Gone to the Dogs

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There are cat lovers and then there are dog lovers. I am the latter. I love dogs! My dog Abby died two years ago at the age of 14. She was a fun and spunky little miniature schnauzer, and she was all attitude. I adored her and she loved me.
Growing up, my mom had poodles, the little “teacup” breed. Wherever my mom went, so did her poodles. Back then I would never have dreamed that I would be “that kind of gal.” You know, the woman you see driving down the road with a dog in her lap.
Now my son Cole has Drake. Drake is a six-week-old, AKC-registered chocolate lab that Cole hopes will be a hunting partner, even though he’s currently so little that he can barely pick up a sock.

It has been fun to watch the bond that those two have developed, in the two short weeks that we have had him. Cole’s routine is…well just that, a routine. He gets up, runs to weight lifting with the local football players, comes home, does his chores (or doesn’t), and then heads back to the field with some of his buddies. Drake doesn’t like it at ALL when Cole leaves. While I am a very good grandmother to the little guy, he seems acutely aware that I am busy and that he isn’t my main focus. He isn’t taking too kindly to that. His deep brown eyes seem to look at me as if he thinks I somehow missed the memo.
When I was first married, my husband “laid down the law” (which he totally intended to keep) that I couldn’t have dogs in the house. I was in agreement to a point. I didn’t want animals that could shed all over in the house either. But I wanted a schnauzer and I KNEW they didn’t shed. But there was no persuading dear hubby…until one day when I saw that a local animal shelter was adopting out miniature pot bellied pigs. Being the dutiful wife, I called my hubby at work and told him that since I couldn’t have a dog, I was on my way to get a pig. Within 24 hours I had my schnauzer. Everything is negotiable.
I have always conceded to the rule that doesn’t allow shedding animals in the house. But when we brought little Drake home, we were having a heat wave…106 degrees and up. Here in Eastern Washington we don’t have the humidity, but 106 degrees is still hot by anyone’s standards. So out came the kennel and in came Drake.
To my shock, my hubby has been just fine with the new grand-dog in the house. Hmm…must be the fact that he is a “hunting dog.” Don’t think it has gone unnoticed that over the 14 years I had Abby, he never warmed up to her, yet just last night he was on the floor in the living room playing with this little ball of brown fur. Not that I begrudge the little guy…I give him kudos, really. Who knew? The last 25 years of marriage I have believed that hubby just wasn’t an animal lover…guess I was wrong.
It also hasn’t escaped me that here I am once again with ALL boys in the house. REALLY? Can’t I have a little girl something? Although, I will add quickly, please don’t send me a rodent of any kind, female or not. I am thinking it is time for another Abby-girl. Anyone know where I can find a mini schnauzer? Or for that matter a pot bellied pig?

  1. noeletta Cardenas says:

    I think our men just have to act tough on the exterior. My husband also said "no dogs!". My dad decided different and for my birthday brought me Lucy, she was a big black lab. Dad knew what my husband had said. He drove up to my back door, called me out and said "Happy Birthday!", handed me the lease and got back in his truck and left!! LOL My husband fussed for a few days, then I caught him! He was lovin all over her! Talking baby talk and all! It was heart warming. Now, I bring whatever animal in the house I want! He still acts tough… but, when I catch him in the moments! It is great! : )

  2. Grace~katmom says:

    hahaha! as you know,,,I am that crazy ol’ cat lady!
    Actually I love both kats-n-dogs,horses,and yes even guinea pigs & furry lil hamsters…truth be known I love all sorts of critters…I feel it a true blessing that we are able to love & be loved back by them….not to mention controlled & bossed around! LOL!

  3. Gary says:

    Good Bloggie Rene’…
    Y’all are giving Cole a wonderful experience by giving him a Doggie. He will have many moments of Joy in his Life, because of his bond with Drake. He will also learn a lot about loyalty, Love and responsibility, but most important…
    Cole and Drake will have Fun.
    GodSpeed to Y’all…!
    in Tampa

    Thanks Gary~ The fun has certainly begun.

  4. Hi Rene!
    Enjoy your blog! My daughters had a mutt dog that I let them bring home as a puppy when they were in grade school. He was quite a problem for a couple of years, running off, chewing, you name it he did all the bad dog things. Then one day he became a joy. I remarried, my daughters grew up and moved away and he suddenly became my new husbands shadow. He passed away at the age of 14 a couple of years ago. I told my husband it was my turn I had always wanted a Scottie. He said no he did not want any more pets. He had never had a pet of his own but he always ended up taking care all the pets that get left behind that latch on to him. There was also a cat left behind by a daughter and one by his sister. He is one of these people that children and animals just love. But last Christmas he gave in to my three daughters and I received my Scottie as a gift. Well, I had just gotten a new part time job that has turned into to full time and my husband work in a home office. My dog has really bonded to him. The end of a long story. If you would like to see a picture of Ladybug, I have a couple posted on my blog site. brtowsleyblogs.blogspot.com

  5. Linda Knudtson says:

    Hi and I can’t even read all of these letters as I lost my Old English Sheep dog of 14 yrs last yr to old age and I am still sick over it. I realized that he was getting older and that he couldn’t live forever. Although I never saw the grieving that I did, coming my way. My husband even said that i didn’t grieve over family members that had passed as much as good ol’ Barkley. He grew up with my 5 kids. herded them down the halls of our home trying to help them get out the door each morning as they were headed out to school and when they were all gone for the day there sat Barkley and the Mom until 3 pm when the crazy fun began all over again with the kids return from school. The homework and sports would begin. We used to have an old VW bus that was named Barkley’s bus because that was his car to ride around town in as the family car was off limits to him. Head hanging out the window his tongue wagging in the wind. The kids in other cars pointing and waving at the dog that looked like he was right out of a Disney movie. Lost are the days but never the memories of our family mascot Barkley. 100 lb bundle of frolicking fun and a brother to all who knew him. We miss him and loved everyday.

  6. Linda says:

    You will fall head over heels with this little guy. We have 2 chocolates; Mokie will turn 15 this November and her son Max who just celebrated his 11th birthday. These dogs are one of the best ‘breeds’, and very much the "people dog". They do expect to be included in all family activities (we even check when buying vehicles to ensure there is enough room for the dogs). Enjoy!

  7. Kristen says:

    Oh Rene, that picture of the puppy brought back happy memories for me. I have a chocolate lab that I got at nine weeks of age and she looked just like that! So adorable!


    I will try to post more pictures of him.. he is a moose, now.  LOL  But such a cute moose for sure.

  8. Kathe says:

    I enjoyed reading the article and the comments, as I, too, have a wonderful companion. She was a gift from my (no dogs in the house) husband ( the last gift before he passed away). So of course she is very special to me. Her mom was a Golden retriever and her dad we think must have been a black lab because she is all black with some white on her chest and white freckles on her feet. She is truly my best friend. I am a firm believer that no home should be without a dog. They can teach us humans so much.

  9. TefeCaftger says:

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  10. Brayan says:

    oh yea, hes really enjioyng that I cant really see my puppy fighting that either he loves ear rubs. I have a problem though.. I just got my puppys ears cropped ten days ago. I am really worried about cleaning them. Seems like this might be painful. But they are dirty and need done. Also, is it harmful to get water in the ears, like during his bath?

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