A Give-Away To Celebrate MaryJanesFarm


(sorry to be posting later than promised, but I couldn’t access the website earlier.)

Julia says: Mary Jane has inspired me so much throughout the years! Her make do with what you can attitude and tips have helped me become even more resourceful!
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I know I’ve gushed about MaryJane Butters many, many times through-out the many, many years I’ve been here. I know I go all fan-girl when I talk about MaryJane. She is the original, the authentic, the one and only. Many moons ago when I discovered her writings, she changed my world, rocked my view, made my head explode with inspiration. (I thought, “I want ME some of THAT!”) Many moons later, she still does. Constantly.

Now it is time for you to fan-girl, to gush.


Leave a comment below about how MaryJane herself, MaryJanesFarm, the Farmgirl movement, or other farmgirls have positively impacted you, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for one of the new MaryJane Butters books. Amazon will ship it straight to your doorstep! You’ve got one week to enter. Only one entry per person.

Have you seen MaryJane’s latest books? As usual, they are full of beautiful photographs and lovely words. And both of these are filled to the brim with mouthwatering recipes.

The first one is MaryJane’s CAST IRON Kitchen.


I LOVE my cast iron pans, though mine are all standard round ones. MaryJane uses many different shapes and sizes of cast iron pans. I’m particularly crushing on the 10″ square cast iron baking pan she uses. swoon.

The recipes are scrumptious. I can’t wait for you to try them. The Mac & Chesse….oh my.

The second one is WILD BREAD Flour + Water + Air.


Friends, make the pretzels first.

Both of these books are so fabulous. They are a lovely read even when you’re not cooking.

So comment below. And come back here on Monday morning, April 16th, to see if you won~! I’ll announce it at the top of this post. Good luck!

Let the Farmgirl fan-girling begin!

Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life!

Lots of love, Rebekah, The City Farmgirl in the Country







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  1. Cyndie Gray says:

    Oh how I would love to have one of these gorgeous books. I am a town girl who so very much enjoys reading the FarmGirl posts from you & all the inspiring ladies who contribute. I know one of you personally even :) thanks for all you all share…

  2. The first time I remember seeing MaryJane was her Artists in Aprons magazine issue…I was blown away. I remember her telling us the apron was her power suit…imagine! What a life story, what inspiration. While I always wanted to live on a farm, once we moved to ours, her magazine, books, and farmgirl blogger posts helped me to imagine all that could be done. Now I bake for the local farmers’ market and we just found a vintage camper (63 Yellowstone) and no one inspires Glamping like MaryJane! So grateful to have found farmgirl bloggers that inspire, sisters to chat with, and know that others feel the same way I do. Thanks!

  3. Lisa Strange says:

    I first found about Mary Janes books about 5 years ago when I saw my camper At a neighbors house. Glamping! I love it ! So many ideas. I named my 63 Scottsman camper Mary Jane! I also bought a old claw foot bathtub to make a outside bathroom! I love crochet, art and nature. Any kind of crafts or cooking. I would love to be picked for one of the books. Thank you

  4. Lisa Strange says:

    Thank you Mary Jane Butters

  5. Patricia Rush Morris says:


  6. Laurel Pries says:

    I sooo enjoy Mary Jane farmgirl blog and have been a subscriber to her magazine since it started. I am inspired by the writings of all the Farmgirl bloggers, with great recipes and stories. I just can’t put my finger on one thing…I love it all!!

  7. Deborah McClure says:

    MaryJane, wow, where does one start? You have helped us all to be better to ourselves as well as to Mother Earth! You give us the “we can do this” push and will . And most of all with pride and love. You have inspired us all to be better stewards to this earth and I love everything you stand for and do and write. Weither I win or not thank you so much, don’t stop!❤️❤️Deb

  8. Jutta Maraun says:

    Ever since I read the magazine for the first time two years ago I felt like I’d come home. It is a delight to look at and has so many interesting articles even the advertising is nicely done.

    Last year I started joining in the art swaps and this winter the book club. It has been so much fun getting to know other farmgirls from all over Canada and the USA.

    These books have been on my radar for a while now so thank you for a chance to win.

  9. Carmen Anderson says:

    BREAD…CAST IRON….MARY JANE and REBEKAH TEAL…..now that’s a wonderful combination!!!

  10. Laura says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm and the Farmgirl Movement have been a wonderful addition to my retirement. It has given me a chance to try out and master some of the opportunities that my country cousins saw as “chores”.

    I love to cook and bake so I can’t wait to try out these two cookbooks.

    Thank you for this chance!

  11. Rene Marie Foust says:

    Mary Jane gives me something to aspire to and hope for. I always begin with the last page of a magazine(I know that is strange but unless I have purchased the magazine for a particular article that is how I do it) and that is how I discovered you. Your article is always the one I read first. BUt I love the whole magazine.

  12. Barbie D says:

    I first picked up a Mary Jane magazine in a quilt shop in Minnesota–I enjoy reading about quilts & other hand crafted items!

  13. Teri says:

    I love Mary Jane’s style! She is so creative! Her outdoor rooms inspire me to create one of my own.

  14. Beth says:

    I am an old farm girl, and Mary Jane’s newsletter and magazine has helped me keep up on how to still be a farm girl not on the farm anymore. I love her posts and helps!!

  15. Aleta Anderson says:

    Love the cover on the books. Especially the book about bread.

  16. Joanne Luthman says:

    I LOVE Mary Jane!!
    When I discovered her magazine a few years back, I felt like I had come home!
    And, even better, there were folks out there—a lot of them!—who loved the farmgirl life, as I do! That was SO refreshing.
    I don’t find that very often, and I cherish it.
    I have ‘Milk Cow Kitchen’, and just love it! Great recipes, great illustrations!
    I would love one of her new books, especially Wild Bread!
    Thank you, Mary Jane, for being a farm girl!
    Joanne Luthman

  17. Diane Van Horn says:

    MaryJane’s Farm has made so many impacts on me, I don’t know where to start! I found her magazine one day and that led me to the forum and that led me to meeting up with other farmgirls and that led me to Glamping which led me to pull my little tear drop all the way to MaryJanes Farm Bed and Breakfast from my home in WI, while visiting numerous farmgirls along the way which led me to my vintage camper which led me to find hundreds of Glampers all over the country. Aside from all the adventures, I have been inspired by MJF in my gardening, baking and homey skills. I have also found all the Farmgirl Bloggers and love following them monthly…especially the City Farmgirl! Hey Rebekah!

  18. Sue Neitzel says:

    I joined in 2004 I think, and I still have the friendships made there, only more so on Facebook but that still counts! Were farmgirls till the end! Thank you MJ for all you’ve done for us, I love the books and I need this one, I’m pretty sure!

  19. Marlene Capelle says:

    I have subscribed to Mary Jane’s magazine for years and stop everything to read it the minute it comes in the mail. The projects are great and the recipes are yummy. I’m glad she has started adding gluten free to the mix so I can try some of the one’s made with flour. I’m also a member of the sisterhood. And I love your blog too.

  20. Raynita Lee says:

    It just felt like home when I opened my first MJF magazine. I finally fit. My love for enamelware and farmsinks felt so right. I’m still dreaming of my glamper. It’s going to happen. Think I’ll go grab MJ’s Glamping book off of my nightstand and dream a little more…

  21. winnie Jackson says:

    if you enjoy cooking/baking in the kitchen for people you love then I would think these books would be a great addition to ones cookbook library. I am always wanting to read more and create more with food recipes. what a great offer. what a inspiration they will be to who ever wins them. Winnie J.

  22. Lisa Marie says:

    Wow. Where do I begin? MaryJane, her books, magazines, philosophy, farmgirl forum and friendship came at a very difficult time in my life. MaryJane had come to my town to visit our little group of farmgirls. She took awesome pictures of our town and we all had such a wonderful time with her. My daughter later went away to school up in Moscow, ID and MaryJane was gracious enough to allow me to stay at her farm when visiting. She was so gracious and down to earth and truly made me feel like family.
    She had also purchased pine needle baskets and a bell that I had made and then put them in one of her books! I was floored and so honored that she thought my work was worthy enough for that! I poured over her books and magazines, which gave me comfort as I struggled with leaving my abusive marriage. The farmgirls in the forum supported me, worried about me, held me together and were such a great source of strength after I left my husband. Their support was so great that I never wavered in my resolve to be free and safe. I love them all for what they did for me and continue to do for me. My farmgirl friends continue to be the most supportive, positive and strongest influence in my life, never failing to cheer me on in every endeavor.

  23. Sandra brewer says:

    Sure would enjoy this gift, thanks

  24. Jennifer Chappell says:

    MaryJane gave me a place to belong. After six years of caring for my mother while she had terminal cancer, I was absolutely lost when she passed. Suddenly, I had all this time on my hands. I could either fill that time with grieving or I could keep busy. I think I did every single project and recipe in every issue of 2015. But, with each project, I felt like I belonged somewhere and this is what I was supposed to be doing. In doing the things that women do, I felt connected to the women of my life: my mother’s spirit, my grandmothers, my great-grandmothers and ancestors. Doing the things that they did, the way they did them, the things they loved and took comfort in.

  25. Cheryle Duffy-Lehrer says:

    Connections and growth. I started my chapter by placing a small ad in a local paper. For 5 years we met, the group got so large at one point we had to develope some aatendance rules. Our projects so interesting we even had a few men want to join. It’s been about 8 years two of my best friends came from our Farmgirl chapter. We all embody Maryjane’s can do attitude. We support one another and still try to gather to upcyle. We share her desire to live a life of gratitude with attitude.

  26. Sue Feely says:

    Mary Janes Farm has been part of my life in several ways, Through her articles I have learned to garden, to get over the bugs and slimy creepers while gardening, to barter, to participate in exchanges of interest to me, and probably most importantly the lifelong friends I have made and kept!

  27. Rebecca M. says:

    I can’t remember the exact time that I discovered Mary Jane and her wonderful magazine, but I do remember the feeling I had when I read through it. I couldn’t put it down. Mary Jane and her writers are an inspiration. I would love to own one of the wonderful books. I cook with cast iron all the time and good bread is my weakness. I can pass up desserts, but bread just draws me in.

  28. Carol says:

    I found Mary Jane in an independent book store in the outskirts of Chicago. I was blown away by this “dream – come – true” magazine. There were other people out there who lived like this? Here was a gal I could relate to, and she produced the coolest catalogue/magazine I had ever seen. This discovery took place more years ago than I can remember…it was probably the premier edition. I’ve been a subscriber ever since.

  29. Julia says:

    Mary Jane has inspired me so much throughout the years! Her make do with what you can attitude and tips have helped me become even more resourceful!

  30. Shannon Haubrich says:

    I am an aspiring farm girl. We are currently trying to find the land to make my farm/ranch dreams a reality. Either one of these gorgeous books would be an amazing addition to my farm girl conversion.

  31. Catherine Jennings says:

    Mary Jane and all the Farm Girl blogs give me things to fantasize about. Then, they encourage me to make plans to “live the lifestyle” with lots of encouragement! I would love a book!!

  32. Mary Jane Shipley says:

    You inspire me to be a better Farm Urban Farm girl. I am another Mary Jane

  33. Dori Umphreys says:

    I first learned about MaryJane when I was sitting in a waiting room and picked up a magazine with an article about her life. I was inspired and wanted to know more but didn’t know where I could buy her new magazine. Then a month or so later I was shopping at my local food coop and saw her magazine on a display. I was excited and bought it and when I got home I read the whole thing cover to cover in one sitting. I’ve read every issue since then and it has changed my life! I’ve been excited to make the recipes, some of the projects and I especially love that as a City Farmgirl myself I have found others like me. It’s so encouraging to know I’m not the only one and also as I still wait for the dreams of my own little farm to come true I feel a little closer with each issue.

  34. Julia Toomey says:

    Hi I love ur blog I been looking on ur for years.. new books would love to have one so loving.

  35. Sandy says:

    Mary Jane empowers me to try new things on our fledgling homestead. I learn so much just reading her magazine

  36. Theresa Talarek says:

    Oh, how I’d love both of those books! If I won one, I’d still buy the other. :) Cast-iron cooking is the best, and I’ve been wanting to learn to make my own starter and start making bread on a regular basis. I always trust Mary Jane for the best ideas, instructions, etc.

  37. Cheryl Schuh says:

    When I first found Mary Jane she took me back to my childhood. Over the years I have slowly been making my way back to that way of life. She has been such an inspiration. I use my cast iron every day; some days even for the baking of bread so either cookbook would be wonderful!

  38. Janet M. says:

    I am a long-time Farmgirl fan. I first discovered Mary Jane B. when I started growing my own hard-neck garlic and wanted to use my garlic scapes. I fell in love with everything Mary Jane and immediately subscribed to her magazine. Cooking with cast iron and sourdough cookery are passions too! Long Live Mary Jane !!!

  39. Linda Olivera says:

    I joined MJF in April 2009 because a friend on another quilting site talked about some quilt swaps she had participated in on MJF. I purchased a subscription to the magazine and a farmgirl at heart was born. I guess the country life agreed with me, because in 2010 I bought a vintage farmhouse and 12+ acres as a second home to be near my son and his family. A few years later I moved to the farm and sold my city house. I never thought that I would become a farmgirl at the age of 62. I have MaryJane’s Cast Iron Cookbook but would like to get the Wild Bread book sometime soon. I have or have given as gifts all of MaryJane’s books, and I’d love a chance to win the bread book.

  40. Rosie Brock says:

    I love Mary Jane – it reminds me of my home town set in a rural community of farming and logging. I learned to garden, can fruits and vegetables and live a simpler life.

  41. Rebecca says:

    Mary Jane and her books, magazines, and forum have taught me that I can be a farmgirl wherever I live, wherever I go, because it is in my heart.

  42. Pat Moore says:

    I would love to have the bread book. Cooking I am good at BUT baking is not.

    The first time when we were just married 35 years ago, I made Biscuits my Husband and he hanged them on the Kitchen wall for me and they never even got moldly but just flaked away. So just gave up baking. Now that I am alot older I am willing to try again.

  43. Sue M says:

    Absolutely love cast iron. I cook with it everyday. Really, really old pieces that were my husband’s great grandmother’s and grandmother’s to brand new pieces, they are all awesome. I also love Mary Jane and all the good things she extols. It is truly inspiring to read about the uplifting things she and everyone associated with her share with us.

  44. Gloria Smith says:

    I look forward to my Mary Jane’s magazine each month. I dream of owning a farm, with animals, lots of flower beds . . . this magazine feeds that desire. I also love quilting and crafting so I enjoy reading the artist profiles. I can’t bear to get rid of my magazines so I have them sitting in stacks! I have all of the other Mary Jane books – I read them over and over. I’d love to own these two. Love reading your blog. Wish I lived near you!

  45. Caitlin Freeman says:

    I received one of MaryJane’s books for Christmas one year, and I have voraciously devoured every piece of writing, just like I devour all of her delicious recipes. I love the simplicity, the kindness, and the sisterhood that she has helped create! I recently moved into my very own apartment (no more roommates?! Whoa!), and I’m learning and studying how to be the best little City Farmgirl I can be!

  46. I discovered Mary Jane just when I needed her. Life is beautiful that way. I have several of her books and find that not only is the content amazing, but the attention to details as to how the book looks and feels in my hands makes opening them feel like a gift no matter how many times I turn to them. I asked my husband for Cast Iron Kitchen for Christmas last year and despite never growing up with cast iron I am hooked. I really, really would love a copy of Wild Bread and winning one would be an amazing blessing.
    Just as an aside, Rebecca, when each issue of MaryJanes Farm magazine arrives, after studying the cover, I turn first to the back page to visit with you. Like sun and rain your column nourishes this farm girl seedling! Thanks.

  47. Bobbie says:

    Living intentionally everyday is the inspiration that I get from the magazine and the desire to live true to who I am.

  48. Dee says:

    Look forward to every issue of Mary Janes’ Farm. Have gifted subscriptions to others I thought would enjoy them. They are read cover to cover! Very interested in the bread book – I love to make bread. One day I’ll splurge on her cow book, too!

  49. Nanette Boots says:

    I was hoping our local library would get the book in. I can’t do much cast iron cooking anymore, the pans are just too heavy, and then add food! But I would so love to “think about” cast iron cooking and see what the book has to offer. We do use our several fry pans on the grill for many tasty meats. I would love to give the book to the library. Just think of the audience who would see it and maybe buy one for themselves. Good luck everyone.

  50. tam dudley says:

    love ,love,love her books so fun to read! and filled with so much good info

  51. Marilyn says:

    I love MaryJane and I love cast iron, cooking and bread!

  52. kim stehle says:

    I absolutely love the inspiration Mary Jane provides. I loved her outlook on life before I lost my husband (49 years old). Now, I look to her self sufficient attitude as I myself become a self sufficient lady who does live on a farm. In years past, I would call my husband to take care of something (a dead chicken, a misplaced critter(snake) etc). Now that I am forging a new territory, I think of Mary Jane as a young woman forging through snow and brutal winters checking on snow camps and I think to myself, “I got this! I can do this! I AM a self sufficient woman!” Heck, I’ve even taken care of a poisonous snake hanging out on my farm causing problems! As the saying goes, “You go girl….well, I’m a grown girl and man am I going!”.

  53. Patricia says:

    I used to think, “I’m a woman, I can’t do this, or that!” But reading MaryJane’s Farm magazines, and reading her blog, let’s me know that I CAN do things myself. I’m so very thankful for all the inspiration and ideas I get from her. And you too Rebekah! Thanks for this giveaway. I was actually looking at these books on Amazon a couple of days ago. Maybe I will win one!

  54. Ruth Turner says:

    I’ve subscribed to Mary Jane magazine for years, have bought her linens for myself and other family members, and have bought one of her books for my mom for Mother’s Day. Everything has been PHENOMENAL!! My daughter and her husband started a farm in Pilot Mountain, NC so I pass on my magazines to her. She LOVES them and carefully scours each page for new ideas for their farm. Having been raised on a multi-generational farm makes all Mary Jane products near and dear to my heart! I’d LOVE to add this beautiful cookbook to my growing collection of all things Mary Jane! Thank you SO for touching so many hearts and lives through your endeavors! Ruth

  55. Debbie Gravenstein says:

    Hi, I started reading MJF magazine years ago when it first came out. I have a box of articles and pictures, etc. that I have cut out and saved. It is just a wonderful, peaceful, encouraging change to what is out there in our world now. Down to basics, up with friends, joy for the day, and hope. Now I share this with my younger sister who just purchased her first home,,, in the country! She is new to it all and loves it! Has 50+ turkeys, deer, raccoons, skunks, birds galore and peace. She loves your magazine as well. Carry on girls!

  56. Louise Regan says:

    I was raised on a farm, left for 30 years and finally got my own little piece of heaven again. Mary Jane has made being a farm girl cool! Her simple can do attitude opens many doors and provides the confidence to accomplish anything. Thanks Mary Jane!

  57. Cindy T says:

    Call me a fan, a groupie and a full time “Anything Country” stalker! I LOVE my Mary Jane Farm. I give this magazine for birthday gifts, for anyone who is feeling down and just because I love them gifts. Along with a lovey magazine, I include something homemade and something crafty to encourage just a bit more magic as they read. The best medicine out there! My heart swoons at the visual of her new books…The Wild Bread makes my knees weak.

  58. Kimmy C says:

    Through Mary Jane Butters, I found the farmgirl sisterhood. I have enjoyed the commraderie on the boards and participated in some swaps which always have been fun. Thank you!

  59. Amanda says:

    I am a farmgirl. No, really I am! I grew up on a dairy farm, got married and moved to a small farmette and now work with my husband and in-laws on their dairy farm. So I was never far away from this lifestyle. I knew it all. Or did I? After the birth of my second daughter along comes an invitation in the mail to check out a magazine called MaryJanesFarm. I was blown away!!! What this magazine did for me was show me that it’s okay to love to garden, craft, cook or live simply-and found some new ways to do these things. Her magazine came at just the right moment in my life because all those things I mentioned are the things that I’m good at. And, those very things are what my in-laws made fun of me for because they were “time wasters”. I was ready to give it all up if it weren’t for MaryJane. My husband (who, by the way, was on my side in all this!) is always interested in the various projects in the magazine as well. And, he looks forward to eating the cast iron french bread from a Dec/Jan issue years ago. I also got a number of my friends to suscribe as well! Thank you MaryJane and all involved in this wonderful world you’ve made!!!

  60. Debby Carrico says:

    I would love BOTH these books. I LOVE iron skillets and even have a heart-shaped muffin/candy one and I LOVE bread. Your books are hard to get from the library, so please, please, please..Thanks for all you do to support natural living.

  61. Pamela Speers says:

    A million years ago I read an article about MaryJane being the ‘new farm-style Martha Stewart’ and I have been a fan ever since!!!

  62. Renee Schmucker says:

    I have only recently discovered Mary Jane and would be so excited to have one of her books!

  63. Mary Frances Rauch says:

    If my late mother were reading your post, she would smile and tell me to quickly respond to the invitation and try to be a winner of one of these wonderful books. My mother cooked and baked everything appropriate in her iron skillets. Unfortunately, I did not inherit any of her prized “skillet friends”. She said everything was better made in an iron skillet.
    Her iron skillet pineapple upside down cake brought grown men to their knees with appreciation. I sure hope my name is selected.

  64. Cheri b says:

    Live me some cast iron. Love my grandmother’s pants, making bread in them would be amazing

  65. Ruth Ann Smith says:

    Thanks for opportunity to win. I grew up on a farm and so miss the feel of real soil, smells of horse, pig, cow, chickens, etc. But mostly I miss the garden. As a child I was very active in 4-H and had ribbons, State wide clothing style show, etc. Still a farm girl at heart and so enjoy reading Mary Jane’s magazine and following all that post regarding her lifestyle.

  66. jan Bowden says:

    You are such an inspiration. You make me laugh, cry, & feel things I haven’t given much thought. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your work!

  67. janet says:

    oh what a generous giveaway….i will keep my fingers crossed…thank you so much…janet

  68. Allison Dey says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm inspired me to create a pantry that really served our family well. I remember the early magazines with the photos of the food packs all lined up in these little crates and I ended up crating a similar system. Even my kids were excited and started cooking up goodies because it was so easy to see and manage. Beyond that, MJF has always been inspiring a farm-style life wherever we’ve lived and with whatever we had available to us whether in a city or in a rural area.

  69. Tia B says:

    :3 Oh,I learned from Maryjanefarm how bring nourishment to my garden with eggshells!

  70. ARLENE Beyer says:

    I was given a copy of your magazine from a neighbor. She said you will love this magazine it is written for you. I read it cover to cover that day and subscribed to the magazine. It has inspired me to be more of a farm girl. I have several of your books and refer to them often. I love to cook in cast iron i would love to own your newest books.

  71. Tracy H says:

    Mary Jane helps me to celebrate cleaner living and eating. I am taking baby steps to eating healthier. I also try and choose a cleaner and recycling life style. I collect recycling at my work and bring it in myself. Every bit helps! Thanks.

  72. kim says:

    Her style is amazing. I love it!

  73. Wendy Lou Schofield says:

    I Love Mary Jane’s Magazine!!! Each new issue is so much fun to look at and to read!!! I have been informed and have learned to buy organic, became creative, and have learned to re~use and re~purpose instead of buying new! Thank you for creating more joy in my life!!! The new books look delightful!!!

  74. Brenda Towsley says:

    When I first read the magazines, they reminded me of my early adult years when I wanted to do everything. Grow things, sew things, make things….There was another magazine at the time that I read called Mother Earth News it was my muse. Then I went from married with 3 young children to a single parent and just worked and took care of my kids…When kids were grown I picked up MaryJanes magazine and remembered what I really wanted to do in my life, it sparked that fire from years back and reminded me I was still able to do these things. RAise chickens, make quilts, canning the list goes on. Hey, it is almost May, time to walk! See you on the trails!

  75. Theresa Shorten says:

    I’ve been newly introduced to the magazine and blog. What a delight to read so many new and useful topics! Thank you for being around in this somewhat crazy age and time. It is so appreciated.

  76. Denise says:

    I really don’t need another cookbook but OH how I love cookbooks! this one looks very interesting and the recipes you mentioned sound very delish. I used to know a lady when I was in my early 20’s and she would talk about going home at night and “reading” her cookbooks. at the time I thought that was so silly but now, I AM THAT LADY! LOL!

  77. Claudia Bell says:

    Some of you may not realize that you can get iron by using an iron skillet for cooking. My husband is low on iron and since he is over 50, should not be taking a vitamin with iron in it. I love baking my own bread, always have. Baking it in an iron skillet would make it wonderfully tasty!

  78. Sarah says:

    Mary Jane has formed so much of my home love and life! I would love to win a copy!

  79. donna says:

    Love Maryjanes magazines, books, crafts, her cows and chickens, her organic food. She shares so much with so many people always a positive message its like pull up a chair , have a cup of tea and a jam biscuit and lets talk it is always relaxing to me

  80. Carol Peterson says:

    Mary-Jane evokes the creative strength of our fore-mothers as they learned to find the best possible for the good and benefit of those dear. I love the beauty, the simplicity, the creativity and healthy lifestyle that she promotes.

  81. Carol Peterson says:

    I love the creative strength that Mary-Jane evokes. She reminds me of our fore-mothers who did the best they could with what they had at hand for those held dear. The beauty, the simplicity, the creativity and healthy choices are an inspiration for we modern women to aspire to.

  82. Elizabeth Hawley says:

    I feel just like you do about MaryJane Butters! Changed my world! I have every magazine of hers except the special issue “Nature Knows Best”with Mountain Rose Herbs
    (I would love to find a copy on eBay someday!)
    I have her MilkCow Kitchen book and am no where near having a cow but loved it! I use cast iron only and can’t believe I haven’t bought this book yet! Love you too and always look forward to “Here’s the thing…” and I’ll make the pretzels first!!

  83. Debbie Norton says:

    The first time i read about Mary Jane I thought she is amazing!!!

  84. Jen in TX says:

    Mary Jane has helped me embrace my inner farm girl, right here in the suburbs. From growing my own herbs to shopping organics at the farmer’s market, she’s led me to make healthy changes for my family and me.

  85. Beth Gilreath says:

    Long- Long ago, I subscribed to dozens of different magazines! That is until I discovered MaryJane’s Farm! It’s become a one and only, due to the connection I feel when it’s in my hand. As a farm girl from the 50’s, raised by depression era parents, it’s both a trip down memory lane and a reminder that times don’t always change as much as one would think. I would love to own either of the cookbooks, but whomever wins will certainly have a great prize. Good luck to all entries.

  86. Jodie says:

    In a world a busy, MJF has reminded me to stay true to my roots and live simply. Is “simple” sometimes more work? You betcha! And I feel all the more alive because of it.

  87. Carolyn Lokken says:

    I love MaryJane’s books and the magazines are a treasure. I read them cover to cover, save and reread them all again during the season they celebrate. I love the practical tips, reuse of materials, down home recipies and clever crafts I want in my farmgirl home.

  88. Mary K. MacTarnaghan says:

    I am thankful for Mary Jane Butters and her books, magazines, emails and website. I never throw an issue away. I am truly inspired by the thoughts, ideas, quotations, recipes and crafts that have been included. Everything is truly wholesome, inspiring and uplifting when so much in our world today is not. I am hoping that my daughter learns to treasure them as much as I do. My Farmbook, Ideabook, Lifebook is a bit worn so I would love one of the new books. I can’t wait to see and try the new recipes!

  89. Penny Sloan says:

    Love Mary Janes farm!!

  90. Penny Sloan says:


  91. Joan says:

    I am very privileged to have ‘met’ Mary Jane and all the fantastic farm girls. I was raised using cast iron, still have a few of them but my stove can’t use that style, made for the old coal oil stove, so I’m now ready to get me a new skillet and get cook’n. Thanks for the chance to be a winner. God bless.

  92. Brisja says:

    MaryJane inspires me to be proud of the fact that I enjoy creating a handmade life. I love to cook, craft, grow a garden, and do needlework. And I love to share these skills with my family and friends. MaryJane celebrates this kind of life, and makes me feel like there are many other confident, capable women out there living life like I do!

  93. Janeen Breyman says:

    I have been following Mary Jane for a number of years. It all started with her magazine, then her products and community. I have a few of her older books, but would love to add either of these new additions.

  94. Sandi King says:

    My first MaryJane’s Farm magazine was the Aug-Sep 2015 issue and I have every issue since then and will keep them always. I put them in binders to keep them in good condition. They are an inspiration every time I look at them. One of my favorites is the one about the treadle sewing machines and another is all about raising chickens; I also wanted to try having a cow in my back yard, but that was stopped in its tracks by my son and the smallness of my backyard. I was inspired to purchase a sheet set from MaryJane’s ad in her magazine and have yet to use it. Saving it for my home as soon as the remodeling is done and I can move in. Hopefully in the next two months that will happen. I have so many ideas from her magazine that I want to try. Nicole, Dori, Rebekah, and Alex, the bloggers, all are so informative and write such interesting blogs and inspire all of us who read them. I am so happy to have the magazines and the blogs. Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these wonderful books.

  95. Vivian Monroe says:

    Oh Yay I would love either one but I really want to get the Bread Book, I love to bake bread, but the bread doesnt love me….Cant wait to see who wins….heres wishing everyone luck.

  96. Margaret Rohn says:

    I discovered Mary Jane’s Farm several years ago. I forget how long it has been but a long time. Also introduced you all to my best friend of over 55 years now. I would love to have one of Mary Jane’s books especial the cast iron cook book so if I don’t win it I am going to put it on my “gifts for Mom” list this year. Thanks for being there for us out here.

  97. Cheryl Tuma says:

    I remember when I first saw a Mary Janes magazine. I’m not sure if was first issue or not but this was before she had any advertising and I felt like I had discovered a very unique jewel. The paper was heavy,pictures and articles were, I was sure ,written just for me. It spoke to me deeply as my roots were farmers and all that involves. I have the cast iron book but would love the bread one as well. If I don’t win I will buy it. I just love her writings!

  98. Margolit Goldstein says:

    Yes, Rebekah, you’re so right, Mary Jane has been an inspiration–to me, so much so, that I now live in a magical woodland in Indiana. It wouldn’t have happened without the inspiration of Mary Jane, her magazine and her books. And glamping, so much fun to wander the countryside in a vintage camper. Mary Jane brought it to life and now it’s becoming a world wide phenomenon! No wonder everyone wants to be a farmgirl. It’s a dream come true for me.

  99. Sharon W says:

    I can still remember when I saw (& purchased of course) my first copy of MaryJanesFarm Magazine at our local grocery store! My husband & I had just started to discuss selling our home in town & purcasing acreage to farm & I knew this magazine was for me. Fast forward: we now own 10 acres that we will begin gardens on this Spring. Hope to sell present home & build a smaller/simpler farm style home ASAP! I love to garden & bake & desire to do more & more DIY/upcycling projects . Each issue of the magazine is an inspiration! Love knowing there are other farmgirls out there (since most of our friends think we are a little crazy)

  100. Mary Pitman says:

    I love reading and seeing the decorations and all that Mary Jane is about! I live in Oklahoma. I love country life, except when having to go to a doctor, 100 miles away!!!! Farmgirls have proven they are resilient, tough, tender and sweet, very talented and hard-working. Life is better for FARMGIRLS!!!!!!!

  101. Deborah Hauser says:

    Thank you for the give away. Mary Jane has inspired me because I can relate to her to a degree. I didn’t grow up learning to can , sew or raise chickens. She has iinspired me to self teach, to teach others and to believe that anything is possible all you have to do is try. I love the camping girls. My husband and I are avid campers! My daughter and her husband just bought their first camper. I loved to cook in cast iron. We do a lot of extended family camping we all get out our cast iron to cook over fires. However only my hubby and his brother have the big 15 inch ones. Mary Jane truly is an inspiration she does so much and is always on the go. People will remember her forever!

  102. Mary Jane’s Farm reintroduced me to life’s “simple pleasures”, pure and simple… Renee Cariglia

  103. Priscilla Thibault says:

    There is such a nostalgia and cheerfulness to Mary Jane’s Farm. I first found a copy years ago randomly at a small grocery store and was thrilled and started buying it regularly afterwards. I love the DIY aspect and the excellent writing and photography.

  104. Debra says:

    I love Mary Jane books!! They are so inspiring!! Makes me want to get up and do so much more!!

  105. Judy says:

    Love Mary Jane, and working on being a FARMGIRL!!!!!

  106. Leeann Embrey says:

    I started my subscription to maryjanefarms a few years ago I fell in love after the first one! Then last year I became a part of the sisterhood! My husband and I are building our own little homestead and Mary Jane gives me inspiration to go back to wholesome way of life. I have got the new Wild Bread Book when it came out and love it! I have been wanting to add the Cast Iron Kitchen for some time. I have told many people about Mary Jane Farms and the wonderful world of sisterhood sisters she has created! MARY JANE FARM has opened my life to a powerful world of inspiration and Healthy living. THANK YOU MARY JANE FARM!!!!

  107. Sally Sprinkle says:

    A stranger gave me a subscription in 2012 and I loved the magazine so much I asked my library to subscribe which they’ve done for about 6 years now. Mary Jane Butters shows me ways enabling me and other women to interact in non-competitive, supportive, ways – and sowing (typo, but true) and showing resilience and creativity in daily life. Women can relate more as individuals to each other, themselves, and to the community thanks to this amazing magazine’s mission. And, the magazine celebrates obliterating gender based doing and making – yes, women can handle hammers and nails and all kinds of “guy” skills that some of us were creatively raised to do in the 60’s without thinking male. female, cis, they, etc. This is a total contrast to most magazines slanted for eating, feeling, and looking better.
    I’m a homemaker, quilter, and a great cook – and continuing to be an individualist at age 67!

  108. Mel Boone says:

    Thank you Mary Jane for everything that you do! In a world that sometimes seems like it’s upside down sometimes, you are a beacon of light.

  109. Jeanine Cadwallader says:

    I get excited when my MaryJanesFarm magazine arrives in my mailbox. I love the beautiful pictures & the incredible stories. I make sure I block out time to just sit and take it all in. It gives me “me time” to get inspired, & get lost in photos of beautiful relaxing places. I get ideas for what to plant in my garden, and creative things I can make. I also enjoy getting to cook & eat healthy wholesome food for myself & family. My family enjoys the food too. I didn’t realize I was such a fan or that I talk about Mary Jane so much until I was with family and saw an old pick up truck that I call a “Mary Jane” truck & my Mother-in-law told me that every time they see a truck they say “There’s Jeanine’s Mary Jane truck”. I would love to add to my Mary Jane book collection. I have a few of her other books & would love to add to it.

  110. mona r. arevalos says:

    I don’t know how, but my cast iron pans seem to multiply on their own. I think I have almost 30 of them. I can make a dish in my pan and someone will make the same dish in their pan and theirs never comes out as beautiful and delicious as mine. everyone should own at least one cast iron pan. it’s something that will be passed down for generations. mary jane, thank you for bringing us so much information that might otherwise be lost to our generation. I love your magazine so much. I, as well as many others, are envious of your lifestyle.

  111. Deb Rowley says:

    I always was a crafty,cooking,sewing,hands in the dirt type girl. It seemed like no one else around me was so I sort of hid my actual self. I discovered Mary Jane and a whole network of women just like me and now I celebrate my hobbies!

  112. Loreta Hazel says:

    I love cooking with cast iron

  113. Michelle says:

    My first introduction to MaryJane was when I had just moved to new town and visited it’s library. I found a large, well worn book with a picture of a lovely lady, with a thick blond braid, sitting on her vintage bicycle. I took the book home and devoured it, with all of it’s kitchen, gardening, and “farmy” charm. I continue to be encouraged by all things MaryJane!

  114. Susan says:

    I really enjoy all the information I read in your newsletter and magazine. I have gotten so much good information and recipes. I read the magazine the day I get it. I look forward to getting your newsletter.

  115. Susan Abernethy says:

    Mary Jane Butters and her magazine came at my hearts longing to live simply, be healthier, happier in my skin, dig my hands in the dirt and be free!!!! She inspired me! I took early retirement from a job that was physically and mentally draining. Received certification for Reflexology, and Herbalists, make homemade soap, salves, oils, and herbal products! My journey started with sustainable living when a friend invited me to a Farmgirl Meeting! A look back in my life, I see so many people that were placed in my life!!!
    Thank you Mary Jane for being one of those!!!
    Susan Abernethy

  116. Pamela deMarrais says:

    MaryJane has been such an inspiration for me, and she has validated me as a woman, reminding me that my skills that have been passed on to me by other generations still bring joy to so many in our generation.

  117. Emily says:

    I love baking bread and I love cooking with my ironware. My husband and I grew up on a farm, left it for corporate careers, and returned four years ago to semi-retire on our own farm. We have been so busy working to build our infrastructure for our farm that I have not seen the magazine, the cookbooks, and have not had the time to read everyone’s blog post here. I see there is a lot I have been missing! The comments have inspired me to subscribe to the magazine. The cookbooks look absolutely wonderful. Thank you everyone for opening my eyes wide to the big, beautiful, wonderful world of being a farm girl!

  118. Irene Shelton says:

    Mary Janes magazine is the only magazine that keeps you informed about issues concerning health and food. On her blog the Giving Back section on Not So Random Acts of Kindness List really made you think how we can make the world a better place. Without her I never would have known about the Farm Girl blogs. I look forward to all of them. The Readers Write section and of course the last page. There are no other magazines that cover everything Mary Janes Farm does. Thank you Mary Jane.

  119. Jennifer MacKinnon says:

    The magazine calms my mind, reminding me to slow down and keep appreciating life, love and the world around me.

  120. Cindy says:

    Not sure if I’m too late for the drawing but I want to answer anyway! I love MaryJanes outpost! It’s because of that idea that I have a camper in our woods out back! Complete with fire pit and old gliders to sit on. I plan on de Iraqi g with some fun stuff this year but it WON’T STOP SNOWING! It is snowing as I type!
    Also, love cast irons. I have my Mom’s old cast iron skillet and my Uncles. LOVE THEM! They make the best cornbread!!!

    Ps. You are an inspiration too! Three dogs…feral cat…horses!!!

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