Berry Ahh-Bundance!

It’s hard to believe summer‘s winding down, especially after such a long, cold winter last. It was cold well into spring, and now fall’s on our heels. This summer’s been mild, with few “dog day” temperatures. July was wet followed by lots of sun, perfect for open windows. All that rain and sun was the ideal combination for an abundance of berries…


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A Different Kind O’ Bee

Hearing the word, “bee” what comes to mind? Honey…insects?  I think of backyard hives I hope to have. Farmgirls also think of our beloved MaryJane and the Farmgirl Sisterhood. In my hometown of Newtown, Connecticut, “bee” has an additional meaning: “The Bee” is the local newspaper. I recently toured The Newtown Bee, discovering the paper’s name isn’t the only unique attribute of this historical gem.

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