A History Insulated in Glass

Farmgirls look at many items thinking, “How can I re-purpose this?”  I love finding new, clever ideas for ordinary or discarded objects. Often bitten by the “collector” bug, one of my favorite things to re-purpose are old glass insulators. While I’ve loved these colorful, shapely pieces of glass for decades, I never really knew the exciting history behind them.

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From Garden to Table, Fast Food at Home and Meatless Mondays

We must be turning the corner (slowly) on winter, ‘cause I think I see light at the end of the frozen tunnel.  Days are getting longer, and soon clocks spring forward again. The seed catalogs that graced my mailbox are well-read and dog-eared, and I’m planning my summer garden. I’ve got organic seed starting mix and all my recycled containers ready, and I’m starting to collect seed packets!  I will not plant seeds that aren’t heirloom or organic.  It isn’t just pesticides; now we need to be mindful of GMO’s as well. Everyday there’s more evidence published pointing out the harmful effects GMO’s have on humans and the environment. I want to know what’s in my food, and I’m not willing to gamble my family’s health! Eating out’s been a favorite family treat, but we find we want to eat at home more than ever to stay healthy. I don’t want cooking to feel like a chore, so on hectic evenings, I’m armed with recipes that aren’t only delicous, but fast and healthy, too! Come see what I’m cookin’ and plantin’…


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