit. Well, except I’m probably safer on the road now. :)

Anyway, I had no idea what “BFF” was until the other day.

When I found out, I thought, oh my, I don’t even have a “BFF.” (best friend forever) Not one who is a chick anyway. ZUP (what’s up) with that? My hubby is that to me, my BFF.

What about you? Who is your BFF? Is there one person who fulfills that role?

Not me. I do have some FFs (forever friends) though. Wonderful FFs. I had lunch with one earlier this week, Rosanna-Rosanna-Danna-Banana. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful friend. Quick to laugh. Open minded. Open hearted. We always have giggly fun together. We’ve been friends since 6th or 7th grade, quite a few years now. While we might go for months without seeing each other, we know. We definitely know: “You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I’ll come running. To see you again. Winter, spring, summer or fall…”

Speaking of which…. 

Now that I post less frequently, we don’t talk about James Taylor nearly enough. James, he’s on my bucket list: Meet James Taylor.

I got close at a recent concert.

Hey, James! James! It’s me! 143! Over here! Hello!

Close, but no cigar. Maybe next time. A sweet sweet friend sent me a JT album, with a pristine cover. I thought for sure I’d get his autograph on it. I carried that album cover and a permanent marker with me all night long. Just in case. I waved it in the air at him. I asked a security guard to let me back there. But no, it was not to be.

Now James is my favorite and I could listen to him sing all day long. His voice is like but-tah. His lyrics shoot straight to my heart. He brings me PZ. (peace)

But this was a neat concert because Carole King was there too. She wrote the song James made famous “You”ve Got A Friend.” 

I’m a little young for the Troubadour genre. (I became a JT fan when I came across his music a few years back. I invited him and his family over for dinner, having no idea he was as huge as he is. Isn’t that funny? His personal assistant contacted me to decline. My hubby SIS (snickered in silence) at me. But you see what I’m saying? I had no idea he was an actual legend. He seemed more like a friend. Or my accountant or pastor. Just a really nice guy.)

Carole King? Well obviously I had heard of her, but couldn’t have named her classic album, Tapestry. (Though I did read part of that book last summer about her and Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell. Was that last summer? Maybe the summer before?)

But Carole was fabulous. She rocked. Hey, 68 years old and she danced around that stage in high heels. A gal after my own heart. Carole is a QTPI (cutie pie) for sure.

But the most fabulous thing about this concert. The thing I absolutely enjoyed the most.

The energy between James and Carole.

They are pals. Buds. Friends. They had a ball performing together. That made it even more fun for the audience. Refreshing. I was YWHOL all night long. (yelling woohoo out loud)

^5 (high five), Carole and James! 10X (thanks) y’all, for a great evening!

If you can snag a ticket, go. It was absolutely fabulous.

And when they did “Up On The Roof” (Carole King also penned that one). Well, it was too much. AWESOME!

Speaking of roofs….wow, that worked out perfectly….

Green! That’s what you picked. A green roof for my farmhouse. Doesn’t that sound charming? Simple white farmhouse, green roof. Lovely! Hmmm….Now I’ve got two green choices, either the evergreen or the mint frost. I got enough plain “green” votes to go with either. You knew I’d be complicating this, right?

But let me complicate this even further.

Red was never even on my list. Until the first comment came in voting for it. And then another and another and another. And then a very special email. Soon I was thinking “Wow, red would be fabulous.” YWHOL again.

So you see. I’m wavering. I know I said you could pick the color, that the majority vote wins. But red has been bothering me all week. Red, hmmm.

Red is an interesting thought, isn’t it? It makes me T:)T (Think Happy Thoughts).

I’ll keep you posted. I probably don’t have the courage to go against the majority here and do the red. Red’s a shocker. At the end of the day, I’m sure the roof will be one of those greens.

One piece of advice I got that I am absolutely taking is this—Do not install a new roof during the summer months. The heat and the asphalt material and people walking around on it weakens it. So, I’ll wait until the end of summer, maybe even early fall, to do this project. Lots of time to consider which green to do.

So you know where I am? I’m not up on the roof. I’m about to be in the hammock with a glass of iced tea, gazing some more at the roof, thinking red or green? Light green or dark green?

Or red AND green? Hmmm…..I do love Christmas, ya know. Red and green….

SC (stay cool) and enjoy your 4th of July! LDs! (later dudes)

Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life!

LOLO (lots of love), The City Farmgirl, Rebekah

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  1. Oh, I want to see them!

    Evergreen for me, please. How can any house be unhappy with an EVERgreen roof?

    If you get a chance stop over. I have a different post up today about Independence Day.

    Hope your weekend is filled with sparklers and joy!

  2. all8garden says:

    I love the Evergreen out of the two. I suggest a Red door. Red like you mean it. Can’t wait to see pictures of it all finished. (A little vicarious living.)

    (Love Carol King!)

  3. I’ve seen JT twice in concert here in Texas. Fabulous! I think the only thing better would be to add Carole.

  4. MARY says:


  5. carolj says:


    I am so jealous that you got to see James and Carole. Their music was the background of my life from junior high through high school. Tapestry saw me through love and break ups. And Carole’s song "You’re Beautiful as Your Feel" was salve for my soul.

    As for the roof. The lighter green could prove the better choice if you go with the idea that light roofs are better environmentally. Having had a white house with a light green roof, I would be a bit leary. How close are the trees to your roof? Sometimes they can cause stains. And here’s a thought: You’ve narrowed it down to two choices. What does your BFF think?

    Take it from someone who has been married for 30 years. Ultimately, it is his house, too.

    Love reading your post.


  6. Karen Scribner says:

    In the past the red and yellow Sunbrella were not warrantied like the other colors. (And you have seen older red cars.)You might want to ask Certainteed about the durability of red, but then again, dyes may have changed.

  7. marthaellen says:

    Sometimes red fades to pink. Shocking is seeing a dayglo PINK roof blazing in the sun! Forest green is nice, my ‘someday’ house will have a deep green roof, so if it fades, it’ll still be GREEN!

  8. Shery says:

    Hmmm, is it evergreen or mint frost green or lime or emerald? I think all of the above. I am several shades of green with envy that you got to see not just one of my old music heroes, but TWO of them. Sigh. I still have both of their very first albums (you know the big round black kind). Oh you LKY GRL!!

    I bought that same JT album on a CD recently so I could have a fresh dose. you’re so right, his voice is so soothing.

  9. Jane says:

    Awesome! Always Loved James Taylor and Carole King too..
    (I am "almost" 64 (stretchin’ it out here…in about 20 days!)
    I Love watching women older then me and set them as incentives to reach for…haha!)

  10. Terrye Lenzini says:

    OK, here I am again, the first to comment. I do think that the evergreen would look fabulous, but like I said when I saw the picture that you posted with all of the green surrounding the house, I thought that it would just blend in, which is not a bad thing. Of the 2 greens, I love the deep rich evergreen. I still think that the red would look beautiful and a standout for sure. I know it must be a difficult choice for you. Love what ever you choose!!!

  11. MollyMae says:

    I have had the same BFF for 33 years now and we will always be BFFs! We have always lived in different states since we were 7, but have always stayed in touch with letters (remember those?), visits, and now emails and Facebook. I LOVE my BFF!

  12. carol Branum says:

    Hi Rebecca,Your so lucky to get to see James Taylor,I am so jelous,and Carole King,I bet it was a great time.I had my heart set on a red roof for you coz,I have my heart set on a red roof for daddys,but,he is so tight,and it makes your taxes higher,and he is so slow,and I have been begging him for a red roof,he is very thoughtful also of the roofers,when it cools off he says.But,he perfers green too,not me,red is my favorite color.As for the friends thing,I am luckier than most women,I have tons of friends that I have had for 35 years.I have a pal,we go fishing together,and camping.I have a new friend I met squaredanceing,and we talk everyday,she is also unlucky in love,we antique a lot.I am extremely happy,I just wish I had more money,and was,nt so unlucky in love,but when Spirit sends you wonderful ladie friends to ease the pain,it makes things wonderful.I feel sorry for a lot of married women that I know actually that don,t get to have near the fun that I do.There husbands won,t let them run off with the girls,so the next man I meet will have to let me run off with the girls,I can,t just dump them for a boyfriend now.Kay and I got a childs large pool and got in it friday evening,and made drinks and barbqued out,it was so much fun to just act silly.We have an absolute ball,wish you were here to hang out with us.I had a good 4th of July,but,I am glad that the holiday is over,too many cops on the hi way.Tonight I am hanging with a new friend that I met in Annies Project,she owns a Wool business,and just got back from New Zeland,and my friend Pam is here also,she has a bee business,and they are waiting on me to get off this computer so we can hang out,so gotta run,I am so blessed that I met Mary Janes Farm and friends too,Love ya,carol Branum,

  13. carol Branum says:

    Becka,I want ta tell ya too about this new chick I started to make friends with,well I am old 52 so I really do not tex,well,we met over rabbits,I have lionheads,and they are not ABRA registered yet,anyway but they are cute,and I met this gal at the rabbit show,that had registered jersey woolies,she is 25,and cute as a button,well,I like her,but,I am gettin old…lol,she texts me in the middle of the night about little things,like,one of her rabbits died or a million things,and my phone buzzes….lol,I like her but,these young people are so different that me,It is so annoyinglol,I just had to tell ya,gotta run,carol

  14. Nancy J says:

    wow…I must be getting old(er)…lol(laugh out loud). But I used to listen to "sweet baby james" when he first hit the radio. I was a late hippie/flower child. And I have some great memories of slow dancing with my boyfriend(future husband) to "you got a friend" with my bf(boy friend) singing softly in my ear…So, again, thanks for some great memories. BTW(by the way)I voted for the dark green roof, and I love texting my ff…rotfl(rollin on the floor laughin)ttyl(talk to you later)

  15. Pamela says:

    Ah come on go for the Red!

  16. kay says:

    Can’t say I have ever had a best friend….is that sad? Don’t feel like I have missed much. Lots of friends though
    and hubby is the best to talk to…Saw CK and JT on PBS…way cool♥♥♥

  17. Cheryl says:

    Hi Rebekah, Wow, those are some great pics, you must have had some choice seats. This is my first post on your blog, but I’ve enjoyed your columns in Mary Janes Farm for awhile now.
    On the subject of friends, I can probably count on one hand the number of actual "friends" I can call close & personal, and I know I am blessed. One friend in particular is a recent one, only about 3 years now. Her husband is stationed in Afghanistan right now and this has left us with the chance to spend lots of good times together while he is gone. Sometimes we just have coffee together and talk for hours, sometimes we do one of our favorite things and visit a local farmers market or shop in one of the smaller towns nearby (we are both in a small town just outside the big city). It is impossible not to admire her strength, even through this most difficult separation from her man. There might be 25 years between us, but it doesn’t matter ’cause we are like sisters in our hearts. Like yourself, we are farm girls at heart living in the city in the Midwest. I agree, it is so great to be able to laugh and be silly and so comfortable with another kindred spirit in those rare moments of just enjoying some down time and savoring our friendship. It’s given me a new appreciation for that blessing in my life.
    About that roof? I’d go green too, the darker one. But that red…well, it’s tempting. Anyway, good luck with that decision. And thanks for allowing me to share some thoughts too! I look forward to future chats!

  18. conniesuzzanne says:

    well not to complicate things further, but would that be brick red or apple red? Just wondering.

  19. Jane says:

    Do the red!

  20. Raynita says:

    Wow! The closest we got to that concert is the DVD which is amazing. I saw JT last year and I still think that I was so overwhelmed, I just didn’t take it all in like I should…if that makes sense? We would love to see him and Carole King… were so close:)

    Okay, RED! Red is like Carole King at 68 dancing on stage in high heels and enjoying every second with one of her best friends, James Taylor….That’s RED! Shocker Red as you said makes you happy:) Happy is a good thing.

  21. Betty says:

    I’d go with the green, evergreen sounds great. A neighbor just put a green metal roof on his house down the street. It has been four or five years and it still looks great. Fits in with the trees around it, nice and cooling.

    Betty in Pasco

  22. Dianne says:

    I’m sooooooo jealous. You seeing James and Carole. I just LOVE him!!! His voice is so clear you can hear and feel every word and his guitar. It seems like he would be nice. When we did our metal roof, we picked silver because I like that galvanized look. Ha! Ha! I think the Dark Green would be pretty.I always enjoy your blog. I’m with you no texting, especially while driving. Happy Summer Dianne xxoo

  23. Ellen says:

    I was driving home yesterday and heard this. An interview with James Taylor and Carole King on NPR! I wanted to make sure you knew about it. It was fabulous! Aren’t they something else? I hope to see them before they wind up the tour. Soundtracks from my life.

    Enjoyed your post!

  24. Pam says:

    We had a red roof on our last house (my husband picked it). We flew over our house to go to Dallas and you could see our house plain as day! When we sold our house we let the buyer pick the new color of the roof and he changed it to brown.

  25. misty says:

    All us "with it chicks" know you can have multiple bffs. So I think your longtime friend certainly qualifies for an upgrade from ff to bff! You should call her up so ya’ll can plan a ceremony celebrating that fact! Invite some more upgraded bffs and make it a party

  26. Aunt Jenny says:

    I say Evergreen for sure! Red would be my second choice. Green is my very favorite color though.
    I do have a couple forever friends and kind of a large circle of buds. I don’t really talk to any of them every day but one in Alabama and one in Calif I would consider my co-bffs I think.
    And JT AND Carole..holy cow..I would love to go to THAT concert!!! Lucky you!
    We re-roofed our 125 year old house this spring and took off 5 layers in some places (the front of the house had 5 layers and the back had 3 mostly) including the original wood shakes. Jeesh!! What a huge huge mess. I agree…spring or fall are way better than summer..I can’t imagine doing it right now in the heat of a Utah summer.

  27. Cindy says:

    I’m just LOL about you inviting JT over for dinner? You really did that! Cindy

  28. Vickie says:

    If this is the house you’ll have forever, I vote for red. If you are going to have to please a buyer one day, I’d go with green.

    I know you probably know this already, but during that tour, James and Carole raised more than a million dollars for charity. I think they are great! In every way!

    Love your blog, as always! Vick

  29. Audrey says:

    I’m the same way, Rebeka! My husband is my BFF. I have a bunch of girlfriends, but none I’d consider a BFF. Lighter relationships. There’s just something  about James Taylor, isn’t there? He makes you feel all is right with the world. I need to order the DVD of that concert. I can’t believe you were that close and couldn’t talk your way into getting an autograph. Maybe next time. Have a great day!

  30. Penny says:

    Great post! I LOVE THEM! They are MY era. It’s great to see them being appreciated by the younger era. I’ve got to find their dvd as well, I missed the concert in my area. Enjoy your blog so much!

  31. Fran says:

    I don’t know what I think is cuter. James and Carole on stage or you asking him to dinner!

  32. Mattie says:

    I grew up with them. WHat a treat to see them perform in person. And "btw," I refuse to text!

  33. Angie says:

    I truly loved reading your post. James Taylor sets the bar high. His music is wonderful and he cares about the world. If only other entertainers would be more like him!

  34. Harley says:

    The blog is cool

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