Family Fun and Backyard Beauty on a Budget

The weather’s warming up, slowly but surely.  Blooms are popping up, and trees have buds. The forsythia is yellow, birds are nesting, and the grass gets greener everyday. With all the beauty and promise, there’s also a lot of clean up after such a long, hard winter. Relatives in Texas are already harvesting some garden goodies, but for those of us in colder climates with four seasons, nature takes her time.  Some days are still chilly, and real heat won’t hit us for another few months. It makes for great weather to open the flowerbeds, get the gardens going, and take moments to enjoy outside. We’ve been busy adding backyard beauty and family fun on a budget. Come see what we’ve been up to (and bring some marshmallows for toasting over the new fire pit).

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Survival Saga of A First Time Chicken Mom, Part Two

Goodbye, Wretched Winter! The first “warm” day in New England luckily fell on my husband’s day off.  I was sooo ready to get the Christensen chicks transferred from the garage to outside!

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Survival Saga of a First Time Chicken Mom

All babies are cute.  Baby chickens, all fluffy and peeping, are especially cute.  Raise baby chicks into adulthood, and they’ll teach you several life lessons.


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