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Hashtags.  I don’t really understand them….Well, I understand them on the basic level. People add them to the end of social media things so that they can later be searched for according to the hashtag used.  It’s simple, really.  I guess it could also be useful for some things–like major breaking news in countries with strict media laws or whatever.  However, their pervasive overuse on social media has long ago surpassed ridiculous and is now comical.  I read a funny thing the other day that went something along the lines of this: “I just saw an old phone from the nineties and it had a hashtag on it!  Why would an old phone need one of those?  Hashtags didn’t exist back then!”  Haha.  Silly teenagers who don’t know what a pound sign is.

Anyhow, I digress as per the usual.

On New Year’s Eve, my friend stayed with us and applied the hashtag #yurtlyfe to the pictures she took that evening.  We thought it was clever and amusing; we had a good laugh. Well, I searched the internet with this hashtag and it turns out she is not the first one to use it (sorry, Emma).  #yurtlifebestlife didn’t bring up any Google hits, so what does that say?  Perhaps I’m a social media word genius…or maybe, just maybe, yurt life isn’t really the best life…

You know you're in a yurt when every picture has a lattice in the background!

You know you’re in a yurt when every picture has a lattice in the background!

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